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Hi guys,

This is my first issue as the new mailbag editor since Richard "Sat" Connery left...after having a couple of weeks to view the submissions people are sending in, I can understand why he quit. Please read the guidlines at the bottom of the page BEFORE mailing me. If you're not sure if your mail is appropriate for the mailbag, then compare it with the kind of letters to the editor you might see in a newspaper. Opinions only, get it? You wouldn't ask the editor of a paper how much the paper costs in your town. So don't bug me with your problems. This time, I have posted and answered most of the mails I received, but in the future I will NOT take the time to post questions which don't raise a valid point, nor will I answer them.

Remember, if you get tempted to send me a question or problem, DON'T! Check The Unofficial Quake II FAQ which is written and maintained by Richard. He's worked very hard on it so people like me don't have to answer dumb questions. Sorry for that, on with the show....


February 22nd, 1998
Last Issue: February 6th, 1998

I have an idea for you
submitted by kadilotis George

<sarcasm> Sure, great idea. While I'm at it, I'll include some 3-D schematics of each individual level, each and every monster's position in that level. Heck, maybe even a step-by-step walkthrough of which buttons to push when in order to make it through the game! </sarcasm>
Seriously, would that really help? The game is flexible, difficulty depends on how much the monsters have moved, and your skill. As for the maps, generally they increase in difficulty as the game moves on.
Thanks for the compliments anyway :)

Voodoo 2
submitted by Shawn Hogan
Have you guys heard when an AGP version of a Voodoo 2 board will be avilable? I asked Diamond Multimedia, and they basically said they didn't know when/if they will make one. - Shawn

If the manufacturers don't know when they're making it, how do expect us to know? <G> You could try all the other companies... go to Zanshin's for a list of links.

Playing Cooperative
submitted by ken
why did you guys remove cooperative play? my kids, freinds and myself have spent countless hours playing doom2 and quake on 3 computers set to ipx, i bought q2 within th first week it was released only to find coop play removed, are you in the process of making a patch?

We're not id sofware... and co-op supposedly has been included in the point release (read the FAQ).

submitted by MARNIE & GUY

AAAH!!! Lay off the caps! First of all, how could I possibly help if you don't tell me what kind of gamepad it is? And remeber, what did I say about technical questions? Don't send them in? Yeah!

Can you please add my site link to your front page link list?
submitted by Space Marine
Same as above, can you?
Thanx, Space Marine
Site= ""
Site Name=" Planet Stroggos

Forgive me for laughing. See, the sites featured on our menubar are staples in the Quake Community, and valuable sources of information... your page, well, is none of that <G> Sorry :)

Help with console
submitted by Alex "slappynut" Smith
Dear Quake2 guys,
I just got the Riva 128 OpenGL files, and I've been going crazy over the boost in performance, but I couldn't figure out the command to check the frame rate, and I can't find it anywhere. It's probably something simple, and I'm just dumb, but if you could help me, tha'd be great.

Type s_initsound 0, snd_restart, timedemo1, and map demo1.dm2. Now really, you could have found that yourself. Do a little digging! :)

strogg dm bug
submitted by Severed Red
Ok i wasnt sure where to send this, but, i was playing dm today and i got model error messages and suddenly i saw a stogg standing there, and empty model. This happened in different places for a while then i saw saw a strogg jumping around and appearing to attack me, i failed to get a screenshot of him but i cot a couple of the still ones. wondering if there's an explination

Well, you picked the wrong place to send this.... NO technical questions please. BTW, could be a player using one of the strogg models... did you download the pack?

Quake2 shirt contest
submitted by Tim
I was wondering who won the t-shirt slogan contest, and what the slogan was. I sent in a few entries, so I am curious. Thanks for your time.

P.S. Your site ROCKS!!!

Hmm... good question. Ask Nigel, and in the future use the mailbag for opinions and not questions. And of course, we all know our site rocks :)

Server Variables
submitted by Shaun W. Grogan
Hey guys, where can I find all the Q2 server variables? I can't seem to find a sight with a listing of all/most of them or I'm not looking in the right place.

Beats me. Did you check the FAQ? Didn't think so...

Yo what's up with that!!
submitted by Patron1
so you think your all bad. well you suck and your page sucks too

What? You little moron! I'll get you for this...

