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Posted by EPD on April 05, 1998 at 19:55:08:

In Reply to: Re: Problems Making Models posted by elmek on April 05, 1998 at 18:13:30:

That gun sure has a lot o polys....

It might be also how it was linked(or whatever its called in ur proggy) to each other.
Say that u linked all the objects together to form the gun, and you animate it that way. Now to create the base frame u unlink them so its easier to position it. That is a no-no. If u start of a heirarchy(ie. linking) in the model it must maintain that heirarchy including the base frame. Or else the end results when u make it into an md2 kinda looks like ur model. Like what he said the polys get attached to the wrong verts.

: This looks like a problem you would get if you made a model
: exported it into a md2 file, then exported a frame from the
: md2 tool into a modeling tool (3ds/LW etc) animated and then
: exported it into the md2 file again. This would prolly cause
: the vertex numbers to change and as a result the polygons
: would be attached to the wrong vertices and causing a result
: similar to what you have there.

: It would be easyer to figure out what happend if you wrote
: a bit about what tools you used to create this model and in
: what order you did things.

: Ofcours you have another problem as have
: millions of zillions of polys in the gun handles that you dont
: really need.

: Bye
: Elm

: : Hi,
: : I really likeI made the base frame and then the first
: : frame for a weapon Model but when I turn it into a model it looks
: : wierd. I enclosed a file of what I am talking about. I tried using
: : diffrent programs including Qme and Qdata. I would appreciate any help
: : you could offer.
: : I made an image example of my problem at

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