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NAME: Berserker

WEAPONS: Hammer and metal spike


DAMAGE DEALT: Usually 10-20 per hit, depending on how close he is to you.

"He has a metal spike as one arm, a hammer as another, and moves very quickly."

The berserker is one of the only enemy without a long range weapon of any kind (but that doesn't make him easy to kill!). He is armed (pardon the pun :) with a spike and a hammer. Although his spike slashes quickly and at extremely close range only, his hammer will stretch out pretty far, so try and keep your distance. The old technique of circle strafing works failry well, but it is not as easy as it was against other monsters: the Berserker is as fast as you are and very durable. Overall, these guys aren't too hard to kill, if there's only one of them and you have a lot of room to move around (and run away if you need to). Be careful when fighting more than one or in close quarters, they are very proficient with their melee weapons.