Just kidding you rule man
submitted by Patron1
sh*t i was just kidden your page is the bomb man. keep the good work up. you might see another compliment like this soon. Good Night!!!
By: Unknown

Oh. Never mind.

submitted by Larry Brick
HELP where can i get the soundtrack install for quake 2 my cdrom WONT READ THE MUSIC and ive tryed a friends cd 2 help me i NEED THE MUSIC

As far as I know, the music is only available on the CD. Try fixing your CD-ROM.

console commands
submitted by garrick campbell
Hi I have had a look at your web site but cannot see a section for the console commands?
Am I looking in the right area or have I just missed them? thank you for your help
ps.great page !!!!!!!!

Have you looked in the hosted sites menu? Under 'resources', there's a site called "Turmoil's Console Commands".

submitted by Marco Plymkvist
why dont our quake 2 allow more than 8 players on multiplayer game ive heard that u should be able to play 16 players, or is it on other maps than the original that comes with the quake 2 cd

Sigh... if you'd read the FAQ you might know that games of 200 are theoretically possible... the only limit is server speed and map size. Some server admins might only have a max player limit of 8 because their server can't handle more.

config for Microsoft sidewinder
submitted by Frank(BigDaddyF)
Recently I've been trying to config my Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro for use with Quake II. Unfortunately I've had little luck. Do you know of someone or can you help me with the config.

Sorry, can't help you. I know some people have figured it out... I just don't know who, how, or when. <G>

Force Feedback
submitted by Peasant Boy
Hi there,

I want to have a whine at you (Why you? Who else?!?!?) about something that's annoying the crap out of me - id's refusal to support Force Feedback technology. Up until recently, I was an absolute die-hard Quake player; I bought Quake, the mission packs, and Quake 2 all on the day they were released, and didn't stop playing them until I'd completed them all. I don't play too much over the internet because it costs too much, but I play a LOT over LANs. However, I'm rapidly becoming converted to MDK for one simple reason - MDK, with a 3DFX card and a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro beats the living shit outta Quake2 - no question about it. These joysticks really are worth every singly penny that you pay for them. So, I spend about an hour on the 'net looking for a Quake2 FF patch, and end up at your FAQ which explicitly states that id doesn't plan to support it. Ever. Well, that sucks. I mean, it's not as if it'd be that hard to code - you can control the things through DirectX (Well, the MS ones at least), so what's the problem? It makes the games SO much more realistic you wouldn't believe it (unless you've actually played with one). So, if it stops people like me (who probably have more money than sense when it comes to gaming) giving up on their games in favour of something that supports my hardware, why not? It's not just the FF stuff either - I can't get Quake2 to even support the throttle or twist axis. Ok, it's a lot more accurate to play with a mouse (as I usually do), but if it's a play-off between accuracy and FF, there's no competition in my opinion. Anyway, sorry if I've been going on a bit, but id have pissed me right off with that. It's not even as if they've given a decent reason for it, because I can't see that there is one.

Oh well, just my 2 cents worth. Thanks for listening :)


YES! Finally, someone has understood and sent in a rant! WOOHOO!
I, like the majority, have never tried Force Feedback so I'm not really qualified to answer... but you do make a good point. What does everyone else think? Does Force Feedback belong in QuakeII?

submitted by Patrick
Do you know if there are any plans to develop a frontend similar to Qfront for Quake2?

No I do not know... I've actually never even HEARD of Qfront, so obviously I don't know about a QuakeII version. Try getting in touch with whoever made Qfront... they're more likely to know than me!

Help me
submitted by Brain Lawson
Guys I have run into a problem. On Quake2 there is this "Compatiblity Mode" thing. I accidently hit it and now the screen that plays it is small. How do I get it out of Compatiblity Mode where it can be it's normal size again?

OK, I have little knowledge about this, so lucky you! you get a generic answer. In this order: Read the manual. Read the readme. Read the FAQ. Re-start Windows. Re-install Quake2. Call Activision tech. Return your copy. Good luck! :)

submitted by Pyrus
When I install Quake 2, and run it, my sound is messed up. My sounds works on all applications properly, but when i run Quake 2, It "flashes" and crackles. How can I fix this?

You obvioulsy assume I have psychic powers. Well, lucky for you, you're right! I am predicting that you are using an Ensoniq or similar sound card and have not downloaded the newest drivers and version of QuakeII. Am I right?

