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Posted by Dojo- on June 17, 1998 at 17:00:58:

In Reply to: 3DSMAX +CS posted by Dojo- on June 16, 1998 at 23:57:12:

: Anyone using CS? Anyone acutally using Biped to do
: the animation? Or are you simply making our bones out of boxes and apply physique?

: I have a question when using physique on bones you make out of boxes and dummies.

: I setup boxes for the bones, then I create dummmies
: at the ends of the hand, head and feet. Then ofcouse 1 for the center mass. I apply physique to the hip bone and it draws out the line nicely.

: After i adjust the strey vertex and fix it all up and nice, i begin to animate. When I rotate my bone, it has no control(or very little). the bones begins to slide way off(away) the mesh.

: I've talked with Malkeyth and he has told me to setup more boxes and dummies for control.

: I was wondering if anyone else is doing this. Or have a better technique for useing physique modifer? To bad you can't just setup a biped to stand in 1 place. Even though i've tired to setup freeform on the footsteps but I can't get the result I want. Any suggestions would help here.

: thanks in advance
: Dojo-

I've seem to of figured it out :) hehe..

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