This is what I consider to be the best of the best. Click the picture to download and enjoy:

ProtoFiend. Click to Download

This is an awesome skin. Look at the detail on the .pcx file. Incredible. This is Protofiend's first, last and only Q2 skin. Check out his site in the links page.

Doom Marine. Click to Download

Look at the texturing and visor on this baby. Brilliant. I myself use this skin when playing on-line. There are more colours in the zip, but this one stands out.

Crasher. Click to Download

This is a lovely skin. Beautiful detail on the .pcx and it fits like a glove on the model. There is a red and blue skin in the zip which can be used for CTF.

Tiger. Click to Download

This is a really cool skin by the Chosen. He's made everything fit together really well and the skin looks excellant on the model.

The Lurker. Click to Download

A lovely little skin this from Rorshach. The colours look brilliant. The guy he made this for is a very, very lucky man.

Alien. Click to Download

If I hadn't seen this skin, I would have thought that a skin like this would not have fitted. Once again, The Chosen has put lots of detail in a has got it all to fit.

Cyburai. Click to Download

Wow. Just look at the .pcx file. The shoulder-plates fit in nicely with the rest of the skin excellant as well.

Terrox. Click to Download

A really nice skin from Cosmos, much like his Carnivore except I feel that the shading is better.

Titan. Click to Download

A mover. I used to have Titan in the Distinction section, but I've now realised the error of my ways.

Nainer. Click to Download

A cool new skin from Avve. Better than Chroma.

Riven. Click to Download

If you've waited a long time for this picture to get downloaded, sorry. A much better version of Chroma.