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Posted by EPD on April 16, 1998 at 16:05:54:

In Reply to: Reasons why CS is better then BonesPro posted by Elmek on April 16, 1998 at 12:15:31:

I not sure about this but here goes...

If ur gonna make q2 models with it go for bonespro. I think that the biped gets translated into md2 format also, meaning the biped becomes polys in md2. The bones dont get translated. I'm not sure about this since i dont have CS.

: 1. The Physique deformation system is a _lot_ faster
: then BonesPro. This means that you can play your
: animations in realtime at a much higher polycount
: then bonespro. If you use IK skeleton with BonesPro
: and try to animate with your mesh visable you better
: have a pritty powerfull computer, with Physique
: you prolly wont have a problem even at high
: polycounts.

: 2. Characterstudio comes with a finished and to some
: degree custamizable IK skeleton (Biped). With bonespro
: you have to build your own. The biped is also _much_
: faster then a regular IK skeleton calculated by max.

: 3. The biped skeleton can plant feet and hands in any possition
: eliminating the problem with 'sliding feets' completly.

: 4. You can copy and paste/mirropaste keyframes with
: the biped in a simple way.

: 5. The Biped can automaticly calculate motions, like
: walk, run, jump, but thats mainly good for movies.

: I can really only see one thing that makes BonesPro a
: better choice then CharacterStudio. CharacterStudio,
: because its so good, is _very_ expencive when compared
: to BonesPro.

: Well thats my oppinion.

: Elmek

: : : Whats better: BONES PRO or
: : : Character Studio. ok. thanx.

: : bones pro

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