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Hello everyone,

This will be my final issue of the Bag as I resigned I'd like to apologise for this issue's delay as I had college, FAQs, game and level designing in my way and those are some of the reasons of my retirement of Another reason is a flood of specific questions that should be sent elsewhere and / or whose answers can be found in The Unofficial Quake II FAQ which I write and maintain. Quite frankly during the last ten Bags I've been in charge of and despite the three very clear guidelines below you continue to mail Bag irrelevant submissions and that is another reason why I'm leaving But don't feel responsible, you have a right to get Quake II running on your system but this was not the place. I don't know if the Bag will continue, this is up to Still, you deserve a dedicated page just to answer your questions but remember all of us who run Quake/II pages are here for the fun of it, it's the companies' job to provide that service. This issue is pretty big at over 200 mails. I hope your question got answered, if not you can probably find the answer in the FAQ. But remember, the Bag has always been about opinions not questions.

Richard "Sat" Connery, The Artist Formely known as "Satanic"


Here is the place where you can submit your personal views on Quake II, our community and this website. Before sending anything though read these three guidelines:

The Mailbag deals with opinions, not specific questions. Also, I don't reply directly so you'll need to check The Bag each week. If I happen to grin at your submission you are free to send another. Use it to show I was wrong; if you don't send other logic arguments or facts I will grin a lot harder. Send them to

February 6th, 1998
Last Issue: January 23th, 1998

Keep your opinions flowing... yeah right. Please note that due to lack of time I have not put your name and mail addy, not even the subject.

Hi, I have a quick question. Im using PakExplorer and I want to open Quake 2 Pak0 but it says "file access denied" am I doing something wrong?

Select the file, properties, disable the write protection.

If I have a PCX skin and I use it, can everyone else see it in MultiPlayer even if they dont have the PCX in their hard-drive? And If they can't what do they see?

Unless they dload your skin they'll see the standard skins.

When i was playing on the net, i got  the invulnerability thing and activated it.. Then when  the numbers were counting down some one shot me and i died...

Unlikely but what can I tell you? Unless you can reproduce it don't submit it as a bug. Life isn't perfect so why should games be?

Well my mom is trying to decide if she is gonna buy me it or not.  Right now im in Canada and i would like to know how much it costs in the U.S.  Well i know this is a waste of your time please give me the answer to my question

I live in Europe. Visit id Software or Activision.

i was wondering i search the web for days but haven't found what i was looking for can you please help me..( i know you will =) ) i wanna know cheat codes for Xmen the addon for quake 1 please it seems like no one knows.. please help out .. thanks

This is the kind of mail that made me retire. This is a Quake II page about opinions so why in hell did you ask me that?

Do you happen to know if you can make gestures with your characters in Quake 2?  I was told that certain key combinations would cause a person to be flipped off, of for the male character to grab his balls.  Any idea?

Bind these to your keys:

bind g "wave 0"
bind F5 "wave 1"
bind F6 "wave 2"
bind F7 "wave 3"
bind F8 "wave 4"

well you guys probably know a lot about quake2 maybe you can help me out? When I enter a server and the are playing a LM CTF game I only see the exact cinda males, no difference between them, I tried to ask there what to do, but the error massage can't find pick blalaala comes so rapidly I can't read anything, so If you know how to play a game of LM CTF, other ctf's work but LM doesn't what cind is it? please help me if you what it is? i've tried many people, BIG thanks!

The only CTF I played was LM. Why don't you mail Loki, it may be just me but I've got a feeling he might help you more than since HE WROTE IT.

Can I ask why you didn't really care about then ending of Quake 2.  Did you really like then ending where he escapes and just shoves his fist up.  I don't get the point

WE'RE NOT id SOFTWARE! WE DIDN'T MAKE QUAKE II! <g> The end, IMHO, is a disappointment ONLY because the actual game is very good so I was also expecting something better. But this cliffhanger allows for continuation in the Mission Packs.

I like the website, and I think it's a valuable source of information. I do have one suggestion/request, though: Please use a larger font! I have a difficult time reading your web page on my system, because the text is in a much smaller font than most web pages I access. I'd suggest making the font about 50%-100% larger.

In case you're wondering, I'm under 30, have normal vision when I'm wearing my glasses, and I have a 17" monitor. :-)

Thanks for listening!

I'm under 30, have a 17" monitor at 1024x768 and I find it normal. But still, a *real* explanation. If we made the font bigger it would be perfect for you and perhaps 800x600 users but WAY too big for anyone using 640x480.

First of all a good *woohoo* for THE BEST Quake2 site available.

OK, I have been around and seen all sorts of oddball info on TF2 but nothing concrete thus I was wondering if you guys know anything about TF2 or when it is to be released.

                                                                    A dedicated Quaker


Although, I find really good info and news about Q2 here, I find reading the text difficult.  The dark teal on black and gray on black is not reader friendly.  I mentioned this to Bloodshot awhile back.  I shouldn't have to adjust my settings to read your page.  My $0.02.

Well, if the world was perfect you didn't have to do all the things you hate doing and you would have more time to do the things that give you pleasure. You don't want to adjust your settings? Where did all this lazyness came from?

Dear idsoftware

I have recently purchased Quake II and find it spectacular.

I must congratulate you on the awesome graphics and superb music it must be the best soundtrack in a game I have ever heard. But in spite of that factors there is certain questions I have to ask you.

First of al in the advertisements of quake 2 , on the box and on the CD cover , right next to your health bar there is a picture of the pace of the player resembling the quake 1 man , but when I play there is only a little white box with a red cross in . How can I change the cross into the picture of the face?

Secondly , also on the box etc. you have 999 amo and doesn’t matter how much I try I can’t get that amount please tell me how but if it is a cheat I , I don’t want it .

Thirdly Quake 2 has nothing to do with number 1 , I mean in quake1 you where in the realm of quake and in to it is a whole new ballgame what I mean by that is that its on earth and your fighting some aliens called strogg . Hey it’s a great game but I think that you called it quake 2 only to parasite off quake 1’s popularity because a game with a new name would not sell as good as a known home name like quake is that true? And did you think of other names before landing at Quake 2?

Please answer my questions as soon as possible and send it to me I will appreciate it

Thanks for the great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your adoring fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. what is the release date of Daikata or what ever it is called!

We're not id Software!


id didn't make the soundtrack themselves. Sonic Mayhem did.

You can't, those pics are old.

Again, it's old code, both this and the above can still be found on the first Quake II demo.

READ THE FAQ! The reasons behind "the name of the game" being Quake II are all explained there.

I don't send replies.

We didn't make it.

Daikatana is being developed by Ion Storm not id Software.

Is there any sort of quake2 editor? Also is id software comming out with a quake wrold 2 for quake2?

Yes, visit LevelEd for a list of them all. Quake II already has some QW features like client prediction. The Point Release will feature even more notwork optimisations.


