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Hello once again...

Well, this week saw yet another colour change... too many of you complained that the dark blue was unreadable, so now it's nice and bright (I don't really like it though, it looks kind of bland...). This is by no means the final colour scheme, we will eventually settle on something which looks really cool and is also easy to read (i.e. not too dark).

In this week's mailbag, a bit of feedback about the colours (not much), people bitching about people bitching about framerates, the Navy Seals 2 TC creators reply to that rant from last week, and of course the usual mish-mash of stuff.
Oh, by the way, a number of you were asking for a link to the Q2Executer file bEElzebUb mentioned last week. He was kind enough to supply one to me, you can find it at .

Note to lamers sending me tech questions: Even if it isn't in the FAQ, that doens't excuse you from the guidelines!

  • Colours feedback
  • Nave Seals 2 defenders
  • Enduring arguments and replies about last week (framerate, camping, how to spell colour, etc)
  • Miscellaneous stuff

    Question of the Week:

    Which is your favourite colour scheme? Colour scheme 1, Colour scheme 2, Colour scheme 3, or other (send your own in! Best ones get posted, make sure they're nice and legible). Send replies to

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    April 5th, 1998
    Last Issue: March 29th, 1998

    Colours and General Site Feedback

    submitted by Matt
    I am getting sick of people who keeped complaining about the way the colours are unreadable and how blue on black doesn't mix. Why won't they shut up? I have been coming to this site for a long time now and I haven't gone other places because it has changed. I am read it fine. It's nice to keep things dark (and it looks cool to), if it's too bright it hurts your eyes. And these people who say they can't read it just can't handle the change. Please don't change it. It looks wonderful how it is.

    Too late... <G>

    Thank you for the new colors
    submitted by zen
    I can now read your informative page again....And, thus seizures on this end....The page looks really nice and best of all......Readable.....good job

    You're welcome... although I would prefer it to look 'cool' instead of 'nice'...

    Text Color
    submitted by Bruce Wayne
    I like the Teal / Blue much better than this orange peel color....

    Yeah, so do I, but orange is a lot better for those people with dark monitors.

    submitted by Predator
    hey, nice layout and stuff, but you forgot to change the color in the "Contact us" section to yellow. and what happened to the "FILES" section. i'm trying to find stuff like the Q2Crackwhore model, its sounds, or the ctf cyborg skins, but no other sites have them. BRING BACK THE FILES SECTION!!!! It's, it should at least have all the patches without going through the archives. oh yeah, and you might as well get rid of the "Weapons, Items, and Enemies" sections, since you have a link to the Online Manual there. that was a good idea before quake2 came out but now, no one cares about the medi packs, and the blasters, when they can just play the game or look through the online manual. just a few thoughts to go with your "redesign."

    Well, your suggestions have been noted (or at least they should be... Nigel! You reading this?). Thanks for your feedback... BTW, if you need to find files, you could browse some of our hosted sites (I know it's not very convenient, but it works...)

    Just my opinion
    submitted by Woburn
    In my opinion a lot of space can be saved by getting rid of the "Recent Major Headlines". I think it's useless and takes time for you to update. Could save space by just sticking the "fingers" in there. Just my opinion though, I just remember you guys saying your doing a bit of a redesign and want some feedback.

    Nigel? Where are ya, man... are you getting this down?

    Navy Seals 2 defenders

    Last week, Andy McFadden sent in a rant on Navy Seals 2, and really slammed it and probably got a lot of people mad. Here's the mail from last week:
    "I am disgusted at what has become Navy Seals TC for Quake 2. When Gooseman (the creator of Navy Seals) designed Gooseman's guns (the predecessor of Navy Seals) , he made it free for all, and public. Now, Black horse has taken over, and has sent the project down the crapper. No longer is it public, you had to be at Black Horse's Birthday party to test it, and no longer is it free, they are going to go commercial. This is a total rape of what Gooseman intended, a free, really cool single player, that just happened to have a great deal of deathmatch potential. Black Horse is hostile, and egotistical, Gooseman would always listen to suggestions, as long as they were not absurd, Black horse does not even reply saying "that is ridiculous, no way." The models and skins they have are no where near the quality Gooseman is famous for, and do not deserve to be in the same TC as those made by Gooseman.
    A few people jumped to its defense:
    RE: navy SEALs 2
    submitted by Spaz
    Alright, first off, I am one of the testers of Navy SEALs for Quake 2. I know most of what is going on and Blackhorse never decided if he was going to commercial or not. And even if he went commercial that he was going to still have a free public version, just not with everything, (confidential, cant say) so quit your gripping. The models are as good as Goosemans, 2 of them arent finished yet, and we havent even started on enemie skins, and if we had there arent any pictures of monsters skins, the Mk23 and M203 skins arent done, the Mp5 is. go here( and read for yourself. SO QUIT SAYING STUFF THAT YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT YOU LITTE (insert cuss words here)!!!!
    Navy Seals 2 - a bad rap?
    submitted by GreyBear

