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Posted by elmek on August 09, 1998 at 09:39:44:

In Reply to: I have a tough problem... posted by Leathrewulfe on August 09, 1998 at 08:42:10:

The 3ds format is a huge pain in the butt! I say give it up...

If you can get a coder to write a converter from regular .asc or the .ase to the ascii version of the x format (shouldnt be to hard since there both plain text) then do that. You could then use the Xtext to Xbinary converter that i beleve comes with the DX SDK to make it binary if nesseary. There is also a retail converter somewere out there that can handle a bunch of formats and output them to X, but it costs a couple of bucks and im not sure were to find it.

3ds is a huge pain in the ass, or did i mention this already :) so look for other solutions... thats my suggestion. The .ase format is good in many ways, it holds uvcords, materials, meshes with animations, sampled link keys etc etc and its ascii so its real easy to follow.

BTW. You dont need to animate the second set of bones with bones pro. Just link these bones to the Biped and they will be included in the linkage for physique when you attach the mesh, just remember to link a dummy at the end of each of these bone sets so you dont loose the last bone.

Good luck

: I have a a model with four arms. The main parts of the model are animated with CS and the additional 2 arms are animated with BP. When the animation is played back in max, everything looks great. My problem is that I need to export this to .3ds format, so I can then covert that to DirectX format. But when I export to 3ds, my mesh gets trashed. The 2nd set of arms aren't connected anymore and aren't animated, while the rest the model is no longer properly attached to the biped skeleton and is out of proportion. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this. I have tried exporting to different formats to no avail. I can't use the directx export plugin either, since I have more than one object. Can someone out there help me to get a faithful conversion of my max file to .3ds format...please :)

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