I am gettin a bit frustrated coz when I read your news page, I'm seeing terms and abbreviations and other confusing stuff like that that I haven't the faintest clue about. That seems the worst part of this whole quake thing.. every1 is cr*pping on about the latest developments regarding ??? but noone wants to tell me what ??? is.... What in the f*** is gamex86? anyhoo you should get the point by now, so 'haps if you could give me a few pointers or, hehe, point me to a few pointers (pathetic, I know). That would be well appreciated..

P.S. This is no freakin' prank comprendé?
P.S.S. freakin netscape communicator, took me about 20 mins to pull off that accented e. with alt-number combos. No insert symbol in this "Netscape Composer". Wish I had Office 97... anything else I can do about that? :)

gamex86.dll is where all the Quake II programming is stored and can be changed in mods. It's located on your quake2\baseq2\ directory.

I was wondering if anyone had a release date on the Official ID Add-on pack? Containing the CTF, New levels and fixing all the bugs (although I dont think there is as many as people think). Thanks I hope someone can answer that for me!

No, not that many. Just 150+. <g> No official deadline but should be pretty soon since it's already in testing.

i just have a rant about some of the quake2 bullshit going on out there.

first of all, you people are taking campers way too seriously.  we're getting to the point where if you stand in one place for more than half a second someone calls you a camper.  then EVERYBODY starts WHINING about it.  the only thing worse than a camper is the endless whining that follows discovering one.  yes, it is annoying to get killed by a camper, usually because they hit you when youre least prepared or least expecting it.  but it IS a legit strategy.  for wimps, but legit.  why
are we now even making mods (which are inevitably going to be abused) to help decamp the game?  if you dont like the fact that someone is camping, go kill them.  if you cant, then you suck and you should shut the hell up.

second, whats up with all the pussy server ops out there?  a friend of mine killed one of em and said 1 word... sweet.  the dude starts talking shit.  so this friend says, you talk like a bitch, you get slapped like a bitch.  the op says heres how i slap you like a bitch...  and kicks him off the server.  what kind of pussy is this guy?  doesnt have the skill or the wit to comeback from his spanking so he kicks him.  the same goes for campers.  why do all these lame ass pansys keep kicking campers?  because these pansy asses dont even have the skill to go kill a lousy camper.  little bitches have to try to save face by kicking theperson who made em look like a fool and just end up looking like an even bigger dickhead.

just shut the fuck up and kill people.

Amen or something. Actually ppl who run the servers are actually doing you a favour: giving you a place to kill ppl so they are in charge no matter how stupid and arrogant they may be. There's nothing you can do about it.

Regarding compers, I hate them too but like Brian says, it's legit and part of the game. Just go forth and blow their brains out with a railgun.

I would really like to get into making quake 2 mods but i don't know how ! i haven't seen any info on the subject that can help me. I am new to the quake area so i know nothing about modifing the original i also need to know what alot of the acronyms stand for (FOV, qool). i do know some basic C++ and have a compiler but those don't help much.

Visit Quake II DLLs right here on FOV is Field Of Vision, our human FOV is around 120 by 70 while in Quake/II it's 90/90. You can change it in the console byt typing:

fov 120

Qoole stands for Quake Object Oriented Level Editor.

i want to talk with about the greatest game ever QUAKE2 so let start to talk  about that  losers!  call me my fhone number is 09-8612672  ISRAEL  so i"m waiting!!!

I really wish someone would put Amit and all the rest of the lunatics out there in their proper place: mental institute.

Hi guys,

I just want to say that Quake 2 is a great game. I especially enjoy playing the network version, however when choosing the player setup for network play I noticed that there were no players of how should I say, a "colored" complexion. I was just curiuos as to why. Did it not cross your mind or did you not want to put any colored charcters in. Anyway I thought it would give the characters more depth which is what I think you were trying to achieve anyway.

OMIGOD, do games have to be politically correct now? As a matter of fact there are "coloured" characters there, just cycle through the skins. Not only did you fail to get your facts straight but you also shown that no matter how many times ppl say "it's just a game" someone has to come along and ruin the fun with politics.

Dear Quake2 people & whoever else this may concern,

I'm sorry but I have to say that you guys have done an incredible job on this web page! It's fantastic, the news is recent and you have a shit load of info each day, fuckin fabulos man. There is no need to reply to me, I just wanted you to know what a great job you're doing!

Thanks for the compliments.

Hey whats with the guy having a go at your name? (so called Dr. Stephen Chato).  whats wrong with having a cool devillish name? Just cos we have a name that makes us sound like raving satanists doesnt mean that we ARE.... doh! I'm linked off several other skins sites as '666' but people still keep coming...

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I like the mailbag, even though its been chock full of idiots moaning about their machine specs and how to do this..etc. hope to see some decent opinions up there soon!

Roger [666]
  Roger Bacon - Skin and Texture Designer    
  ICQ UIN-305721

Max: I Can't beleive you let her tattoo me while I was unconscious Sam..
Sam: It's actually better that you passed out, your high-pitched squealing was curling my eyebrows.

-Sam N Max - Freelance Police

Thanks for the support. Hehehe... Sam & Max lover myself.

Hey Satanic!  Great job with the mailbag, don't know how you could possibly have found the time to do all that, especially with all the hardware questions that no-one could expect you to know.   I can relate... you should see some of the mails I get.

A few questions last week went un-answered, I can help:

Somebody asked about a strategy guide.  I have something similar to that on my 'Enemies page' (for those of you who don't know me, I'm the editory of's items/weapons/enemies pages).  It is ONLY for single player, people send me in their personal strategies on how they tackle monsters, and I post them.  It's working pretty well, so check it out anyone who's having trouble with single player.

A few more people have asked for help on specific parts of the single player game, I've been getting quite a few mails on that myself ("Where is the service elevator in the mines" being the most popular one).  I have been contemplating making a walkthrough page... maybe one that would have a _simple_ guide to beating each level, but I don't know how long such a thing would take me.  In the mean time for anyone who's having trouble, there' s a nice walkthrough page on planetquake.

Someone else mentioned running into a big tank guy with treads, and wondered if it was left out of the manual by accident, and why he can't find any info on it too.  I have also been getting mails about things like this... Suffice to say it is a boss, and I will say NO MORE so as not to spoil it.  People have been asking me to post the bosses on the enemies page, but I do not want to spoil people's experiences (I asked the general public's opinion, and they agreed).

Also, I think that we need to get someone to make a 'Tech' questions page... something like this mailbag is (but shouldn't be) right now, a place where peope can send their own complaints as to why Quake2 won't work for them.  I for one am tired of getting tech mails, and Satanic, I can't imagine how you must feel...

Guess that's it.

(feel free to edit this for length....)