    I'm GreyBear, the lead coder for the Navy Seals 2 TC. Read the mailbag from Andy, and wanted to take a minute to respond. First, my sincere apologies if Andy was offended by someone from the NS2 team. That's what it appears from the tone of his letter. Secondly, there are a number of misstatements in andy's letter that I'd like to point out and correct. Maybe once he (and anyone else out there) understands 'the real deal', he'll be happier with the effort we're making with NS2.

    <Andy quote>
    I am disgusted at what has become Navy Seals TC for Quake 2. When Gooseman (the creator of Navy Seals) designed Gooseman's guns (the predecessor of Navy Seals) , he made it free for all, and public. Now, Black horse has taken over, and has sent the project down the crapper.
    </Andy quote>

    No argument about Gooseman's intent. Gooseman has been involved in NS2 (he created some of the models), and although his involvement is much less today due to Real Life(tm), he still has input into the project and monitors the mailing list.

    As for the project 'going down the crapper', I'm not sure what Andy's referring to. Since he couldn't have seen it unless he got a copy bootlegged from a team member or beta tester, I'm assuming he hasn't seen it. As for Blackhorse 'taking over', this is untrue. There are upwards of 15 team members, all very talented, working on NS2, and several active testers. Believe me, Blackhorse has 1/15th of a vote _at best_. He's the Web Manager, and Project Manager, but decisions about what goes into NS2 are made by all of us.

    <Andy quote>
    No longer is it public, you had to be at Black Horse's Birthday party to test it, and no longer is it free, they are going to go commercial. This is a total rape of what Gooseman intended, a free, really cool single player, that just happened to have a great deal of deathmatch potential.
    </Andy quote>

    Not public? Untrue. NS2 will *ALWAYS* be available free on the Net. Period. End of Story. The day it stops being available on the Net is the day I stop coding for it. Gooseman's intentions? I think Gooseman can speak for himself.

    Beta testing? Yes, we had *A* beta test for Blackhorse's birthday. It was a new version of my code, and it was a nice way to celebrate Blackhorse's birthday. However it was the eighth (8th) beta revision we've tested. We have a cadre of registered beta testers, and have had for some time. No, we're not currently using external beta testers, but neither does anyone else until they are ready for the public to see their work. I'd invite Andy to contact me, or one of the NS2 team if he's interested in beta testing. If he can persuade us he has something to add in helping us test NS2, we'll gladly consider him.

    Going commercial? Maybe. The reason? It's impossible to stuff music, extra maps, cut scenes and game story material along with the basic files into a package that the average user can download in a reasonable time. If we have to create a CD to get NS2 in all it's glory to folks who desire the whole enchilada, we feel we have a right to charge a fee for our trouble. If you don't want all the extras, if all you want is kicking graphics, awesome single player and heart pounding deathmatch, well, that's free. Download and start the mayhem...

    <Andy quote>
    Black Horse is hostile, and egotistical, Gooseman would always listen to suggestions, as long as they were not absurd, Black horse does not even reply saying "that is ridiculous, no way." The models and skins they have are no where near the quality Gooseman is famous for, and do not deserve to be in the same TC as those made by Gooseman.
    </Andy quote>

    Here's where I get a little disturbed.... If Andy has a bone to pick with Blackhorse personally, it should be settled between them. I have put a lot of work into NS2, and I don't appreciate people slamming it because of a personal grudge. Especially when the slammer has little or no knowledge of the contents of the TC itself.

    As to Blackhorse's personal writing style, yes it's curt. It even bothers me sometimes. However, that again is not a reason to slam the TC.

