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Posted by Gene Jones (SK-realistik) on March 30, 1998 at 03:16:55:

In Reply to: General Animation Questions posted by BuZzKiLL on March 29, 1998 at 21:32:47:

: First of all, I'd like to ask what a IK is. Ive heard this used several times but I never had to use anything like it (considering I use characher studio).

IK stands for Inverse Kinematics. There is a well-written definition of IK in the FAQ which can be found at the following URL:

There is a tutorial covering the use of Character Studio and Inverse Kinematics in 3DS MAX at the following URL:

: Which brings me to another matter. I dont feel Charachter Studio is giving me enough control over my animations and when I move the spine, it completely screws up the model (even a hair).... this means the death sequences wont be able to be animated unless I do it AFTER I convert to .3ds or .md2 So can you give me some tips on how to get this right, so I can use charachter studio, or recommend some other plugins for 3dsmax2 that I can use that give me more control over the skeleton and animation for non-humaniod models?

Dunno what to tell you here, but from what tiny bit I _do_ know about 3DS Max, it sounds like maybe you want to generate a mesh with CS and maybe use Bones Pro to animate it?

: Also I remember in a .plan of Paul Steeds, he mentioned that in Alias Wavefront you can disconnect the head of a model for texture mapping, but the model will still have the head attached(so you can keep it all one mesh but not have to deal with the skin being almost a duplicate of the model for more detail ect). Do you know how I would do this in another program (preferably 3dsmax2) that I wouldnt have to get a Silicon Graphics Workstation or a DEC ALPHA for? thanks

You can use Phillip Martin's Q2Modeller to easily generate a skin mapping for just the head, then the torso, then the legs, and have your skin come out looking like one of the id Q2 player model skins. If you read the help file that comes with the Q2Modeller, you'll find a section on skinmap generation which explains how to do this. I can't remember if it was step by step or not, but after I read that section of the file, I managed to whip up a nifty skin layout.

: btw Id appreciate if you could answer all the questions you know the answers to

Sorry I couldn't help more with the 3DSMAX question, but I use primarily qME and Q2Modeller for all my modeling.

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