Thanks Paubo. See ppl? The defense rests...

okay satanic thanks for ripping me up about my caps lock and  shift keys the funny thing is   that i forgot to capitolize my last name HEHEE "is that ok "  allright   i like quake 2 that is after i found a monster 3d in my town couldn't and still cant get at pure 3d. After i played and beat it the thing to is deathmatch :SHIT: that isnt all taht man i dont hate it  I like it but i think quake is better especially gl quake first though quake is more laggy as i found out quake 2 has better ping and shit but the game play is like allmost luck to me any way i mean yeah the quake games are rocket arena most well all the time but if that isnt cool than why do people do it second  your fuckin hauling ass around a corner catching up to some puss with 4 percent health left and you get stuck in a little notch on the wall "mother fucker". then some fag shoots the bfg at the sky and you die "fuckin cool" you start over no back packs so you cant even try to get 100 rockets i dont know man i get the addicted feeling to quake  and with quake 2 i dont  im not dissing id software cause if they werent around then neither would first person shooters so you know i like them but fuck man why would you take a great game and make it all fucked up for deathmatch   that is the only reason quake is cool single sucks well if they dont fix the  im stuck on a notch thing that i quit and play diakatana or  even better UNREAL if there anygood.  who knows ill probably be stuck with quake  for a while maybe this notch thing will get fixed  and last your most beloved weapon is gay now "rocket launcer"  if you shoot the rocket launcher down a cliff and jump after it you can get hit by your own rocket launcher fucking gay  cause the thing is so damn slow i shot it at my grandma and she beat the fucker.   so i read all the stuff on why the "rocket launcer"slow so it wont be a rocket launcher camp site but that dosent make anything better  ive seen so many fags  throwing bombs at portals what the fuck is that then there are so many fuckers on one level that they get away  with it cant just say "oohhh fagboy is camping" and then everybody gang up on his ass rock him then even if they did you couldnt tell who he was caause everybody allways picks that one guy   "you know who im talking about  yeah that one guy"  no colors how are we supposed to be a clan. fuck no way i tried and i kept smashing my clan members now they think im a dick  it has the best graphics for any game out there so there is a plus  but deathmatch isnt good at all   here is my response to myself so you dont have to say shit <g>  dont play it

Er... the Point Release will probably fix teamplay. Guru Garzah is a frequent Mailbag submiter and I'll miss his opinions.

A previous letter asked if there was a "nightmare" mode in Quake2, and I was surprised when you said "no."  I hope you get a sheepish look now, because Q2 reported it themselves, in an old article from the Nightmare Speed Demons.  Just check their news page ( under "December 16."  They say you can set "skill 3" for nightmare mode.  It doesn't appear to respawn the monsters, but they supposedly are more aggressive

Sheepish look? I actually went to the last issue to confirm it. Yup I said "Not that I know of ;)" Notice the winking smiley... Now, are you new to the internet? Don't you know that ";)" means I'm kidding? I hope YOU get a sheepish look now Brian DICKMAN (true name)... <g> fr3ak1ng st0pid...

Btw, DICKMAN here has a nice clan, check it out:

+| Brian Dickman a.k.a. Kamikaze <> |=| Clan Cute   
+|      ***  Clan Cute - Member and server admin  ***    |=|    
+| "Are you Cute enough?"  <>  |=|    ^_^

Clan cute... hmm... Oh I see why you didn't understand my ";)", you prefer the horizontal ones "^_^"... yup, *cute*, *horizontal*...

Hey, you told a guy in the mailbag that there isn't a nightmare mode. While this is technically true (there is no mode called "nightmare" anymore) a lot of people don't seem to know that setting skill to 3 makes the game noticeably tougher- and the enemies smarter (I know skill levels weren't supposed to work that way, but this one does undeniably- the soldiers, for one, simultaneously duck and fire much more often) which is basically what they're asking for.

See the above reply. Frederick is right, I didn't say there was because "technically" there isn't a Nightmare mode.

first of all... CHANGE YOUR COPYRIGHT MESSAGE!!!  it's 13 days past the turn of the year for heaven's sake...

second... i wanna submit something to you guys... seems to me that a quake 2 secret list hasn't been posted yet... and i already have all the secrets (this is the first time i ever got all the secrets before anyone else babbled it out in front of me... so i'm real proud of it =)

I bet you actually turned upside down looking for a flaw just so you could tell the whole world you have found all the secrets. Get a life will ya?

I'm really sorry to bother you,   I am working on a mission pack for Quake 2, but one thing doesn't seem to work. I type quake2 -game unseen (unseen is the name of the mission pack by the way) and I only have a maps directory in unseen and one model. but Quake 2 is still looking in Baseq2 for the maps and other things.   How do I get a new mission pack to work, what files have I left out or what have I done wrong   Please help me as I need to send this away to Activision as soon as possible.   regards   Peter

Dear Peter, tell me the name of your mission so I DON'T buy it. With ppl like you behind it that don't know how to just run a mod I can't even begin to imagine how the pack will be. Btw, this is nothing personal...

The correct answer is in the FAQ so have a nice hunting...

Anyone else getting annoyed finding 'strogs' stuck to walls walking on the spot, it kinda destroys the atmosphere. Oh well so much for their higher IQ....

I agree and yes, I find it annoying.

First off, I hope this is a place for ranting and all that kinda stuff, cuz frankly i'm in the mood to yell at some lamers after reading that (5 page?!?!) mailbag. First off, I'm not gonna bug you about what id Software did or did not do in or to the game that would or would not have made it perfect. I've been hearing a LOT of people (including some on IRC) that constantly bug you and me about modem to modem gaming in Q2. Frankly I think modem to modem gaming sucks shit, it has from the
start of Quake and it still sucks today. I can see why id pulled it out of Q2 and made it TCP/IP anyways. (well i got myself a cable modem so i can't really do modem to modem anymore, but way back when i was on a 28.8, it sucked for me). About this crap with people on LANs that can't play Q2 multiplayer, don't complain to Satanic ;) (i'm speaking third person as usual), DON'T complain to id, COMPLAIN TO YOUR FUCKIN NETWORK ADMIN!!! w00, ok, that's over, hehe. Oh also, i heard about a Q2 command called gl_allow_software or something like that where you get emulated gl effects like colored lighting and all that (gl kicks major ass) in software mode. I'm not sure though...


Regarding GLQuake II with no 3D card, it was possible with the demo just by selecting Default OpenGL but it doesn't seem to work with the full version. Not even with SGI's latest Software OpenGL drivers.

I love Quake II. I love your site. I love iD. Basically, the day Quake II came out, time restarted.

People keep complaining about Quake II: "It's just more of the same, why can't they get original???" I frankly don't see the problem. Everybody knew Quake II would be "more of the same", only better. Even though it hasn't added anything radically new from Quake, it has better graphics, better sound, better levels and is more fun. My 2c is that people should stop complaining. Quake II is a great game, and even if it does have a few glitches, and might miss a few DM-specific levels, what's the big deal?

Aren't most people today connected to the internet? At least, everyone reading this is, so there's no problem. Quake II rules, and will continue to rule. I bought Quake II because I knew it was "more of the same". If iD said "We've radically changed the game", that would set me thinking twice about buying it. And people, stop whining... Come with concrete criticism, or shut up. "Quake II sucks" is not very helpful and only shows you're having a bad time, which you would probably have had without Quake II too, probably worse too.

