Re: Adding skins from 3DS?

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Posted by elmek on March 30, 1998 at 16:28:20:

In Reply to: Adding skins from 3DS? posted by Necros on March 30, 1998 at 14:09:29: there isnt a good way to do this right now.

3ds format can hold texture cordinates but no md2 utility
takes use of it, i dont know if there are any techniqual
issues with doing that but i know why i would not use it.
Almoste every type of mapping produced with 3dsmax just plain
sucks when compared to what you can do with a md2 program like
q2modeller or NST.

Ofcours with the UVW unwrapper and mesh select feature of max2 you can
do mapping very similar to a md2style and prolly just as good, but i
found it to be a pain in the a** when compared to the simplicity
that comes with a program that specialises on md2 mapping.

There is a max1.2 plugin called Transmdl that could export
directly to mdl format, but it had some serious disadvantages.
1. It crashed when ever you did something wrong.
2. It could not export a animated mesh (im dont know why)
So it was not a great solution for more complex models.

It is probably possible to make max plugin that can export
md2 models with prefect mapping but i would not bet on it
being written any time soon, because anyone who have the
skill to finish such a project and has access to the max/max2
sdk is probably hired and buizzy writing great inhouse tools
for some big company.

So take a day off and learn how to use q2m and NST...its really
not that hard i promise.

Look at the tools section of this site for links.

Good luck

: Hi.. I'm pretty new to modelling for quake or quake 2.. was wondering..

: if I were to make my model in 3DS MAX, animated it and put on all the texture maps and everything.. is there a way to export it, textures and all, so it'll convert the textures on it to a normal skin on a model so I can just import that into Q2, or do I have to make the model, then use one of those meshpaint kinda programs?

: If there's a way to do it right from 3DS MAX, how? :)

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