2 person Quake 2
submitted by Bob Ivan
Okay...I did everything that you suggested in the faq on hooking up a 2 player game using DUN and one computer acts as the server but I have a problem and I was hoping that you may have some suggestions. I was the server side and my friend connected no problem. He tried to ping me and got a great response, I tried to ping him and got no response. I started quake2 in server mode and he entered in the address and hit refresh and nothing came up. In the counsel, he said it looked like it was trying to ping me but gave up when it didn't get a response. It almost seems like he can connect to me, but I can't respond to his connection. Any ideas on what could be wrong? Everything else works great (when I connect to other servers on the net). I am not sure if he has the latest ver of quake2 (upgrade patch to 10) but I am not sure if that would matter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Bob Ivan

Well, at least you read the FAQ. Sounds like a problem connecting... which likely means either one of the modems isn't working properly, or it's set up wrong. I recommend going here for a good tutorial and follow the directions exactly... if that doesn't work, then you're on your own.

um, what's wrong with that sentance
submitted by Micheal S. Harrison
Mailbag, for the second time
Listen up:
People have been sending questions and such to the mailbag... The mailbag is for OPINIONS, and RANTS, and FEEDBACK, and that sort of thing. Do NOT send me your problems and questions. If you have a problem with Quake2, read the FAQ or contact your hardware manufacturer. If you have a question, ask whoever it pertains do. DO NOT SEND IT TO ME!!!!!
Please don't mail problems and questions, just mail opinions, questions and rants. Send any mailbag submissions to


Anyone else see a bit of inconsistency in that last paragraph?

Heh, yeah. BTW, that's a quote from the news page, my first day of taking the job, when I was annoyed to discover my first 15 mailbag submissions were ALL dumb questions. I sent a mail to the news guys and asked them to post it... it ended at "DO NOT SEND IT TO ME", they added that last sentence (don't send questions and problems, just questions and rants) themselves. Not my fault!

Quake2 3dfx
submitted by Jeff Marr
Hi I have Quake 2 and just got a Diamond Monster 3DFX Card. Quake 2 won't run in 3DFX mode. I know my card works because I have tryed it on other games. If you can tell me where to get the drives and where they should be put please tell me. I woul love to play it with 3DFX

Try the 3dfx site for drivers, or maybe Zanshin's for more info.

submitted by Doug Knapp
Hello there. First off, Great webpage, I've just been looking over it, and it's looking good. I was hoping you could help me out, I was hoping you could add a webpage to your links section. My brother runs a webpage, which puts together Network games , it's Called Sniper Network gaming group, they average around 200 hits a day, and for a webpage based in Vancouver, Canada, it isn't bad. Anyhow, the games generally hold anywhere from 10-20 people, and they are looking to expand. It's totally non-profit, there is a $5 charge or so to cover the rental of the hall or wherever we play. The webpage, is updated daily with news on all network games, Quake 2, Total annhilation, and others. They also send out a weekly digest of information for anyone who signs up for it. Full of network gaming news. Anyhow, yah, so I was hoping you could add a link to the webpage, I'd really appreaciate it, and everyone at Sniper would appreaciate it. (I'm very sure if you check out the webpage, you'll probably like it, and if you email my brother or Halo who run it, they would be more than happy to add your page too)
Thanks alot
Doug Knapp

You would have to mail Nigel about that... don't hold your breath though. It is a nice site (everyone else go check it out here!), but I don't know if it's big enough to deserve a link.

submitted by david2
looking for add ons for quake2 do you know where i can get them

Try Earthquaked.

Slow Quake2
submitted by Jurgen Azzopardi
, I have a PII 266MhzPC, with SCSI setup and 64 Mb however, when I run Quake 2 at 800X 600 it is very jerky. I do not have a 3DFx card, I have just ordered one, and I have an S3 2Mb Video card Pci........I am waiting for the AGP version. I don't think such a computer can have such a slow game. Apart from this the computer works fine. I have checked the hardware and it is OK. I always wanted to make a Quake 2 server for Malta to compensate for the fact that I cannot play abroad due to the high ping rate. I hope you can help me solve this problem so you will have a host server in Malta. I thank you in anticipation. Regards,

Jurgen Azzopardi

What the hell are you doing running QuakeII in 800x600 without a 3dfx card?! Popular cards such as the monster3D and Pure3D can't handle it in GL, so what makes you think you can handle it in software? Computers such as yours should give you very good performance in 340x280, and good performance in 512x384 (or whatever it is). 800x600 is a strech... unless you have an Alpha processor and a hell of a lot of RAM, don't expect it to run well.

just a thought from under the table...
submitted by Brad and Elizabeth Ruttan

let me start by stating the obvious...QUAKE2 is a great great great great great greeeaaatttt Game!

now down to the point...

i have a friend....whos situation does not alow for him to be blessed ( or cursed) with the owning of a PC...and therefore does nto alow him to play the great great great great great game quake2......but he does play his nintendo( shudder).....and has seduced me by strong and unatural forces to play a little game of 007 torrow never dies...