Well, that concludes it for me. Keep up the excellent work on your site, and I know iD will keep up their excellent work on Quake II, and, dare I say it, Quake III or their next excellent game?

See? No questions that you should trouble yourself with?

Feel free to remove anything from this email to improve its chances to get in the mailbag section.

Happy Quaking.... Muahahahahaa.

Exactly, like I use to say "Like it, buy it".


Just thought i'd write and let you know that the Nightmare skill setting is still available in Quake II. You can activate it from the console using the same "skill 3" command. The F1 computer still says "hard" but the Strogg are noticeably tougher.

I mentioned this due to the letters i have read asking you if it still existed.

Oh boy, lotsa concerned ppl out there with me making mistakes. Read two similar submissions above.

HHMMM...  you think it stinks that you have to pay $25 a month to play Quake2 over the net?  Well uh, how the hell'd you send that message then? I looked at your email address:  AOL.  You are already paying for that service.  Local isp's might be a little more expensive (actually $5 less than you think per month) and they don't suck ass, as AOL does.  Do yourself a favor, and get a local isp.  You will thank me for it later.

Yup, right again Nosferatu. I'll miss you too.

answer is in the FAQ so have a nice hunting...

Another stupid letter I read in the mailbag:


QUAKE II, what they didn't tell us! No cooperative play. No modem/serial
support. So, for $50, you can play single player twice(before it gets
boring), or you can play mindless deathmatch for hours with no real goal,
no mission, no team effort...hmmm. Ok, that covers about a week's play.

One reason Doom, Doom2 and Quake were enjoyable for so long was the added
dimension of a partner to help get through the really tough levels without
dying. Ok, so maybe I'm a minority in the game world, but running around in
a room fragging each other endlessly seems pretty stupid (great plot
development there!).

I would like to point out one other small detail - Quake II is based on a
futuristic story of Marines fighting against greater numbers of the enemy
(Stroggs). Well, in the real Marine Corp, fighting soldiers are trained
continually to work as a unit - where is that same spirit of 'us against
the bad guys' in this game? Its more like the Crips capping one of the
Bloods in the Hood!

So I was just wondering, when is Id going to send me my $25 refund for the
half of the game I didn't get?


OK, where to start...

You say Quake2 multiplayer has no point to it, that it's just a bunch of mindless fragging.  I'm still searching for the point in that statement. The point in Quake2 multiplayer is to beat human opponents.  The goal in single player is to beat computer opponents.  Big damn difference.  They are both the same game, except your enemy is intelligent (most of the time, at least), which makes the game infinitely more fun.

Now, on to where you say "In the REAL marine corps..."  WOW, you say that with such pride.  Well, just as you said, Quake2 takes place in a FUTURISTIC setting.  It is also make believe.  It is NOT real.  Who gives a damn about realism?  I'd take fun over realism any time.

Well that's just about it...  oh, almost forgot!

Why are you bringing up all these gripes now?  The things you were complaining about in Quake2 are all in Quake2, except for the lack of cooperative play, which is coming soon via a patch.  So I guess you've got nothing to complain about anymore, right?  GOOD.


Hehehe... good 'ol Nosferatu. :) Hey, now that I'm leaving want the job? Mail me.

OK.,...after more than 10 hours worth of trying...I finally got the 3.10 patch.  This sucks!  I spent 40 bucks for a game and you expect the buyer to debug your programming.  Now that I have installed the 3.10 patch, each time that I go to options, and scroll down over the sound selection, number 4 from the top, my system completely locks up.

First, I received a message saying that it would take a minute and be patient, well I waited about 10 minutes, and it stayed locked up.  I had to shut down my computer & restart it.  I can't even play the damn game now, because each time that I choose game, it thinks I mean to connect to the internet.  I think you released this game before all of the bugs were worked out, and provided little instruction for us NON PROGRAMMERS.

I am not some idiot, I have 2 masters degrees and am an Engineer at Ford Motor Company.  I am really fired up over this, I spent 40 bucks, about 20 hours and am left w/ nothing.  I hope this letter gets forwarded to John Carmack, I have enjoyed previous games and have a lot of engineer friends at Ford (320,000 employees) who are going to love to hear about my problems with Quake 2.  As a matter of fact, those friends that I have made while playing Quake warned me about Quake 2.  I figured that they just didn't give it a chance.  Oh, by the way, by now you are probably wondering about my "system" not having enough memory, or something,....well I have a pentium 200 MMX w/ 64 meg of ram and 4.3 Gig of hard drive space.  Please respond w/ your comments on my situation. I'd like to hear that my e-mail got to the right levels at your company.  Thanks.

We're not id... <g>

AM I MISSING SOMETHING! i thought for sure some time last year john carmack had stated the id software themselves would be doing (the mission pack or a mission pack). this would be a little let down if they didnt. who would be a better choice to do the mission other than the people who created the game in the first this would be history in the making id will finally make an expansion pack for one of its games.SEMPER FI SPACE MARINES.JLEVINE465

They are doing a mission pack, just not the 1st one... "semper fi space marines"? Where did you get that from? "Space, above & beyond"? Gezz...

I've heard that Quake 2 doesn't support MMX, is that true? If it is, I think you guys should sit down and make a Quake2 MMX update!

// The CyberDemon


Enjoyed blasting you to bits in Doom.

Occasionally when various peoples talk about Quake II, a reference is made to "Trinity".

Perhaps its the next big thing, perhaps not... What is it?

READ THE FAQ! I write The Unofficial Trinity FAQ as well so good hunting...

I have been playing Quake2 DM for the last several weeks, and have had many people ask me just what my nickname means.  I tell them I don't really use the mouse to play, and they can't believe it (especially since I am almost always near or at the top of the frag heap.)  I never got the chance to play Quake1 DM, so I have never really practiced using the mouse to play.  I got my start playing Doom and Doom2 with the keyboard.

I first read about using the mouse in a Magazine article a few months back when one of them interviewed Thresh, and they asked him if the best players only used the mouse now (the reason behind my nickname.)

Does everyone rely on the mouse now?  I would like to know the rough estimates on who relies primarily on the mouse, and who still mainly uses the keyboard.  I will admit that once I heard about mouse aiming, I tried it out, and the aiming capabilities are more smooth and precise-- it's just that old habits are hard to break, and I can still frag with the best of them.  I even tell my friends that are just getting into Quake2, to use the mouse.  About the only time I use the mouse is when the only weapon I have is the rail gun and I am in 'sniper mode'.  It is such a precise weapon that it is not worth running around with it in the middle of a lot of action (it is more of a sniper weapon anyway.)

It would be nice to see some sort of survey on the percentage of mouse vs keyboard players out there, and the pro's and con's of each.  For example:  one pro-point, I will say that I can maneuver A LOT better with the keyboard, therefore I am harder to hit, and can navigate the rooms and hallways better.  For one con-point, I will say that I cannot aim as smoothly/ quickly with the more precise weapons without the mouse.  I would be interested in other's opinions and feedback.

