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Posted by elmek on May 20, 1998 at 18:39:59:

In Reply to: That is funny. :-) posted by Chaoslord.CC on May 20, 1998 at 17:34:03:

I beleve the best way to fix mapping cords is to
think sorta like you would when trying to rip the
skin of some previously-cute-but-now-stonedead
animal. Lets say you want to rip the skin of an
arm. Then you dont go about making two cuts on
either side of the arm, that would destroy the
skin you so desperaty what to hang on your wall.
You make one cut on the inside of the arm and
pull the skin off, creating one unfolded skin
insted of two pices of either side.

This way is especially good when your trying
to do a skin for a hardware accelerated games like
quake2. Anyone who have made a skin and run it
in glquake would problably notice seams were
you can see were the mapping breaks. 'Unfolding'
the polys of for example an arm only leaves one
seam and since you can put this on the inside
of the arm its likley it wont be noticeable.

This ofcours makes it harder to paint the skin
in a 2d painter program because the surface you
are supposed to paint does not look like the mesh,
but thats why kind ppl like Npherno has provided
exellent free software like NST.

For your torso example i would probably design the skin so
that there is some kind of natrual seam at the
middle of the back, perhaps a break in its armor
or something, and then make the unfolding cut there.

Just think like you were doing the mapping with a
knife on a real person (mmm...perhaps not such a nice
though but anyway), and you want to cut the skin of it.
That is basicly what you are doing to the model. In NST
you make the cuts by selecting faces on one side of
the cut and then in the 2d mapping view drag a vertex
connected to these faces, that should separate the
selected face from its unselected neighbours in mapping.


: Hehehehehe. I had a look at your page.

: So what you're saying is a vertical seam down the center of the side of the terminator torso will allow me to skin the sides a little better?

: I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. I think I might. ???

: Chaoslord.CC

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