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NAME: Gunner

WEAPONS: Machinegun and triple grenade launcher


DAMAGE DEALT: 50 per grenade, 3 per bullet (approx. 4 bullets per second)

"The fighting elite for the Strogg, outfitted with a powerful machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher."

These guys can be intimidating, mainly because of their strong appearance and cool attack sequence. Don't get scared; he is not as hard to kill as he might seem. He has grenades and a machinegun, and prefers to use his machinegun unless you are at a good grenading distance or he is above you. When firing his grenades, he uses a spread method instead of firing right at you, so you are more likely to take some damage. Try and move around a lot, especially if he's using his machinegun. He doesn't have a lot of health, so go for the kill whenever you get the chance.