Like all good things, the mouse in 3D games takes a while to get used to but in the end it's the natural solution. I aim better with the mouse and navigate better with the mouse, how's that?

I have been reading some of the discussions on various web-sites about camping and the decamper patch, etc. etc.  In my opinion, camping is part of the game, and it is part of human nature to take an 'easy' shot like this at the competition.  Sure it pisses people off, me too for several seconds--but then it gives me the urge to go find them and waste them good.  Rooting out a camper is fun!

I don't care if they take me out a couple times getting them, it adds to the challenge.  Some weapons encourage camping--I will name the rail gun as the best example--it seems as if id probably designed it as a sniper weapon, and that encourages camping in my opinion.

To relate the game to real close quarters combat (we really are only playing a game remember), I am sure that if your life were at stake, you would take out the enemy any way possible, with the least chance of taking damage yourself.  Camping is a form of this part of human nature applied to the game, and it will only continue.

Being near or at the top of the frag list when I play, I have found that I am accused of being a camper quite a bit, when in fact, I know that I do not camp very often.  It might seem that way when I am trying to collect more ammo, such as rockets.  I sometimes will wait for them to reappear, not wanting to run out and engage with only 5 rockets on hand, for example.  I notice that the better players are more often accused of camping or cheating, etc. (lots of whiners?), and potential misuse of patches such as decamper might occur.

It sure is great to see people quit fighting each other and come after you in groups though, hehehe  (Quake2 DM would be a great place for psychologists to hang out and study human interaction.....)

Exactly, in real life you'd want to cover your ass as much as possible. Regarding studing human behaviour through Quake DM. Hmm... I bet we'd all be charged for "Agressive bahaviour" and "Menace to Society".

Hey, one more thing...can anyone there tell me where the word " gib " comes from ??? My Websters© won't say. - comes from Gibblets... then I think I get it =)

Take care everyone.And Most Happy Frags.

Clever boy, yes it does come from Gibblets.

I have no idea why this is "are we dead" crap ur site RULES!!!!I visit whenver I am online sure enuff u havent had too many news updates but it still rcoks!!! I wish my site was hosted ya know Im just making one..its on TC's and stuff??would u host it after u take a look???BUT I DO LOVE THIS SITE

Hosting is on stalled right now. And you should mail about these kind of things (after resumes hosting new sites).

My friends have downloaded the full version of quake off the net, where can i get it?

If you have any commercial game without paying for it you broke the law. I hope that's clear.


Quake2 runs great on my intel200MMX processor. I have been considering buying an additional motherboard and processor for an existing old PC that I have.  Given all things being equal (RAM, video card, etc).  Will the Cyrix 6x86 MMX run Quake2 at a similar speed?

According to your FAQ the old Cyrix had some trouble running quake and Quake2 but I was curious if this new processor was better.


No. Stick with Intel.

Hey there!

You know, I've been pondering the idea of purchasing those H3D glasses for about 2 weeks, but it's hard to make up my mind if they're really worth it considering they are so new that no one has either heard of them or reviewed them yet. I asked my close bus Saam if he had heard anything, but he said he should be getting some to review very soon. I was wondering if you knew. I'm not a hardware guy myself, I could hardly get my Pure3d in, I finally got it in after a hour because I flipped out and shoved it in.. that wasn't my fault though, the directions said "Do not shove the card in, it should just slide right in" but it sure didn't. :P But what is this Stereoscopic? Are the glasses that much ahead of their competition, or is it like the rest. I'm not sure if I'd buy it if it was the computer screen close to my face instead of totally immersive. I've checked the H3D pages and email but nothing gives me the information I need.. I thought someone over at would know. Thanks!

No one here has H3D glasses.

Fix your fonts and font colors.

At 1200 x 800 the whole thing is pretty much an un-readable mess. i have to highlight ALL of the text just to see it

At "1200x800"? WTF?

Good job ID Software, that is for releasing Quake 2 way too early.  I really enjoy all the bugs in the game.

The best part of all, is the way they develop the new patches.  How they don't work with the SAVEGAMES you already have.  I'm pretty sick of starting over from scratch!  What the fuck ID?

ID SOFTWARE needs to take some lessons from LUCASARTS.  Jedi Knight, now that's a game!  LUCASARTS tested the hell out of Jedi Knight before they released it. And it shows too, it's still at the original version!

I'm gonna think twice about running out and buying Quake 3 when it comes out.


First of all, we're not id Software. Secondly, don't want to lose your savegames then finish the game before patching it. This kind of situation is not new (actually, something like five years old).

But, if you don't buy "Quake 3" (You know something I don't? :) then well, what do you want me to do? Beg for you to buy it so I can give you a royal kick in the nads in DM? Asshole!!!!! (btw, stop using so many "!"s, think of the environment)

Btw2, this guy's name is "Duke Nukem", I could see it coming even before reading the mail. I really like DN3D (at least the second episode) but are we really going to come to the children's "My game is better than your game" stunt? Asshole - part II!!!!!

Hey I realize that you won't this but I have to tell you a few things.

I have monitered the Unreal MMboard until it got shutdown by a so called Artie Shindlemin.  And the things I have heard about Quake2 on that board were just down right rotten.  I think this really unfair, the Unreal board they really bad mouthed Quake 2 and I feel it is one of the greatest games ever made, ( the graphics, the lighting is just amazing).  And then Id adds monster shadows soon too come and Unreal board people say "so what its only glquake".  This is really unfair I'm glad that, that board got shut down because I'm sure there are a lot of upset people out there about these happenings.  I do not condone what Artie Shindlemin did if this be his name but, I must say it was most deserved by Epic, the Poiwer VR card supported by Mark Rein is inferior to the Voodoo cards lets face it!  So any of you reading this don't listen to the bad talk posted on the Unreal boards about Quake 2, this is by far the most ground breaking game ever.  You can't prove what you got with screen shots and lets understand that! And you know what game I'm talking about!

I don't usually comment on unreleased games, I write the Trinity FAQ but whenever someones comes up to me and says Trinity is crap I just say: "You're entitled to an opinion. Mine is that it will rock but when it's released we'll see". The same applies to Unreal. I've been an Unreal followers up to March 97 when they delayed, one more time, the game.

I think if some Unreal ppl would just play Quake II with an open mind they would see a great game. Eventually when Unreal is out they could compare the two but, really, doing it now is both childish and stupid and falls in the "my game is better than your game" thingie.

Quake II has it's flaws but so will Unreal. Once its out you we'll see, even though Unreal will be released (add your guess here) months after Quake II.

Hi, I sent this email to one of your collegues (also to Carmack himself) but nobody seems interested.  I think it's a great idea (not just becuase I thought of it) because it really lets some bright people apply themselves in something they really like.

Hope you post it, thanks,

Craig. "Judge/Fubar" Tataryn

P.S. A quake character named "Satanic" shouldn't bother anyone, I mean the object of the game is to kill as many others as possible, in the worste ways possible. Quite a fitting name if you ask me.