    It's funny that Andy would think the model quality is less than Gooseman's, because Gooseman did nearly all of them. In fact Gooseman *did* do all the weapon models so far completed, with the exception of the M203, which he inspired.

    As for what NS2 deserves, I'd like to make some things clear. Navy Seals 2 is not Navy Seals 1 - the sequel. It was never intended to be that. When I came upon Navy Seals 1, it was dead. Gooseman had left. NS1 was languishing. Navy Seals for Quake 2 was declared dead. I took the trouble of contacting Blackhorse and asking if he'd be interested in attempting to resurrect a Quake 2 Navy Seals project, and he was kind enough to say yes. Together he and I built a Navy Seals 2 team that I think has set the standard for group cooperation in Internet software development. I've never worked with any group before that has the ability to work together like this team does. And that's over the internet.

    Gooseman returned when it was clear that Navy Seals 2 was going to happen, and we were glad to see him return, but Navy Seals 2 is not Gooseman's Guns, and it's not Navy Seals 1. It *is*, however, inspired by both of them, and we acknowledge that inspiration, and Gooseman's contributions, past, present, and we hope, future.

    I hope users will judge Navy Seals 2 on it's merits. I hope Andy will rethink his position and contact me personally, as I'd like the chance to change his mind. I hope you'll see fit to print this response, as I believe that it's necessary, given the fact that Andy's letter was printed, and has caused some major confusion on the part of those folks who are waiting patiently for the initial public beta.

    I welcome input from anyone, so please feel free to email me. Just remember to turn of your HTML mail. I hate attachment mail.


    Thanks for your time,

    Brad "GreyBear" Davis
    Navy Seals 2 Lead Coder

    Re: Navy Seals 2
    submitted by BlackHorse
    My response to Andy's comments.
    <--I am disgusted at what has become Navy Seals TC for Quake 2. When Gooseman (the creator of Navy Seals) designed Gooseman's guns (the predecessor of Navy Seals) , he made it free for all, and public.

    Yes, that is true. Gooseman however left, and wasn't planning on doing a sequel. When he did that, he gave up Navy Seals. I still have large respect for him, and everything he says is taken to heart. Gooseman has no problems with a commercial version, as I have stated several times, we will _always_ have a free version. The commercial version was designed for one reason, and one reason only, to put more into it.

    <---Now, Black horse (It's BlackHorse) has taken over, and has sent the project down the crapper. No longer is it public, you had to be at Black Horse's Birthday party to test it, and no longer is it free, they are going to go commercial.

    I very seriously doubt I sent anything down the crapper, we wouldn't have NS2 if I hadn't taken over. The beta at my birthday was just something special to do... Wouldn't you like to celebrate your birthday someway special? We will always have a free version IF we go commercial. I never put anything in stone to definitely say we were.

    <--This is a total rape of what Gooseman intended, a free, really cool single player, that just happened to have a great deal of deathmatch potential.

    When was the last time you talked to Gooseman? Those are still what he wants, and thats still what we will give.

    <---Black Horse is hostile, and egotistical, Gooseman would always listen to suggestions, as long as they were not absurd, Black horse does not even reply saying "that is ridiculous, no way."

    I have read every suggestion ever given to me, and responded to the ones that we hadn't already planned. I forward all the good suggestions to the entire team. I never say "that is ridiculous, no way."

    <--The models and skins they have are no where near the quality Gooseman is famous for, and do not deserve to be in the same TC as those made by Gooseman.

    Gooseman made the models in NS2...

    Just my views on this.
    Navy Seals TC Project Manager

    (Whew) long section there... well, I think it's safe to say the record has been set more or less straight. Thanks for writing.

    Enduring arguments and replies from last week

    [no subject]
    submitted by bEElzebUb
    (quote from last week)
    Quake 3 huh. Why did they say that now? They're not even giving Q2 the time to rub it's popularity into other game's faces. I'm still having fun with Q2 and people still haven't figured out 100% of id hasn't told us yet. I say we jam with Q2 at least 6 months before we can get excited about the Sequel. Also, people will probably loose their attention span for Q2 right now and prepare for Q3 that's probably two years away
    (end of last week's message)
    Of course Quake3. And why not? With the huge popularity of Quake and Quake2, John Carmack and the rest of the lot at id would be insane not to start work on the sequal sometime in the near future. Think about it... you say id hasn't given Quake2 time to rub off yet, but they have. Or, depending on how you look at it, are in the process of doing so in announcing Quake3 now. Quake3 won't be coming out for over a year. That's plenty of time for Quake2 to rub off. Look at Quake1. It was out for a little less (at least I think, maybe a little more) than a year before Quake2 was announced, and it was the single most popular multiplayer title in the industry. Don't you think that 2 years (2 years counting the months it's already been out) is enough time? I think it's plenty.


