Re: Player model questions, skining, animation lengh, etc

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Posted by Harkonnen on March 05, 1998 at 20:44:09:

In Reply to: Player model questions, skining, animation lengh, etc posted by Org on March 05, 1998 at 19:29:46:

: Hi, i have some questions conserning quake2 player modeling and i'd be greatly indebted for
: advice i can be offered.

: first off, when you need to use qdata to create a md2 i'm under the impression that you use this
: $modelname bla
: $cd frames
: $origin 0 0 24
: $base base
: $skin skin
: $frame frame01frame02 frame03
: the modelname and origin are self explanatory,.. but is the frame
: used for $base is the one that determens the geometry that quake uses when applying the
: skin to the model, ie make the base frame the frame with all the parts pulled apart
: and all in a line, like the origional models use?

: second.. i think i've noticsed that the players dont have an inherent skin (i could be wrong though)
: so what value needs to be in the $skin argument, or is it just left blank

: and third, is the total number of frames for a player animation locked in stone, ie all the frames
: need to be in the same order and number as the other player models that come with quake2?

: as i said, anyone who could help me, i'd be very grateful..

: thankyou
: -=Org=-
Yes, Yes, and yes....if you do not make all the frames exactly the same number and name, and ORDER then the model will give quake2 errors when you try to use it, or you will not be
able to use it at all..keep the model in it's own directory, under the modelname, and name the model tris.md2 The skins can be any, in the same directory, but have to be pcx....I suggest you import and export frames via a modelling program like meddle, studiomdx or quakemodeller, they work with qdata to set it up correctly
I suggest making a 'base' frame, and puklling it apart for skinning, and then delete the base frame after it is used...make sure all the rest of the frames are based on the base frame, though, so it cazn ready the objects correctly for skinning purposes, only delete the base after you are finished with the model and all
of it's animations.

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