Hi, I am interested in developing a BOT with a friend of mine, we are both former AI students, your platform gives us a chance to focus directly on the AI aspect of character development.  Because users demand performance it also pushes us to develop an intelligent character which can decide for itself in a finite amount of time.

I was wondering if id (or a third party that you would recommend) would like to host a BOT-WARS type of tournament, reminiscent of the MIT ROBOT WARS (I believe that it is MIT who hosts it).

People like myself would develop a bot, submit it to the tournament coordinator, and a panel of judges would drop the bots into Quake ][ and see who survives the longest.

This is how I invision the structure of the games:

BOT VS. Monsters
Bots would be dropped into Quake II with monsters, if it can complete the level without being killed it wins (if it dies, a score can be calculated from the amount of health, armor, and weapons it accumulated as well as the amount of kills it had.

A round robin tournament of submitted bots fighting each other (on a standard map and a non-standard (never seen before) map)

Collect teams of bots, those bots which kill their opponents but avoid killing their team mates would win.

How well does it do against some elected Quake ][ guru?

BOT Turing Test
How well does the Bot fool a human player into thinking it is also a human player.  This would involve a series of matches where the Quake ][ guru would play against a bot and a human.  At the end of each round the guru would be asked whether or not they thought they were playing a bot or a human.  The bot which can fool the human player the most would win this round.

I got some more ideas, hope this appeals to you.  I would suggest giving the competitors a good chunk of time to complete their bots (9mons-1year?).  As charge them some nominal fee for registering their bot, just so you don't get flakes applying.

Let me know...

Craig "Judge/Fubar" Tataryn

End BOTWARS Trascript

Let me know if you guys are interested....

If anyone is interested mail

I am an avid fan of the team fortress for Quake, but what I felt it and the Multiplayer of Quake itself was missing are laser trip mines, like those in Duke Nukem.  I feel they would increase the gameplay value so much more.

Never played TF but standard DM could use laser trip mines. I liked those in DN3D.

If you go into the \quake2\docs\quake2_manual\images directory, there are pics of some items which to do not seem to exist:  Invisibility suit, goggles, scope, and I think a few others.  Anyone know what the hell these are for?

This info is in the FAQ.

a couple days ago, you guys said this---The info. about the Juggernaut Quake2 TC being bundled with Quake2 is false. People who buy Quake2 recieve the product for free, while those of you who already own it get it for around $20. Sorry for any confusion.---what the heck does that mean? if you already bought quake 2 have to pay for it, but if you buy quake2 now you get it for free? what the heck?

Disclaimer: This is a personally opinion, even more than the rest of the mailbag.

Don't buy Juggernaut. They've explored a legal loophole in id's copyright and now their TC uses id material without paying anything. Like with Actura Software I think we should have a Screw Headgames / Juggernaut button.

Hi !

I've been browsing your mailbag stuff, and found at least one person who was asking about the ATI 3D Xpression + RAGE II cards, wondering about Open GL support. This is from the ATI Top FAQ's.

"3D RAGE II/II+ OpenGL for Win95.
OpenGL support for Win95 is NOT currently available for ATI 3D RAGE
II+/3D RAGE II products.  ATI has no plans at present to make any future
3D Rage Pro Windows 95 OpenGL driver downward compatible for 3D RAGE
II+/3D RAGE II products."

Before everyone gets too upset and gives up, I would encourage interested parties to E-Mail ATI to encourage them to re-consider. They can do it, and perhaps by popular demand they will.

See? Check your companies' website and you might find some information about your problem. Thanks to Simon Jones for the heads up.

I run over quake 2 yesterday, hard difficulty, I found the secret place where there are pictures of id's members.  But I am a little disapointed about the end!  The ending movie is too short and just mark THE END on the screen is cheap.  Is there a secret end? if you finish the game when you have found every secrets and secrets level, is the end different?

Is there plan to Co-op multiplayer play?

No. No. Yes.


Got to your site cos I couldn't find teh ID site. (yeah, the French site... Merde!)

Anyway, since I was looking for the patch, I typed in and ok, so you have loads of info, but nothing that even remotely looks like it points to a Quake2 patch. Now either I'm blind, or I need a lateral thinking course to recognise your link, Or you don't think it's important...? Anyway, I eventually found it on another site which had it listed under essential files.

Sorry to dis your site, but I just couldn't see it.


Oriental Hero

No, no lateral thinking. You had a question right? "Where can I find the latest patch?". Why didn't you click on the FAQ link?

hey there are alot of people bitching about quake 2 not being that great whats up with that i love it dam it !!

They have a right to say they don't like it just like you have a right to say you do.

When I want to cheat it says you must add +set cheats 1 in the server. What does this mean and where do I type it?

I recently downloaded the Flamer patch for Quake2 and it says to add a line in the quake2 autoexec.cfg file but as far as I can tell no such file exists! HELP!

Firstly, don't cheat while playing DM.

Secondly, if you don't have the file CREATE IT! Go to Dos Edit and type that line and save the file as "autoexec.cfg" in the addon directory.

Someone mentioned animated weapon .gif's and how they really impressed him... you thought he was talking about the 3D models.  Well, go to the game-info weapons section on our very own page, and check out the hand grenade.  Pretty cool, no?  I made it myself.

Paubo, game info maintainer guy

Well, I checked and he didn't say what he was talking about. =)

Here's some new ideas for Quake (2) mods:

Greased Marine Chase:
You have two (or more teams) who have to force one lone unit into a specific area.  Each team has a different area to head him into. The "greased marine" doesn't have to do anything, but he will probably want to stay alive.  If possible, it would be interesting if he didn't know where the "goals" were. Gameplay would almost be strategic. (one unit to frag the "ball" if he gets to close to the enemy's goal, one or two to frag the enemies, and the rest to heard him towards the goal) And best of all, psychos could just run rampant and frag whatever moves!

Turn the gravety down real low (10 or so, as of Quake standards), and try to blow the other player(s) into a bowl of Lava with well placed grenade blasts!

Do the same as with basketball, only give the bowl a horazontal entrance, and use rockets!

"Moon" Ball:
I don't know if Q2 physics will allow this, but, turn the gravety to 0, and try to force the other player(s) into a carefully placed pool of lava on the ceiling!

Weak hit:
See who can cause the most damage to the other player(s) without killing them!  (aww, you win again...)

If you have any additions, I would love to hear about them (as long as they have some differance from a regular fragfest, you know, lowgravity, or something)

(sorry, was bored)

You're forgiven. Interested? Mail

Just thought I'd tell you your website is totally cool, and I love the comments you put after letters in the mailbag.  Keep up the good work guys!


I really need your help. My friend ran a quake 2 deathmatch against me on his t1 network and had it set up as a listen server. I called into his network via modem at 24000 bps using an ip address he supplied. He destroyed me and I consider myself an excellent quake 2 player. He told me I was an idiot for thinking I had an advantage. Does he really have that much of an advantage over me? I really hope you can settle this for me. Thanks so much.

