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A nice, meaty issue: not too many actual mails, but each one is good and long.. it's been a pretty boring week, nothing major has happened on the Quake2-related front, so this week, we have a general mish-mash of stuff. No need to bother with categories here, folks...
P.S. Enough with the freakin' technical questions, people! Don't you know how to read guidelines?!

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    March 29th, 1998
    Last Issue: March 23rd, 1998

    The whole damn thing

    Nice, I like the usage of u's... good to see some Canadians taking charge
    submitted by [R]Korn
    Hey, wassup. Just like to say, I like your usage of u's on colour. Spell it the way it's meant to be, I like it. Nice to see some Canadians in charge out there in the gaming arena. Now, if only Americans could figure out how to spell...

    Well, hopefully after reading the last mailbag, they'll start to see the errors of their ways... now if we could only get that metric thing going, everything would be great! :)

    Lo siento
    submitted by (name not given)
    I realized that when I just hit the send button on my last reply that I had been a little harsh (ahem) ok, I was very harsh (AHEM) alright, I went over the line-a bit(..that's better). And I would like to send my sincerest apologies to any of those offended.
    -I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?

    Whoever you are, you forgot to sign your name, and I've lost your original message... I believe this is either Mugwum or Morisato Strife. So, if anyone out there was offended by something one of them said last week... whoever wrote this, don't worry about it, man. People don't really get offended that easily.

    viewable weapons
    submitted by Dapumkins
    This may have been discussed but doens't everyone think id should put the viewable weapons patch in 3.15 or make their own?? This would make things a lot better for everyone...

    That is unlikely to happen... many people already have the VWEP pakfile, so to have to download it again would make them mad, and if VWEP was an optional upgrade, not many people would download it... have no fear, however, many of the new mods like Rocket Arena are incorporating it from the ground up, so it will likely eventually become the standard, in mods if not deathmatch.

    Quake3 would blow, for right now
    submitted by Techno Kill
    Quake 3 huh. Why did they say that now? They're not even giving Q2 the time to rub it's popularity into other game's faces. I'm still having fun with Q2 and people still haven't figured out 100% of id hasn't told us yet. I say we jam with Q2 at least 6 months before we can get excited about the Sequel. Also, people will probably loose their attention span for Q2 right now and prepare for Q3 that's probably two years away.

    A recent article I read somewhere (don't remember where) has the estimated release of Quake3 around mid-1999, which is a year and a few months from now. So, you're right in essence... we're probably looking at the better part of a year in hype alone before we see any product. I agree with you, it is NOT time to prepare for Quake3 just yet. Quake2 is not dead, there are two mission packs on the horizon, and the much-anticipated TFII. But really, id software is not involved in any of this. Sooner or later, someone would have noticed that they haven't heard anything about the supposed id mission pack, and then the cat would be out of the bag... for their own reasons, sooner was better than later.

    submitted by RavenAK47
    Hey, great site, i like how theres a fast load time and not all this unnessacery b.s. however your news links never take me anywhere... Anyway, about Quake 3. If you play quake 1 now, not only will you notice its really boring, but its really weird. Quake 2 is more action packed and just cool. With Quake 3 they should make it just like playin an action movie, with not just death animations but deaths that react to surroundings (floating corpses in water, fragged soldier knocked thru barrels that fall over, seeping blood and blood clouding in water) and enemies should get knocked down sometimes and not die but just get back up. Just overall realism. And pistols instead of shotguns. Shotguns are like the coolest things ever, but it got old a long time ago. Anyways dis is getting long and ig i dont shut myself up i could go for pages. L8r.

    Ah, the fundamental differences between the two Quakes. In the first, you were a scared, lonely "quake guy" wandering through dungeons killing demons and monsters from the pits of hell. In the second, you were a highly trained, powerful, super-hero caliber marine, one out of thousands sent to attack human-alien cyborgs on an alien world. What does the future hold? We'll have to wait and see... it all depends on which way id decides the next game should go.
    P.S. They are concentrating on graphics in Quake3, but how that will affect overall realism and interactivity remains to be seen (obviously).