    Here's something else to think about: when was it that Trinity was announce? (or has it been 'officially' announced yet?) Very few people seemed to complain when websites for id's next project, at least two years into the forseable future, were going up before Quake2 was even done, and now that it has been out for several months, people are saying "Wait! Let us enjoy it!".

    submitted by Kathleen Brady-Garvin
    >>Now, if only Americans could figure out how to spell...

    I'm american, I'm only in 6th grade and I have a college reading/writing level. You don't see any spelling mistakes in this message do you? Now shut your yap and have peace with the spirits.

    6th grade, eh... well, I guess that would explain the ??!?!?!?!? after the subject <G>. Now, youngun, listen up. The point wasn't that Americans can't spell. It's that they spell all the words wrong. Examples: they spell honour like honor, colour like color, metre like meter, armour like armor, centre like center, etc. etc. etc. It all started cause they wanted to be different from the British. First the Boston Tea Party, now this... crazy Yanks.

    [no subject]
    submitted by bEElzebUb
    (quote from last week)
    Hey, wassup. Just like to say, I like your usage of u's on colour. Spell it the way it's meant to be, I like it. Nice to see some Canadians in charge out there in the gaming arena. Now, if only Americans could figure out how to spell... (end of last week's message)
    Pardon, but isn't wassup really spelled what's up? And while you're fixing that why don't you throw in a question mark after that MISSPELLED word? Then maybe when you're done you can lay a fat smooch on my stupid, apathetic, ignorant, fat [and VERY American] arse, eh? :-/

    OK, that's gone on long enough. I don't want to start an international flamer-war, or anything like that... it's just that us non-american's love to get in a little USA-bashing now and then. :-

    submitted by ^Storm^
    As was said in the reply I got from the email: "... Oh, except for one thing. "The only true camper is the no-skill one that sits on a pirch of cells with a BFG firing at anything that moves.". Nuh-uh. That's legitimate defense. The only REAL camper is the no-skill one that sits next to a respawn point in a dark corner with a railgun ..." Agreed. Sitting at a spawnspot with a killer weapon IS real camping :) AND I also agree about the legitimate defense... I mean what else can you do? But what I meant when I said that was not for defense... just sitting on cells with a BFG (in DM if you please), the game looses its appeal when there are 20 BFG balls within a room killing you the second you respawn. I might be wrong but I prefer a more tactical game instead of simply going for the nearest weapon you can find and blasting the sh*t out of anything you see.

    I kind of agree with you there, but it is more of a map-design issue. In areas where the BFG is readily accessible and there are lots of people around, lots of spawn points, and lots of cells, it does get a little insane. That's why all BFG's SHOULD be hidden away, or at least in close quarters so as not to turn the game into an insane BFG-fest... IMO, the BFG kind of sucks in DM. It is really easy to kill yourself, and you have to have a direct line of sight with the target... if there's a BFG ball heading for you, run around a corner. Wow, you survived...

    submitted by [N] sin
    People have been ranting over camping since the beginning of deathmatch, and I will finally publicize my opinion on the issue.

    First off, what is camping? Camping is basically when you sit (camp) in a certain spot and wait for players to travel/respawn where you can kill them easily.

    Examples of camping:
    -Waiting by a respawn point to quickly kill players (often with the railgun) who have just respawned.
    -Hiding in a dark corner and waiting for unsuspecting players to come within killing range.
    -Sitting on an elevated spot, sniping unsuspecting players as they pass by.

    Examples of methods I believe are not camping:
    -Waiting for a weapon/item to respawn.
    -Waiting for a specific opponent to walk somewhere, go through a teleporter, etc. during a battle with that opponent (predicting you opponent's next move).
    -My definition of camping in Capture the Flag (camping is legit in CTF)

    Next, is camping good or bad? Camping is bad. By camping you are throwing your reputation as a player out the window, and will be never respected by the fellow players. The reason for this is that it is an easy way to collect frags without any skill, and by doing it a camper usually only gets a somewhat-decent score. This is based on my experiences as a deathmatch player (who has been playing since quake first came out). I would estimate that at least 90% of the hundreds of campers I have played with did not exceed to the top score or as a respectable player. Trust me, it is just not a smart/strategic/respectable way to play the game.

