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Posted by Strykerwolf on April 08, 1998 at 13:05:16:

In Reply to: Re: More Problems Making Models posted by EPD on April 06, 1998 at 20:40:44:

I dont think you can flip normals useing truespace (i know for a fact that you cant do it under truespace SE, but im not sure about the other two).

: You should invest in a book or read the manual *wink wink*

: I dunno how to go about it in truespace but it goes like this in max. Theres a normal modifier. Just apply the modifier to the object and in its roll out theres a checkbox for flip normals.

: The normal modifier can be found in the "more" button of the modifier tab.

: : : Its all red because it doesn't have a skin or cant find it. What you want to do is link the skin to the model and save the md2 again. The kinda transparent look is prolly because the normals of the polys are flipped. You will have to flip those polys in ur proggy before u make it into an md2. You can flip the md2 polys directly in the Q2 modeler but it messes the mapping coordinates for the skin(the author is fixing the bugs tho)

: : :
: : : : : That gun sure has a lot o polys....

: : : : : It might be also how it was linked(or whatever its called in ur proggy) to each other.
: : : : : Say that u linked all the objects together to form the gun, and you animate it that way. Now to create the base frame u unlink them so its easier to position it. That is a no-no. If u start of a heirarchy(ie. linking) in the model it must maintain that heirarchy including the base frame. Or else the end results when u make it into an md2 kinda looks like ur model. Like what he said the polys get attached to the wrong verts.

: : : : That was the problem the hierachy was messed. But now there is no skin it is just all red. I made the model in truespace and exorted it to CAD dxf format. Then I imported that into truespace seperated all objects made the base frame by selecting all objects and exporting then moved them together for the frame01.
: : : : I made the skin in QME and then tried it in the game. It looked ok but it was like red with a kind of transparent look.
: : : : If you could help I would appreciate it.
: : : : Thanx again for your help before.
: : : : zzzman
: : How would I go about flipping the normals of the pollys in truespace or 3Dsmax or QME?
: : Thanx
: : zzzman

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