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NAME: Tank commander

WEAPONS: Triple rocket launcher, triple blaster, chaingun

HEALTH: 1000 (ugh)

DAMAGE DEALT: 50 per rocket, 30 per blaster, 20 per bullet

"These tanks are a special class, designed to secure the Inner City from infiltrators."

Yikes. If you see one of these guys, be VERY careful not to tip him off as to your whereabouts. Take a minute to pull out your railgun/chaingun/BFG, and maybe power up a quad or invulnerability. If you have the resources, they can be easy enough to kill - they're nothing more than beefed-up tanks; they deal no more damage, they just have a lot more health. But for god's sake, don't just stand there shooting. Move around a lot if you hope to survive this encounter; if you're meeting one, chances are he's not alone...