DOWNTOWN v2.0: Revival
This is the homepage for my conversion of Map13: Downtown of Doom2 to Quake2, for PC Fan's contest.
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July 10, 1998 
The map is now available at report all bugs and suggestions to me and I will do my best to incorporate them into v2.1 which I will probly release within a week from now. 
Oh and here's the text file that I forgot to include when submitting it
July 9, 1998 
The map is done and off to the PCFan, watch there for it. 
July 5, 1998 
The map is 95% structurally done now with some minor lighting changes, and then there's only item placement left.  Not much of an update but oh well. 
June 24, 1998 
I have almost all the geometry optimised now, I'm just missing one building that should be really quick to redo. 
I spent alot of time to day enhancing the map cosmetically and its starting to look quite good.  Most of the visual enhancements in the outside area's of the map are going to have to be through textures or spiffy lighting though because even though the map is very slick and simple on the outside the r_speeds in a few places reach ~900, although the average is more like 375-650.  In doors the r_speeds are in the 100's or below right now, so if I get time I can add loads of detail to the inside areas.  Any detail that I add however will be simply visual though since I dont want to end up adding so much stuff that it gets in the way during DM or wrecks the flow of the map.  As far as screenshots go this is the last one I'll be putting up, other than an exclusive for converted2 soon.  Most of the stuff I've put up so far isnt very pretty, so I'm saving the really nice looking stuff for the actual release. 
June 23, 1998 
Yesterday night I did some massive texture enhancements and today I've allready done the geometry conversion of 2 more buildings, I'm probly over half done the geometry conversion now. 
Here's a shot of how the map looks with enhanced textures
June 22, 1998 

I finished exams on thursday but I really havent had that much time to work on the map until last night.  I should be able to put alot of time into the map this week though and possibly complete the geometry, and get the textures fixed up. 
I have almost 2/3 of the geometry conversion for the map done, r_speeds are looking extremely good inside and are almost acceptable outside, I redid some more textures, and added some 'quake2' style architecture (sort of) to on of the rooms complete with souped up lighting and it looks pretty good.  Here's a shot from an area I just completed recently. 

June 14, 1998 (10:55pm) 
I got some more lighting done added a bunch of area portals, and fixed yet more geometry errors, the first 1/3 of the map is almost at a respectable r_speeds (~600-700).  I wont be able to work on the map much again until friday, due to real life issues but as soon as they are out of the way I'll resume work. 

Still looking for someone to convert the sky for downtown to an enviroment map,again let me know if you can help out. 

June 14, 1998 (early am) 

I fixed the geometry on serveral buildings as well as optimising it, end result was chopping out 100 brushes for a speed increase, also added a bit more lighting and figured out which textures are going to be removed and which ones are going to stay (has anyone ever noticed how alot of the textures in the map dont fit together at all ? Of course since they used 63 or so of them I guess I can't expect them all to fit together.  I Redid floor4_8 which we all know and love from the first days of e1m1 of D1, as well as spiffing up the building/window tex.   

I'm also looking for someone to convert the sky for downtown to an enviroment map, let me know if your interested. 

June 13, 1998 (early am) 

I finally fixed the remainder of the leaks in the map so now although there is still loads of work to do on the lighting, its atleast not hard to look at anymore. 

June 12, 1998 

Last night I completely redid and optimized the geometry on a building as well as fixing around 10 leaks, tonight it will be more of the same.  Just thought I'd let you know the pic from yesterday was on full bright with no texture tweaking at all so it doesnt really represent what the final form of the map will be at all. 

June 11, 1998 

I now have a raw geometry port of Downtown working in Quake2, it took me two nights on and off to fix various errors which prevented it from compiling and running in quake2, right now the textures are ones that have had the palette switched on them from DOOM to QUAKE to QUAKE2, so they dont look too great but I will fix them later once I remove more errors from the level, since all of the leaks arent gone there hasnt been any lighting work done yet, geo conversion of the cieling didnt work too well and needs to be fixed, also my r_speeds are currently going as high as 4500, so I need to impliment some area portals among other things,  I'll keep you updated as I make progress.