    Thirdly, is camping "cheap" or "cheating"? Definitely not. My definition of "cheating" would be an advantage that other players can not have. Since anyone has the option to camp, it is not cheating. In DM anyone can use any technique they desire in order to collect as many frags as possible. Just because camping is an annoying strategy, doesn't mean the camper is cheating.

    Fourth, is it okay to bitch/whine about people who camp? Well, that's basically up to the player. But whining is not the effective way of getting rid of a camper, killing them is. If you already know where a camper is camping, it is usually rather easy to kill him/her. I can't say I have never bitched/whined about getting killed by a camper, but now I try to hold my complaints in until I have killed the little bastard and say, "Nice camp" or something like that. That way I have stopped the camper and shown that I can beat him, and did not make myself look like someone who is just whining.

    Lastly, if someone likes camping, who am I to tell them it is bad? Hell, if someone feels that camping is fun for them, they should go ahead and camp. All I am saying is that based on my experiences I have found that camping is not an effective strategy. Sure, it may be fun. But I don't camp, and have a lot of fun too. Just remember this is only my opinion, and anyone is welcome to disagree with me.

    That's all I can think of on the camping issue right now. I'd just like to say that I think kicks ass and I enjoy reading the news and mailbag.

    OK, don't let this sour you on the whole mailbag experience, but I have to take issue with some of the things you've stated here. First of all let me state that I am not a regular camper, I do not hide in dark corners with rocket launchers, or hang out next to respawn points (I HATE when people do that!). However, if I want to hang out in a dark corner, it's my right to do so. If you walk past me, and I shoot you in the back, is it my fault you didn't notice me? Is it my fault that you were too busy rampaging through the level to slow down and be a little more careful? Also, sniping from a high spot, well what's wrong with that? After a little bit of practice, you should be able to tell where the sniping spots are, and there is ALWAYS a back way in that the sniper can't guard... also, sniping is damn hard (example - get LMCTF. Go to map LMCTF02. Get railgun. Grapple up to the platform. Try sniping. See how annoyed people below you get - not very). I mean, I can hold my own with a Rocket Launcher (I'm a Rocket Arena veteran), but I have loads of fun sitting on a roof with a railgun trying to pick people off (I'm also a TF sniping veteran). Just watching one person explode in a pile of gibs is SO much fun.

    HOWEVER... there is such a thing as taking it to the extreme, such as sitting on the rockets in a corner of a DM level and wasting anyone who shows their face... that I don't do, and I agree that it is kind of cheap, but I would never whine about it... I would just kill the guy! (or get killed by him enough that I avoid him).

    my opinion on anything
    submitted by Amberion
    Many people I've played against have oftentimes complained about my tendency to, in their words, "camp". I have found a perfect spot in q2ctf2.bsp, The Smelter, where I can hunker down(as blue) and fire rail slugs across the red's combat suit. This is a perfect spot because red players come out, pick up the suit and move sideways to get past the wall. By placing myself inside the Hyperblaster nook or the railgun door, and crouch and zoom in my view, I can pick off enemies as they leave the base. After doing this(and being very effective I might add) many red players denounce me as a "camper". I must protest. This is not camping, in my opinion. This is base defense. I hold a position and attempt to ensure that no opposing team members can get past this spot. When I attempt to argue my point, they get offensive and curse me. Is this fair I ask you?

    Nah, go ahead and do whatever the hell you want. It's CTF, camping etiquette doesn't apply. (Same goes with any teamplay mod, particularily those involving bases).

    Quit yer bitchin Yanks...
    submitted by [R]Korn
    Well, I got my Voodoo2. All I can say is AMAZING. I get 45+ sometimes 55+ fps 800x600. Quake2 is an entirely new game in OpenGL. People that complain about framerates should upgrade ASAP, it a whole new game. So please don't complain and say the game sucks just because you can't appreciate what your system can do. If that's the case, get the 3dfx card, I almost guarantee you'll fall in love with it. If not, mail it to me, I could use another for SLI mode...

