But there's more:

Chroma. Click to Download

Hmmm, well this used to be in the Elite section. However, I have to admit I was wrong. It's still a good skin, but I don't think it is tip top like Avve's new skin Nainer.

UKBHL and Mr Quad. Click to Download

UKBHL comes in two colours and is pictured. Mr Quad comes in blue (what else?)

Terminator. Click to Download

He'll be back (hahahahahahaha, ha...ha ). Variations included.

Mizer. Click to Download

First of 2 new skins by Avve in the Distinction section.

Freezing Cold. Click to Download

Nice detail on upper body, a bit bright but otherwise very good. The man never sleeps ;)

Nocturnal Soldier. Click to Download

A nice upper body and a good lower body too.