    Re: Re: Quake3
    submitted by bEElzebUb
    (message from last week)
    Some comments on the plan for Quake3... It seems to me that Quake3 would just be a major upgrade for Quake2, and it would almost seem better to either have customers buy a patch to create the version 4.0 or whatnot. Also, though, I think Quake 3 could bring back some respect to id. I think that Quake 2 was a downfall for some part for id. There have been many complaints about gameplay, framerates, ease to complete the game, and many other things. Quake 3 could be a chance to revive id, and bring back more Quake 1 enthusiasts and Quake 2 haters, to think highly of id. If id wants to release Quake 3, they need to listen to some feedback about gameplay for Quake 2 to make the game likeable by >everyone, not just a small amount of people. Also, id should spend more time before releasing Quake 3 on the market (If it ever gets accomplished), to get the bugs worked out of it. I have had a pain of a time downloading new patched every day, and I am sure many are also. One important tip...VWep needs to be included. I think that is the greatest mod to date, and I was dissapointed not to see it, just because there wasn't enough time. I don't think that is a reasonable excuse for these professional programmers and such to say that there wasn't enough time. One more thing...stop releasing information about features that aren't going to be released. I was pissed off to see that the changable status bar was not included. It looked really cool, and now it is a pain to figure out how much ammo you have and with what weapons, and a movable status bar would be a real plus. Don't get me wrong though...I have my dislikes and likes about Quake 2. For instance, the time it takes to switch weapons is more realistic than before, rather than automatically. To sum it all up, Quake 3 could be great if id listened to some feedback about gameplay. Otherwise, it could financially and morally hurt id, and scar its reputation.
    (end of last week's message)
    You're contradicting yourself. You say that Quake3 would just be a major upgrade for Quake2 (bulls**t), then you say it should just be offered as a patch. Then you go on to say you are fed up with all the downloads that upgrade Q2 to later versions. Make up your mind!
    How could you say Quake2 was a downfall for id!? Let's see here, not only did id listen to its consumers and implement pretty much all of their ideas into the game (such as a better story that was actually incorporated into the game, maps that fit their timeline, and so on and so forth), but they also greatly improved on graphics, sound quality, control, the list goes on. Quake2 wasn't just what Doom2 was to Doom, it was more like the jump from Wolf3D to Doom. It wasn't just a major upgrade, it was a leap in not only technology, but gameplay.
    Lastly, it's just plain stupid to tell a news page not to post news.
    [One more thing...stop releasing information about features that aren't going to be released.]
    Grow up.

    Well said bEElzebUb (hmm, that takes a while to type; mind if I just call you bUb?)... upon reading last week's mail again, I noticed a few more things which I should have commented on. For example, having a patch to upgrade Quake2 to Quake3! It's not a mission pack or anything, it's an entirely different game...

    Re: Quake2 choppy? Blahaha
    submitted by bEElzebUb
    (message from last week)
    Hey there, I'd like to respond to all the lamers who have high end pentiums and whine that Quake2 is choppy. GIVE ME A BREAK! I have a P200 (not mmx) and 64 mb RAM. Also, my graphics card is a certified POS (S3 ViRGE, hehe, soon to be voodoo2 though) . I run fullscreen 512x384 (or whatever that res is, starts with 512). Mine runs fine, smooth at 22 fps. So these people must be trying to run it in 800x600 or higher unaccelerated. I know it takes at least a P2 to run it smooth there. So please, stop that it sucks and just turn down the res a little. OR buy a good graphics card. I mean sheesh, I'm 16 and I'm getting a Voodoo2, it's called a JOB people. Oh yea, and I run with everything else on high (sound, details, etc), just the res it lowered, so stop whining and just play
    (end of last week's message)
    Well said. And yes, these guys with P2's complaining about performance are full of crap. I'm on a P2, and my f/r is 45 WITHOUT Voodoo2. All you need is about 10 minutes of free time to d/l a little program called Q2Executer (what GLQPlus was to Quake1). It simply modifies your settings until they are optimized for your computer. Get this, and even your P200 will do 30fps in GL.

    Yikes, 45 fps?! How 'bout sending me a link to find it, sounds like something I could use...

    A couple of responses for ya... and a quick statement
    submitted by
    (last week)
    Reasons why camping is bad: 1. The obvious... it's basically cheating. Sitting on top of a weapon and killing all who come close, or sitting on a player respawn spot and killing everyone who comes out, is really just a cop out. 2. It's bad strategy, believe it or not. Another player can easily sneak up behind you or plug you from a distance, or can at least drive you out of that spot. Also, you never get a good frag number because only a certain amount of people will fall for your ploy and will learn... and snipe you from some other point. 3. What fun is it?! How can you appreciate one of the most advanced and enjoyable (yes i like q2) games if you do nothing but sit in a corner the entire time? Even when I first got on Q2 multi (only 3 weeks ago), I decided to just play the damn game no matter how often I died.
    (end of last week)
    Cheating? You call that cheating? Since when does cheating make the cheater vulnerable? I don't understand that logic. The point of cheating is to (typically) become super powerful or invulnerable or get goodies, etc, not make yourself a target. Those reasons you give right there totally define why it is a legitimate strategy. And if you have to ask what fun it is, you must not have camped before. Campers are also a legitimate form of defense for CTF, well hell by those reasons most anyone playing D in CTF is a camper. I need not say more about that. Now while i am not a camper, its fun to piss people off by sneaking in a rail every so often, you get some great reactions. If you don't like camping, go kill the damn campers and stop whining about it. And some people aren't playing to get the highest frag count (at least in CTF).