He was on a T1 and you on a 24kbps modem? Are you INSANE? The recommended minimum is a 28.8 modem! Next time you play, press F1 to see the difference in ping, he has 0 and you have like 200? Any ping difference greater than 50 is an advantage IMO.

There should be something to stop you going invunerable at the end of Q2. Its just too easy.

Nothing has scared me more than the Cyberdemon on Doom's the Shores of Hell. No BFG, no invunerability. The only boss that has come close since was the Icon of Sin, but the threat comes from the monsters rather than the boss itself.

I want a boss that leaves me shaking and mumbling incoherently after he's finally dead.

ps. Quake II is bloody exellent.

Hey, want a challenge? Don't use them! I know the cheats for most the games I have but that doesn't mean I use them! This is the same thing! If you think invulnerability is way too powerfull don't use it! <g>

Just got done readin the mailbag for the 16th.  When u told the dude adrenaline were's off!  HAHA.  That's d00m man.  And when u said even carmack couldn't make there monitor blow up!  That's a virus(cataclysm) and some punk kids made it!  But actualy it just speeds up the hard drive till it starts on fire!  love the mailbag and the site!  Rock on:)

Q11, ehhehe... I just like Doom so much that sometimes it slips into current talk. =)

Regarding the virus, that still isn't a "monitor blowing up" virus but a "Hard-drive blowing up" one. ;)

Please help me with the simple question. I have a cable modem. I know that cable modems dont upload as fast as they download. Wouldn't that effect a players ping, if I were running a Quake2 server? Thanks ALOT,

P.S. If the answer is yes, Does it effect me when I play on-line?

No matter how big the difference between dload and uload is it's still much faster than a modem so go forth and kick some ass.

I have heard a lot about Total Conversions, but I am not really sure what they are.  Are they mods with new weapons, models, etc.?

It's when someone converts a theme/universe into the (insert name of game here) engine.



Dear Quake2 Dudes,

I'm a Voodoo Rush card owner with a "non-Voodoo card havin" buddy. He's got an ATI Rage Pro card, and he's having trouble runnning his Wing Commander Prophecy game in Direct3d. I know what you're thinking, ...So what's that got to do with right???

Well, to paraphrase Carrie Fisher. "Help me,'re my only hope!" I've been from one end of this Internet to the other and haven't found anything on that! I know you guys deal with Q2 stuff, but any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanx, Doc_Sluggo

Did you know Clinton is in fact bald? "I know what you're thinking, ...So what's that got to do with your question right???"

Well, to paraphrase Hamlet "To kick your ass or not kick your ass, that is NO question. KICK YOUR ASS EVERYTIME!"



I have a question about a certain problem i'm having with my Quake2. When I try to play on a server, 9 out of 10 times my system will freeze up tight as a drum,while it is logging on and sending the map and weapons info.

My question is, Why? and What can i do to stop it from hapening?

Er... that's two questions homey and I don't know the answer to either one since you hardly give me any info at all. Besides this is an opinion page.



Yes. <sigh>

Where do I find Quake2 Rocket Arena for download? Thanks

Gee, I don't know... perhaps in the Rocket Arena website? And I don't know the URL because I hardly play Quake II - addons with all these questions that need answering.

it's been almost 2 months and you still haven't answered my question. when is the second demo for quake II coming out????

It's been almost two months and you still haven't gotten through your thick skull of yours my answer: read the FAQ!!!!

I'm trying to find somewhere to play Quake2 on the internet. I've used just about every site number there is included with the manuals and some off the net but I just can't play anywhere. Could somebody please tell me what I might be doing wrong? I bought the game and I want to play in a deathmatch somwhere. How can I accomplish this?

Please walk me through,



I don't know about everyone out there but I will speak for my self here I guess.  I have a crappy S3 ViRGE card, but I am not here about that. I read somewhere that Half-Life will include software rendered colored lighting, maybe I read it wrong but I am sure thats what it said in my Computer Gaming Monthly last month.  What I don't understand is why didn't id at least try to make an effort for rendered lighting.

Right now I am left high and dry.  I do however havea Pentium2 266 with 64 ram so I do get pretty much solid frame rates at 512*what ever.  I see all the screen shots in GL and wonder if it makes that game creepier because in Software rendering it looks like a normal base everywhere you go, nothing odd.  I will be retefiving this problem when I get a Voodoo2 when it debuts.

But from what I can tell, not everyone has a GL supported card and that maybe id should have reconized that not everyone will have it, which they probably did.  But I would still have liked to see some colored lighting in software if it wasn't to much to do. Oviuosly GL was intended for Quake2,   (QE needed GL to render correctly until QERadient came out).  If id designers might have kept that idea that people that didn't have accelartors might be a little upset with releativly poor software rendering.

So far I still think that Quake1 has superoiur lighting in software because it was designed better for all types of lighting situations because it was only black and white
(EXPECT FOR OUTDOORS  - OUCH). But still the game rocks no matter what you have.  It still can't be touched with any other game out there in software mode and that I am still very impressed with the graphics.  And one question,  when people have GL mode on in Quake2 does it make for better framerates or is it
cripppling the system load or something?   Just curious so I know what to expect when I get my Voodoo2 card in March or when ever they come out!

Half-life will not have the same minimum requirements as Quake II. I'd like to see HL run in a P90. Quake II runs slow on that let alone HL. It's the same thing! You curse id for not putting a software gl mode so they left you in the cold. But you say it's alright to leave P100 owners in the cold. See how complex this whole thing is?

Quake I has superior lighting? Are you on medication? You may say the SHADOWS in Quake I are more _dramatic_ but in Quake II they're more realistic and technically superior. The dramatic shadows in Quake I are due to the old technology of the light engine.

Im interested in using a Q2 level editor. I was wondering, in your opinion, what the best editor is. I want something that is easy to set up and versatile. I have seen something in the stores called Deathmatch Maker, and QE4(I comes in a book) Are these any good? or are there free ones on the net that are just as good? Thanks


Personally I use a combination of Worldcraft v1.5b and QERadiant (thanks for a great editor Robert!). WC v1.6 will have Quake II suport but you'll need to pay for it which is a RIGHTEOUS INJUSTICE! They keep giving us little candies and when it's time for the prime dish (i.e. Quake II support) they cut our juice. Everybody who uses WC should just "SAY NO!" =) Like I did. QERadiant is great and it's free.

Dear Quake,

The co-operative Quake mode is more fun than any other computer game period.

The co-operative mode is the future of adult fantasy entertainment, and quake is the most thrilling setting imaginable!

Please, please do a co-operative mode quake2

Please, please, please do a co-operative mode quake2

Thanks for the experience,

Fellow dreamer.

"Dear Quake,"?