Its a james bond game(obvious) and the only re3ason i mention it is that the game has a few might cool the different wepons...great selections...great list a few...that might be cool if they were taken into consideration in the upgrades of quake to come...

1st...the sniperrifle....great idea...the ZOOOMMMM is handy for long range...but a pain in the @$$ for straffing and shooting or simply dodging..

second...timeds mines and prox ideas for playing head to head games....

Third... LASERS!!...i love them!!....great, clipless...powerful....maybe RARE.....wepons ..a must i would say

Fourth....( not in the nasty nintendo game but still a possible idea)....Various the ever infamous ACID round...or maybe the BUCKSHOT round....or the paint ball round for head to head ..maybe the Teflon round...byppasses armor

Fifth..capture the flag....wonderful, yet damn irritatingm possibility of play....multiplayer of course...but sometimes its damn fun...

Sixth...cursed boots of forever running....gloves of " god damnit i cant grip my !@*&#! shotgun".....remeber the beserker health ....those were fun.....kind of got the heart going when they were placed ever so precisly in Doom...or even a multiplayer " naked " item....that would be good for a laugh...and it doesnt need to be XXX or anything...

Seventh....dont worry this is jsut about over....RADAR for multiplayer the corner of the screen....

Thses are some of the items that make ( shudder) nintendos game so fun....and i do believe that they might make quake a better place to play....


Most of the things you've mentioned were previously available as add-on patches for Quake... Sniper rifle? Ever played TF? Capture the Flag... hello? Where have you been? Items like these tend not to make it into the main game, for various reasons. With nintendo games, the designers only have one shot, so it makes sense they would throw in all the weird ideas they came up with. The beauty of Quake is that people are still designing mods for it... so if you want to play with a deathmatch radar, chances are you'll find it somewhere. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there... it just means you have to hunt on the net for a while :).

The site
submitted by Dr. Reaper
I just wanted to say you guys are worse than the government! To many abbreviations for everything. I never played quake or made a level. Please help the people that don't know what the heck you are talking about. maybe putting up a quake2 dictionary would help. It took me 1 hour to find out what a bot was and i still don't know what a ctf is.

I guess I'll resist the temptation to laugh at you.. we've all been newbies at one point or another. In fact, I'll do better than not laugh at you -- I'll help you out! Go to Blue's and click on the "Gamer's Guide" link in top of the frame. Then check out the glossary.

(ctf = capture the flag)

submitted by Nigel Hunt
I hope I am correct in stating this but I downloaded the Quake CTF patch and installed it on my computer. Now when I run the Game with the command Quake2 -listen +set game CTF, I can walk thru walls as thought the NOCLIP option was turned on??
Can you see if you can recreate this? I can everytime. Here are my machine specs, oh, and yes, Quake II, the normal game and Deathmatch run okay, so it's related to the patch somewhere.

Here are my specs....

(cut out to save space, don't think they're important anyway - P)

I am running Quake II in 3Dfx mode (This is where it happens) I haven't tried normal video yet but ut probably does it there to, yep, just tried it, so that would rule out the video cards right?

Could you please look into this ASAP. I was looking forward to CTF.

Perhaps you should have thought this through... do you really think a bug as monstrous as that would have snuck out from under id/activision's nose and made it into the final release? Now really... when you first go into CTF, you are in Noclip mode until you choose a team. Once you are on a team, then you will be able to walk around.

P.S. We didn't make CTF - you have us confused with id software. FOR THE LAST TIME, WE ARE NOT ID SOFTWARE!

this thing of ours...
submitted by
Hey sportsfans!!!....the air is juuuuuust right for fraggin!

I just got QII. I kow that im the last of the holdouts but, i waited for the price and chaos to calm down. Its still rather difficult to get to any of the ftp sites. Its still hit or miss.