    Ok, one more response...

    (last week)
    i think it`s dumb.what about the people like me who still have a 133 mhz machine and directx5.0?they shud make a game for us "computer old people"!and i have an ast, so ican`t get an mmx!id pisses me offf!not everybody want to spring for a whole new fu**ing machine so we can play their "new,3d accelerated-required game"!as i said before, some sh**head from id shud look at these messages and mail!
    (end of last week)
    Now you already made a nice reply to this one, but, i feel i need to say something as well. I remember the days of having my 486 dx2 66 and still had it up until a couple months ago when luck hit and i got a p133. I didn't go crying to everyone about not being able to play Quake on it, i played Doom 2. I played what i had and i enjoyed the hell out of it. Not only is it incredibly childish to be whining in this manner, like said last week, it's bad business practice for id (its lowercase people...not Id or ID or iD; i saw one of their employess get into it big time a couple years back) to cater to software acceleration. Unless you're oblivious to the computer world, everything is going 3d with 8 meg cards (at least any more) and in a year, software acceleration will be obsolete (just the same as my new computer will be). So why should they (id) be making a Pinto when they can be making a Corvette? See the corolation? Would you rather have a Pinto or Corvette? Last thing. I'm guessing this guy is young for numerous reasons, probably too young to get a job...but in the off chance you're not, get a job and start saving up, it may take a while, but it works.

    Last note:
    About id's decision for Quake 3, go for it. I can't wait to see it. I'll buy a new card for a couple hundred bucks, why not? Hopefully though i won't have to buy a new computer...but hey, the technology is advancing so quick, either wait forever and never buy (thus keeping your 486, or p133) or throw some money out and grab something that'll be good for a year and let you enjoy these games...

    Thanks for writing, you've made some good points, all which seem to coincide perfectly with my own personal opinions! (I get bugged about the id/ID/Id/iD thing too! Where do they get iD?!) I am also running a P133, which I got a mere 1.5 years ago, but I did not whine about low framerate when I played Quake. I did not even know what framerate was. I was in awe anyway. When I first played Quake2, before getting my Monster 3D, I was STILL in awe. In low-res, <15fps, software engine! IN AWE! Anyone who complains with more than what I had needs to take a look at what they have and be glad for it.
    Re: your last statement, I have to throw in a comment a local tech writer made a while ago about today's changing technology, to think about if you're buying a new computer. "You may think that the 'next big thing' will require dual PentiumII 333 Mhz processors, 256 Mb of RAM, 10 gigs of hard disk space, a DVD-ROM, and a 21 inch monitor. And it might. Or, it might plug into your TV."

    Can't read your page anymore
    submitted by ZEN
    Regarding your new color's really bad....dark blue on black is a very bad combinaiton if you are hoping for people to read your page...I was a huge fan visiting 2-3 times daily, but now I prefer the other sites because I can't read what is on your site....Don't get me wrong....No, flaming here, or badmouthing you...I think your site is very informative...but if one can't read your page, then you aren't really accomplishing anything.....there is a book out about best color schemes for print, clothing, etc. (you name it, it's in there)....check it out...change the colors if they are boring....but, keep in mind people also have to read your page...and blue and black just don't cut it.... But....A VERY BIG's your page, so do what you will, I am not critizing you or your choices, just giving you feedback on your choice of color schemes

    If you can't read the writing because it's too dark, then turn up your monitor brightness. Seriously. You'll thank me someday. (I have no trouble reading it AT ALL... but that's just me.)