    The problem many people have is that they can't/don't think they should have to upgrade... which is why it's kind of dumb (don't buy the game unless your system meets recommended system req's).

    Grap Hook
    submitted by Maven00
    That was me that said that ctf's hook is only for getting places and not a get-the-hell-outa-there hook. I'm just happy that I am getting quoted for my messages.

    Well, there ya go ^Storm^, now you know who that 'someone' is who mentioned that earlier. BTW, the hook in LMCTF is quite a get-the-hell-outa-there hook, and the rest of the mod kicks ass! ('specially the sounds. Go get it!).

    low framerates
    submitted by Vulture
    I've been reading the mailbag this morning (5:16 am, Apr 4 98), looking at all this b**tching about low framerates. Give me a break! What do you think id put support for 320x240 in for??!!

    And hey, having played Doom in 320x200, it isn't THAT bad if you don't happen to have a 3Dfx card or something...

    My system is P166MMX, 64 MB RAM, 4 MB 3Dfx Voodoo (Monster 3D). Pathetic old hard disk that's barely big enough to fit Quake II on, so it's dedicated to just that. And Quake II kicks a** on it, in 640x480. Chop doesn't exist here.

    But, I can switch to 400x300 or even 512x384 in software, and I get (gasp) the same result. If you don't have a 3D accelerator, don't worry about it, just lower the res a bit. Or more than a bit, on like a P75 or something...

    Of course, if you insist on running Quake II on a P75, you'd best flip on stipple alpha and low sound quality just to get a decent 20-25 fps... (rough estimate here guys)

    My point there is that Quake II runs on a lot more machines than you seem to think.. even if you try to run it on a slow machine, it isn't going to look as fabulous as the screen shots, but hey -- if you DO want it to look that great, shell out some bucks and go buy a Voodoo or Voodoo II card. After all, that's what I get.. :)

    Vulture: a Quake II deathmatch/CTF god in the making (insert evil laugh and a wink here)

    Well, as I mentioned last week, I was never one to complain. Even when I got my Monster 3D, it was still slow due to my processor (133) :( in 640x480... I mean, not SLOW, but choppy in a lot of places. But, did I complain? NO! I play in 512x384, still in GL. The graphics kick more than enough ass in that resolution.

    Leave id alone.
    submitted by Mugwum
    Damn. This is getting a bit sad. All this id-bashing is what i'm talking about. When Quake came out, there were supposed to be all these Quake style games coming out that would piss all over it. Jedi Knight was the only game to challenge before Quake 2 dethroned Quake. I am a hardcore id software junkie. I have all their games and would defend them in an arguament anyday. Nothing released since doom by another company, with the possible exception of jedi knight, has come close to id's level of enjoyment and we should thank id for their great games and not shout and swear at them about patches, just because we have nothing better to do. For God's sake! If id hadn't made this stuff, the Internet would have no Quake community. Imagine that........

    Incidentally, does anyone remember reading an article just before Quake came out, by Epic, claiming that they weren't going to release Unreal before Quake in case id nicked any of their "secrets". Unreal won't make Easter 1998. Quake came out in mid-1996. Errrr........

    Yeah, when you think about it, since doom there have been about three non-id 3D shooters that have challenged id software. Only 3 - Dark Forces, Duke Nukem 3D, and Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2. And there were a LOT of cheap-ass doom clones for a while there. id has yet to release game which hasn't dominated the market and set the standard (at least in recent years). What will the future hold? We can only wait and see... stiff competition is coming, however, from the likes on Unreal, Half-life, SiN, Daikatana, Duke Nukem Forever, Prey, and probably more. We can hope id doesn't let us down with Quake3 (but why not enjoy some of the other games while we wait?)

    Miscellaneous Stuff

    Not at all technical...
    submitted by Ben Messanger
    Hi all you people at

    Please do not chuck this message in the bin, I wouldn't consider it to be too technical for the mailbag... and yes, I have read the guidlines :)

    Now, onto my point...

    I have a 133Mhz with 32Mb of RAM. I will soon be getting a Voodoo 2. I've heard people with Pentium 2 machines complaining about the framerate etc., what is all the fuss about? What sort of frame rate is acceptable? I get this feeling that it ain't all that high? Please help me out on this one...