I cant say enough about QII. The only thing is that it would appear from a gaming standpoint that QI was a little more "accessable" to the player than QII is. However, QII is far more flexible. For example, to play an o/l game with QI, i merely need to fire up Quakespy or go to for the Quake servers. Whereas with QII, i pretty much have to use gamespy.

Another example of the accessability difference is during a game of QII, it is more difficult to access inventoried weapons and stats that in QI. I can readily see my ping rate, number of frags and time in the game by merely pressing the "tab" key. In QII, i still havent figured how to access these stats.

The only other observation that i would make concerns the weapons, namely the rocket launcher. The rockets arent as powerful or as fast as the rocket launchers in QI.

This would seem that I like Quake I more than Quake II. Not the case. Quake II is far more interesting and flexible in terms of the gameplay than Quake I. However, like your first love, Quake I retains a special place in my heart and mind and will always be my staple multiplayer game. Quake II simply has balls that CLANK!




How do i get one of those great jobs where i just sit there and answer email and beat the sh*t outta other players on line all day? I cant believe someone actually gets paid and paid well to play Quake II and answer Quake email. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Im gonna invent a hot new game with all sorts of sick graphics and options and call it monopoly!


Where should I start... how 'bout at the top? Sounds good.
I'm not sure what you mean with accessability... and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't 'fire up quakespy' and 'use gamespy' mean the same thing? To view your stats in Quake2, try pressing 'F1'.
The rocket launcher has been scaled down, but that is all in the name of weapon balance. Why complain? They gave you a hyperblaster, railgun and BFG, man! What more do you want?
Quake III will never come out, because it doesn't exist... Trinity, however, will exist, and will probably not come out till well over a year from now.
What's that? People are getting PAID for answering e-mail and playing online?! Who? Where? <G>

Quake II patches?
submitted by Scot Walker

I have been looking for the Quake II patches for about half an hour now through dozens of pages and I still can't find it. Can you point me in the right direction. You'd think software companies would put a link to their patches on their home page. Thanks!

Well, as a matter of fact, the patches are on id software's site... which incidentaly is not (we're not id). id software's site can be found at Happy hunting!

submitted by (<rool
ill be quick, i think your page is THE best i have ever seen, quick, decisive and informative, your page is the first thing i visit when i connect to the net, your news section is exceptional and your links well placed, keep up the incredible work , -(<rool

Thanks! BTW, what the hell kind of name is "(<rool"?! :)

ver 3.12
submitted by cesar
I was just wondering if i install the 3.12 ver for quake2 will i still be able to play on the servers that are still 3.10 because there isnt very many servers that have v3.12 yet.

No you won't, but by the time you've read this, nearly all the servers will be 3.12.

submitted by Odin
Something I would really like to see in the future is an integration of bots and mods. As my connection rarely lasts 30 min before crashing, bots are my only viable option for experiencing the joys of deathmatch. This is all fine and good until I come to your page (it is excellent by the way, very impressive) and see cool things like jailbreak and CTF. I feel like Ralphie from "the christmas story", lusting after the Red Rider BB gun in the window, while the quake gods tell me I'll poke my eye out. I'd do it myself, but I'm a psychology student, not a programmer. Won't someone help the lost souls who have been cursed with heinous ISP's?

For my rant, what is the deal everyone and their mother announcing to the community that they are working on a TC, when maybe 5% of them are ever actually completed? I don't know how many TC pages I've been to that have no storyline, no models, no skins, and no screenshots to show. Don't waste our time unless you are fairly close to being done, and even more preferably until you have a beta version.


Now THAT is a GOOD IDEA! We could use a CTF bot -- all of us, not just those with bad ISP's. Anyone out there up to the challenge?

clan links?
submitted by bam!bam!
maybe i missed it on your awesome site, but i couldn't find a link to a site with clan listings. otherwise, you have a great, timely site with something for everyone on the q2 scene. keep up the spectacular job!

Well, does anyone know of a good clan listing site that deserves a link?

submitted by harman munster
why do you say that if i am having a problem with quake2 to get ahold of my hardware manufacturer. if there are no software problems with quake2 then why the new patch every week? get bent

We're not id... and when someone says that if you have a problem to get ahold of your hardware manufacurer, then they are assuming it is a problem with the hardware. Most of the time it is (a video/sound card is not working properly). Plus, nobody EVER said there were no software problems with Quake2! No game is perfect!