    My opinion on a few topics
    submitted by ^Storm^
    First of all I'd like to say that I love your site... its the most well maintained and organised QuakeII site I could find as to this day :)

    Second, I want to discuss the grappling hook issue: Frankly, I love the thing... it is the most useful tool within CTF. The thing I enjoy about it is imitating superman in open areas, just throw the hook wherever the hell you feel like throwing it and fly around hehehe... a great tactic to deplete them of their ammo (just don't try it if their connection is 50x faster then yours or they can predict like a b*tch :)). Its also very nicely designed, I would think that it was an actual quake weapon if I didn't know better. Only thing I don't like about it is that (as mentioned here earlier sometime) it is simply for getting places... it's speed should be determined by the server or similar, I need a get-the-hell-outta-there weapon :)

    Third, Camping: Whats so bad about it? I mean really... its not cheating (in the basic definition of the word), and the camper usually lacks the ability to go in head-to-head combat (that's why he/she chooses to kill from a distance)... so its all evened out, just catch them from behind with a grenade or throw 50 cells of BFG in their direction. In CTF I camp myself if my team needs defense badly... not even on a weapon or ammo, I usually get a railgun, fill it up to max capacity, fov 20, and snipe the opposing team through the entrance into the base. I don't see anything wrong with it, since it is for the sake for my team, requires skill to snipe a strafing/jumping/rocket-shooting player who's on an ISDN (vs. the sniper's usual 28.8-56k :P), and how else am I going to defend my flag ALONE? The only true camper is the no-skill one that sits on a pirch of cells with a BFG firing at anything that moves.

    And Fourth, whats up with the guys that have a 0 ping to the server, kill somebody with a 400 ping and say "HAHAHA YOU SUCK!!" 500 times flooding everybody else off? :P I mean just yesterday an ISDN'er got his a** kicked by a dude with a 300 ping... his reason was that he was not used to playing with a ping above 100 (it was 120). People like that should not have an ISDN line to begin with... but thats just MHO :)

    Anyways I just want to say once again that your site is great, keep up the good work!! :)

    Yet more people come to reassure me that my opinions are the true ones! Oh, except for one thing. "The only true camper is the no-skill one that sits on a pirch of cells with a BFG firing at anything that moves.". Nuh-uh. That's legitimate defense. The only REAL camper is the no-skill one that sits next to a respawn point in a dark corner with a railgun.
    Nothing to say about the rest of the stuff, thanks for writing.

    Navy Seals TC (opinion)
    submitted by Andy McFadden
    I am disgusted at what has become Navy Seals TC for Quake 2. When Gooseman (the creator of Navy Seals) designed Gooseman's guns (the predecessor of Navy Seals) , he made it free for all, and public. Now, Black horse has taken over, and has sent the project down the crapper. No longer is it public, you had to be at Black Horse's Birthday party to test it, and no longer is it free, they are going to go commercial. This is a total rape of what Gooseman intended, a free, really cool single player, that just happened to have a great deal of deathmatch potential. Black Horse is hostile, and egotistical, Gooseman would always listen to suggestions, as long as they were not absurd, Black horse does not even reply saying "that is ridiculous, no way." The models and skins they have are no where near the quality Gooseman is famous for, and do not deserve to be in the same TC as those made by Gooseman.

    I personally don't remember much of Navy Seals... I got my Pentium computer, and thus Quake, rather late, thus it was probably before my time. However, anyone who wants to comment, feel free.

    New site look and other nattering :)
    submitted by Derek "Econoline Crush" Hamilton
    Dear guys,
    I was wondering what you guys think about all this Quake3 nonsense. Do you think this 3D HARDWARE requirement is good for the gaming community as a whole or will it in fact shoot id Software in the foot? I myself have writen an article on this matter and I posted it to my page called the Icon of Sin (here ). To me I think it is a bold move but it's not like id isn't used to making bold moves...Also I like the new site scheme, before it looked rather (and quote me on this) "scummy" and dark but now it is nice and lite (like beer but less intoxicating). I just hope you don't do what PlanetQuake did and turn a great/quickly loading layout into a nightmar for someone using AOL...argh! But I trust whatever you do will NOT be anything like what PQ did afterall you guys seem to have at least half a brain between all of your staff, especially whoever does the mailbag replies they are hilarious especially when you get soem loon who talks about farmer conspiracies (can we say IQ of a smashed cantelope) or when people ask stupid questions like "I wuz wonderin if my 12 MB DooDoo2 4D card will support Quake2 if I have three output plugs connected to my portable generator? Help I need to know what to do.." and so on. Anyways don't change this site much, I like the look and I think most people do too...

    I had a read of your article, and I have one question for you: In the summer of 1999, how many people you know will NOT have 3D accelerators? Come on, you yourself said you'd be getting one soon... they are the way of the future. id is being smart, not stupid, IMO.

    And so ends my latest mailbag. If I didn't post your mail, then you didn't read the guidelines! Remember, technical questions will go straight to my trash can. I will try to post submissions which contain ONLY VALID OPINIONS. Read on for the guidlines...


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