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NAME: Tank

WEAPONS: Triple blaster, machinegun, triple rocket launcher


DAMAGE DEALT: 50 per rocket, 30 per blaster hit, 20 per machinegun bullet

"Tanks have three weapons that they use at random: an arm-mounted machine gun, an arm-mounted laser blaster, and a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher."

These are the bad boys of Quake 2: they can take a LOT of damage before their arms fly off and they fall to the ground, and their weapons are more powerful than anything less than a boss's guns. He seems to have a resistance to rockets, i.e. they don't affect him as much as the other enemies. This could probably be explained by his massive amounts of body armour :). Tanks seem to have a preference for their machinegun, like the gunner. When firing, he'll aim to the right of you and slowly swivel his gun back and forth. If you just stand there, you'll get hit twice and be out forty health. If you move around you might get lucky and not get hit at all. Moving around is the key to killing this guy: he is very slow and can't keep up with you. Oh yeah, if he raises his shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, look out. He has good aim, and his rockets hurt. A lot.