What do you change? Only those that have their Quake 2 installation on another drive or in another directory than C:\Quake2 or D:\Quake2 need to read this file for instructions on how to alter some settings to run ServerConfigMOD. There are a series of configuration files that you will need to open, search in the config files for C:/Quake2 or D:/Quake2 respectively depending on what distrubution file you downloaded. Simply replace these files as shown below where the setting exists

In your config.txt file -

What to look for: [ServObits]

Change setting to:
ModelGenDir=C:/Quake2/sconfig30/SO/ C:/Program Files/Quake2/sconfig30/SO/
obitsDir=C:/Quake2/sconfig30/SO/ C:/Program Files/Quake2/sconfig30/SO/

What to look for: [Misc]

Change setting to:
BanDirectory=C:/Quake2/sconfig30/ C:/Program Files/Quake2/sconfig30/
ClientLogFile=C:/Quake2/sconfig30/connectlog.txt C:/Program Files/Quake2/sconfig30/connectlog.txt

What to look for: [LogOptions]

Change setting to: (Optional)
Dir= C:/Program Files/Quake2/sconfig30/
Note: Directory setting, if left blank will automatically write logs to your default Quake 2 directory automatically. Adjust if you want to save these logfiles (if you choose to enable them) to some other directory, such as your sconfig30 directory.

In your sconfig30DM.lnk file -

Shortcut Window

Rest of Target Window

As you can see from the above illustration, your target path should match where your quake2.exe resides. Make sure you keep +exec server.cfg included on your target line.

Obviously, your game setting will be sconfig30 and not sconfig25 as shown above in the screen shot.

In your server.cfg file -

Change Setting To:
set configlocation C:/quake2/sconfig30/config.txt C:/Program Files/quake2/sconfig30/config.txt
set cyclelocation C:/quake2/sconfig30/cycle.txt C:/Program Files/quake2/sconfig30/cycle.txt
set stdlogname StdLog.log May change name if you want, no path info allowed

That's it! Those 3 files are the only ones you need to look at to get it to run if your Quake2 installation directory is different from the distributions available for download. Just pick one of the downloads, install and change these files to start your ServerConfigMOD server today! Enjoy!