Quake2 internet play
submitted by [GI]RaVeN
I haven't been keeping up with Quake 2 news for a while now, since my clan is strictly a NQ CTF clan. I was just wondering if there are servers for quake 2 that aren't so much like quakeworld but more like normal quake. Possibly quake 2 isn't ment to handle like quake 1 did, I don't keep up with quake 2 that much to know.

Just wondering if the way the quake 2 servers run will change or if its always gonna be like quakeworld

QuakeII has been built la Quakeworld from the ground up (that is a GOOD thing). There's no way to change that unless you would care to make a patch (it would be a lot of work, rewriting all of that multiplayer code...).

I know your not hosting but...
submitted by

I am maybe going to submit a application once you begin accepting applications again, and I have a few questions:

1. Is there any charge for your hosting?

2. Does an e-mail account come with it?

3. Do you have web page makers that are easy to use or would I have to know HTML ( I already know a little bit) and if I have to know html or somthing else would you provide tutorials?

4. Would I have to submit anything like my real name, address, phone number and other stuff like that?

5. It says you are using a Unix server, can I still use it even though I only have Windows 95?

6. Would I have to update my page regulary or update whenever I can?

7. I noticed that most of the catigories have been covered, could I possibly have a page that has some levels, some MODs and Patches. Mainly just a combo of Q2 stuff?

Thanks alot!!!,

I do not have definite answers to all of these, but I can answer most of them with a fair degree of certainty. Here goes:
1. No
2. If you need one.
3. Learn HTML yourself, there's tutorials splattered all over the net.
4. Maybe real name, but that's probably it.
5. Yeah, of course you can use it!
6. Whenever you have to.
7. Typically, combo pages are frowned upon unless they're REALLY REALLY good. Specializing is best.

Bug in Q2 Point Release?
submitted by Maagic
I noticed just awhile ago (much to my dismay) that unless you do the full 400 megabyte install, the deathmatch levels from the point release will refuse to load. I know the folks over at iD have 900 gagigabyte drives and 400 megs is nothing to them, but there are folks who are either low on space or just do not care to waste 400 megs on a game that will run on 25 megs. If there is any other way to load the DM levels, please let me know. I have tried the console also. It is telling me the levels just aren't there, but when I did the 400 meg install it worked fine. Thanks for your time.

Yup, as far as I know, that's a bug... with minimum install, Quake2 looks for the pak0.pak file (and also the pak1.pak file) on the CD, and doesn't even bother to check the hard drive. If you don't want to give up 400mb of space, the medium install works fine... just give up 220mb of space instead!

rocket arena 2 maps
submitted by Victor Cuadra
Where the hell can i get ra2rg1.bsp??? all these ra2 sites talk about it and i cant even find it to download... its pissing me off... especially cause i cant join this server cause i dont have the stupid map.. thanks

Try the official site (

Source for 3.12
submitted by Brendan Ragan
will ID release the source code for the current Q2 patch (3.12, the one with the new client obituaries and Deathmatch levels) as i have it installed and because of that i'll have to reconvert my patch code to take advantage of the new stuffs

Yep, John Cash said so in his .plan a while back to look for the source in a couple of days... they wouldn't leave all those patch and mod authors out in the cold! Look for it in a few days...

submitted by Ronnie Rivera
Have anyone reported any problems with the QuakeII 3.12 update? Everytime i load the quake II after the update, it gives me a "could not initiate" error And i can't do anything about it. I have a PII 300 with Monster 3D with all the updated drivers. I have DL the file from 2 different sources, and the same effect happens. Thanks in advance.

Download it again from a different source. Try installing again. Repeat. One of them is bound to work! :)

submitted by Datorz
Hey.. just wanna know if U guys have any of your own .wad files for quake 2. I want more textures =)

You've got enough textures! Aren't ALL of the ones used by id enough? <G>

And so ends my first mailbag. If I didn't post your question, I probably felt like it didn't deserve to be posted (i.e. it was a dumb question). In the future, technical questions will go straight to my trash can. I will try to post submissions which contain ONLY VALID OPINIONS. Read on for the guidlines...


The Mailbag deals with opinions, not specific questions. Also, I don't reply directly so you'll need to check The Bag each week. If I happen to grin at your submission you are free to send another. Use it to show I was wrong; if you don't send other logic arguments or facts I will grin a lot harder. Send them to

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