    Well, normally I would have trashed this one, but it makes me look like a total prick or something... like, for example, if you had worded it "what is a good framerate?", well, bye-bye, but the way you pleaded with me like that...

    Framerate doesn't matter a whole lot, it's just how well you feel the game is performing... but if you want to be picky, then at least 15 fps in a timedemo (read the FAQ to find out how to do it) is good. Twenty is really good. Thirty is great. Anything more than thirty and you have nothing to worry about.

    submitted by Morisato Strife
    Just as the title says-Airfist. You know, that thing that lets you blow teammates out of the way in CTF (or enemies into the lava) Should the Airfist be brought into Quake 2 or not? (I think yes).

    Hey, if you want to make an airfist mod, be my guest... go petition some mod authors, and bug creators of CTF games and stuff. You might be able to convince someone... it is just a matter of personal preference, so I'm sure some people still like it.

    [no subject]
    submitted by PAGAN
    i dont mean to be a dik , but i've seen other players using my skins .As cheasy as they may be i havent given anybody permission to use them . my name LAB13 is my trade mark & is copyrighted if you guys are giving my skins out i'd like to be the one to decide witch ones go out. so mabey we can interact w/each other i dont want any conflict, love the game& i like what you guys are doing so please contact me so i can chill... if your not the ones putting out my skins then disregaurd this letter...........

    Well, I wasn't distributing skins... but let me talk to you about that for a second. Let's see if I can piece together the sequence of events. You made a skin. You showed it to a friend. A friend put it on the net. Now people everywhere are using it. What's the big deal? Were you going to go commercial with it, or something?! Anyway, if you're playing DM with your skin, everyone else in the game has to have it or you will show up as the default skin, so you should _want_ to get it distributed.

    Newbies and Crouching
    submitted by Talon Nightshade
    Hey again people. Just thought i'd say a little something about newbies. They're funny types. Why do you bother to crouch? Crouching is so lame when in the hands of a newbie. They seem to think they're all so cool 'cause they're crouching and they're hard to hit. HA! You stupid moron! (Excuse the double negative.) They don't realize that any decent player (and I'm decent, I'll be humble) that uses the mouse will pop 'em in the head with a rocket or super shotgun, or rail 'em. It never fails to amaze me that every time I play I find at *least* one croucher that will chase after you while crouching. You dip! I swiftly kill them then arrogantly say to everyone "Crouchers are fun to kill." or "Why bother crouching?" Sometimes when I'm playing CTF my teammates will laugh with me, but not the ones that do that themselves. =P So next time you think you're awesome 'cause your're crouching but you can't figure out why you keep getting gibbed, this could be why.

    Hey, everyone was a newbie once... laughing at them only makes them more afraid, and we don't want that, now do we?

    DM DM vs. CTF DM
    submitted by Brad Stowe
    Here's is my opinion on normal deathmatching and deathmatching while playing ctf.

    The two types of DM need two completely different strategies. While each type requires the players to know the level, in normal dm the hallways and rooms are much larger and less obstacles such as pillars and such are built in. My point is, is that a completely unstoppable Deathmatcher can kick anyone's ass in Q2DM1, however, put him into Q2CTF3 and he will probably be the same level of play as everyone else. CTF DMing requires more thinking as multiple levels of small hallways increase the chance of u blowing yourself up. So all DMers thinking of switching to 3wave(ugh) or TW(yes!) when it comes out, keep in mind that u will probably not do as well as u did in dm(i mean DMing not capturing)until u learn the different style of play.

    Being a diehard team-player, I must object: there _should_ be no such thing as CTF deathmatching... you're in there to capture the flag, not run around killing people while your teammates desperately try to capture the flag so you can get 10 more points added to your score... (and if you want a challenge with multiple pathways and walls, try Rocket Arena).

    Richard Connery
    submitted by Domains
    I'd like to rant about something and I heard this is a good place for those things. Domains, can't live without them thus taking advantage of the community by selling is plain sad.

    Richard Connery

    Oh, now come on... that wasn't much of a rant... but you got your point across, so I guess it's good enough. Anyone who wants to go check out, go ahead, and see what society is coming to. It kind of makes you wish that id had dropped the hint about quake3 earlier and more subtely so all of the Quakers who may have wanted it could have reserved the domain name before those losers heard about it, or something like that. Hey, at least they are selling it, it used to be a porn site.

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