Coop is coming, hold your panties. If you'd read the FAQ, you didn't need to mail me this. <g>

I have a big problem with playing in my own maps that I created with quark when I go to the console and type map <the name of my map> it says:


I hope you'll help me I've join the map thanks alot

                                    a little frenchy


1. You didn't ask me.
2. You didn't zip it.


Just a note to say thanks and congratulations on a very informative site. I am a new QuakeII user and am also new to the net and learning as much as a 44yr old can LOL.

Your FAQ page has been invaluable in my learning curve, now maybe I can stay in the game more than 5 secs @ a time before I am smashed.

Once again thank you for your efforts and information, keep up the good work.

Regards from downunder.


PS. If you see me in a deathmatch please take pity.

I'm glad the FAQ could help. Thanks.

A quick question:

Is full install much better than normal installation, especially for multiplayer.  Also, is CD much worse than normal. I have a 8x CD-rom 166 Pentium with 48MB and am somewhat low on hard drive space, but would make more if it is worth it.  Also, can I allocate more ram to Q2. Thankyou for your time and help.

P.S. Your site is set-up very well and has a high overall quality.

Hard-drive always better than CD. Normal is highly recommended for multiplayer. You could get away with minimum for single player though.

When I'm playing Quake 2, I'll have problems where the game freezes for a second, then it goes back to normal. I also have sound problems when I play, but that's only when I play Quake 2, all my other games sounds are fine. Is this caused by not having a 3dfx card or a faster CD-Rom drive?

Quick freezes are normal. More memory helps. Dload the latest patch (v3.10) to get optimal sound.

I've got a problem.  I play Quake and Quake II alot, as well as other games and I want to be able to do more with them, however, my computer will not open .zip files.  I don't know where, and I have spent a lot of time looking, the Program.exe that I need to open these files exists.  I would appreciate help with where I can download what I need to open these files, or what I can fix in my machine to open them.  Thank you for your time.

<sigh>. Winzip.

OK, sorry if this is the wrong address to send this to but I have a question.

The Quake2 theme is written by Rob Zombie. Is the Rob Zombie as in White Zombie?

again, sorry if this is wrong address.

Read the FAQ and it will all become clear.

I don't have a 3Dfx card, I want to get a really good 3D fx card, but I don't want to spend alot of $$$. So what  would an ideal 3Dfx card to get?

Canopus Pure 3D or wait for the new Voodoo 2 cards.

err, sorry for mailing you but i'm getting odd timedemo results on a PII-333 under win98 of 20 fps on a std 3dfx card.  This is beta 3 of win98 - have you had any other performance queries with win98.

BTW it was faster by 3fps on beta 2.1 - at this rate we will have very low fps by the time win98 is released <grin>

oh well hope you can put any comments in the FAQ

Sorry, explain something to me: why didn't you mail me instead of sending this to the mailbag?

Hey guys, I am a strict Mac user and I was wondering if you knew when Quake 2 is coming out for Macintosh. Do you guys know?

I heard the FAQ has some info on this. <g>

Oh I can't stand it.  Quake 2.. the best game in history with a computer AI as intelligent as jello.  Come on, this is pathetic.  When is the gaming community going to realize people will dive at the chance to have a more challenging opponent than greater graphics.  Pong would still be an interesting game if they just figured out how to emulate a human player better.  But now, 15 some odd years later, with all the advanced programming languages and technology we have, people are still coming up with computer controlled monsters that act like the Goomba's in Super Mario Bros.

Is it that difficult to come up with relatively intelligent monsters?  "Well the Quake 2 monters duck and have cool death scenes!" you shout in protest.  Gee, that must have taken id so long to program, and so much thought goes into making a monsters head blow off and then having him fire into a random direction.  "Well what the hell do you want then Father Bohab?"  You're probably asking yourself by now.  I want a monster that doesn't just aim a gun and fire.  I want a monster that stalks me from the minute I hit the board. That sets up ambushes with other monsters and waits patiently untill I fall into it's trap.  I want a monster that can pick up weapons and fire em right back at me.  And when I respawn on a level, I want that monster to take my own weapon and frag me with it.  I want a monster that knows when to run for health, decides when to run for reinforcements, and a monster that can yell out insults in it's own deformed language!  In short, I want a monster that's gonna kick my ass all the way to hell and back.

Sound like too much?  Apparently most bot makers can make such artificial intelligence in a matter of weeks.  And their not even full time employed to do it!  So, my fellow Romans and countrymen, are you going to stand for these pathetic excuses for opponents?  Or are we going to band together and demand that the next game that hit's the streets requires you to use more than 2 braincells when you play the game?


i have a new model of kenny, that i got from the q2 body shop...i think...but anyway if you cant wait i can send you it :)

Look, I'm from Europe. We don't (as far as I know) have South Park here.


ich kriege bei Quake2 mein joypad nicht zum Laufen. Ich habe folgende Dinge versucht.

1. Ich habe Patch 3,1 installiert. Jetzt steht zwar USE JOYSTICK yes,aber nichts geht.

2.Ich habe in "baseq2" "config cfg" bei der Zeile JOYSTICK "0" eine "1" hingeschrieben aber es hat sich nichts getan.

3.Ich habe beim Befehl "GO TO CONSOLE" in_Joystick 1 eingegeben und es ist wieder nichts passiert... Was soll ich tun???Bitte,bitte helt mir!!!


I asked that same question myself when I read this. <g>

Update the mailbag!  It hasn't been updated for weeks.  I actually look forward to reading this page!! Thanks,

Concerned user of

I wasn't going to do this last issue but after reading this mail I kinda thought "What da hell...".

hi gentlemen, im not the most adept person on planet earth at finding info but could you put a "patches" area on the front page i looked for 2 weeks on the net and came up dry finally i read your faq and found a tiny reference to them in it , since i havent been able to get on any of my normal servers "because they were running 3.10 " ive been out in the cold. i would say im not alone it would be appreciated thanx, Tim

Tiny reference? What did you want? A forty page font sized link? The current link is all you need.

I am extremely aggrivated at the fact that the last Eraser bot (or the virus in it) rendered my computer absolutely inoperable, but I do not hold grudges and I'm glad that you finally put a warning sign up.  The only thing that matters to me now is, DO YOU HAVE A FIX?? Or something that would help me out like the eraser bot team's e-mail addresses??? Thank you very much, I love your web page.

Don't know the problem apart from what I read in the news. If your virus removal proggie doesn't work perhaps it is time to get another one. duh

I have a pentium 120,with 16megs of Ram,enough memory to install the game.But when I play,I can only have 200/320 resolution,the game is a bit slow,sometimes the music jumps.And I have an 8x CD drive. And the problem is not in the game,my friend tried it on his computer and it worked REALLY good.So my question is,what should I add to my computer to give Quake2 the best performances.I don't mind about the price. answer me please.

(oh,and is there something that can add Mhz to my computer?)

from...someone who would really want to play Quake2 with great graphics.

Get a 3DFX based card or wait for the next big thing from 3DFX: the voodoo 2 based cards.

And that concludes my last mailbag. Again, if your question remained unanswered I'm sorry.

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