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Hello everyone,

Big issue this week with two pages because I wanted to completely clean up my mailbox. A lot of mails went answered since they were specific questions but at least I used them to enhance the FAQ section of the er... The Unofficial Quake II FAQ which is now at v1.4. I _strongly_ recommend you read it before submiting anything to The Bag.


Here is the place where you can submit your personal views on Quake II, our community and this website. Before sending anything though read these three guidelines:

The Mailbag deals with opinions, not specific questions. Also, I don't reply directly so you'll need to check The Bag each week. If I happen to grin at your submission you are free to send another. Use it to show I was wrong; if you don't send other logic arguments or facts I will grin a lot harder. Send them to

January 23th, 1998
Last Issue: January 16th, 1998

Keep your opinions flowing...

From: Bill Goodwin
Subject: hello

quake2 is cool...............................................................

Hmm... do you mind throwing a few more arguments along with that?

Subject: COOP QUAKE2


I have not played Quake2 registered yet. (Slipgate said the second demo would be out "after the point release". Is that supposed to mean that there is a demo2 release date I am unaware of? Or is id ((yes, I didn't say ID, I know that ID is wrong)) late in releasing it? ((If the "point release" was Dec.9'th.)) ) But I wanted to talk about something I did back in the Doom2 days. (I loved that game. But, then again, I would have hated it if I had registered Doom1.) I used to play multiplayer games with my friend at night. (One time we played from 6pm to 3am coop. Talk about game play value) We had gotten tired of DM, and tired of the tedious task of finding keys, and then getting killed and having to find them again. (Or, I believe, once you got a key, it was yours even after you've died? I've forgotten, since my Doom2 floppies went defective and GTI refused to replace them. id wanted me to fax them copies, and I never bothered to.) So, we starting play DM games in coop. This way, there would be monsters (why was monsters in DM unimplemented in Q1? Is it implemented in Q2? It better be, since there is no coop!) in the game, and we wouldn't have to worry about finding the keys. We also might respawn at the level exit point. This could be the answer, if id has monsters in DM. What do you think?

Firstly, to answer your question about the second demo: there is no official word from id on this matter. All we know (FAQ) is that it will be released after id finishes the point release.

I think there should be DM with monsters regardless whether Coop exists or not. As an option of course but still be present in the DM flags. Btw, stop asking whether Coop will become available. Yes, it will.

Subject: Your Site staff:

I was worried that the release of Q2, would become a buffet of discombobulated information. Instead, it is professional, well organized, up-to-date, and informative!



Also, I hope your finals went well!! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

Thanks... as you seen the four days we have been a bit irregular but never fear, once we have our new structure laid out we'll continue to report the "News as they happen, when they happen" (tm).

Subject: Quake Editor


Iīm from Germany, and bought Quake II Why isnīt the Officiall Editor included ? I thought itīll be...

So Long...

id Software never said it would be. If you read it somewhere else then you were misled. The editor id's level designers used is available on for everyone to dload. Please note it isn't supported by id. The Official level editor is available here at Virtus. There are also other editors available. Check the Workshop here at for the links...

From: Cape11
Subject: charecters

I think you should have a male charecter as well as a female.

Er... read the FAQ.

From: Daniel Rourke
Subject: Kudos

Just a quick note to let you know that I think you have perhaps one of the best web sites of any kind on the net. From graphics design to organization to content, everything is superior. Great Job. Thanks.

Thank YOU. It's great to see our work has a purpose and that ppl find it a good resource for everything-Quake II.

From: John McPherson
Subject: Any idea what name is replacing Clans in Quake II?

We recently filled out a survey which was linked off of your site pertaining to changing clans to some other name. Unfortunately, I did not retain the link. Any idea what the results of the proposed name change was? I know that I was voting for more militaristic terms like squad, platoon, etc. This would allow you to increase your ranks and more people became interested. In addition, this suits the higher number of players for Q2. Eg. You might have two squads of 5 each having a team leader going up against a platoon of similar size. I prefer this type of combat to single player slaughter fests. You might have a platoon leader which ranked over these. You could have a ladder type of configuration where you increased in ranks with the number of kills that you would have.

Sorry for blabbing but I just wanted to know so that my site can reflect the change. Thanks!

"Squads" was the most voted alternative to Clans. That idea of ranking is interesting and, as far as I know, not difficult to acomplish.

From: Simon Peake
Subject: Hidding in Quake2

Hey, this is Khaos/ aka Khro,

I have been told that people have the hability to hide in Quake2, since I got it, I have been trying to hide in the shadows and stuff, I have noticed that the enemies do not come right for you, if you are in a spot they don't expect you to be; I can also sneek up behind them, but otherwise, I have not been able to hide in the shadows!

Maybe you can tell me of places in the game where I can hide in shadows, and maybe what I am doing wrong.  I normally stick close to the wall, and crawl; if I am not doing something, or if you can help me, please do!!  By the way, could you tell me if the weapons have lights on them, if so which ones do, so I can try without those weapons?

Thank you in advance, Khaos.

There is no hidding in shadows in Quake II, unlike Hexen II. The Strogg are affected by darkness but they are not blind. They'll just miss more often that's all.

Subject: Q2 Patch 3.09

Disappointing!   I am one of those guys that have a non Sound Blaster card, a turtle beach tropez 2000 card. the choppy sounds in 3.05 in the opening cut scene and elsewhere were bad in Q2test and in 3.05. The fix's or patchs with the s_wavonly 1 seemed to fix this anonmaly.   Well with the 3.09 patch teh cut scene inro sound is bad and choppy again, but the sound in the game are ok if your in "sound card compatible mode vs high performance, this is something new I think Carmack and the guys are trying to figure out how to iron out the sound stuff....   The ID moniker that first starts up also is choppy and the in between unit sounds are lousy... GOD someone needs to tell John and the boys at ID stop putting out things that break more things We can wait for a few weeks until they get it right...   Its discouraging to see this kind of stuff, I do work in the industry and quality control here is lacking. John and the guys at ID have created a monster and need to get it under control.   Putting out several patches in a few days even hours apart says "i screwed up..etc" I know they are really trying to fix the stuff, I really like Quake and really want them to suceed BUT we are the paying Quake fans that want it right also, please send this along to them if if can,   thanks (oh buy the way, I really like you website, its my home default!! keep up the good work!)

Thanks for the compliments. Well, it's a bit underwhelming to hear about patches being released a day after the previous one but at least we get to see work being done at the end of the day. Personally I love it since it reminds me of Doom where you had v1.0 and it ended in v1.9 after eight patches plus a level patch. It's great to see development. Yes, it's sloppy but so is Linux and we love it as well.

From: Travis101
Subject: IPX

I'm sure you've heard this question a thousand times before but i'm gonna ask again.  I got two computers that are hooked up with a network cable.  I love playing games against my friends over the network because there is virtually no lag and Quake II deathmatches are the best.  In games like Quake I and JediKnight, all I had to do was select IPX.  Why did they leave IPX support out of Quake II.  I love the game and all but I feel it was a bit rushed, way to many bugs. Oh well, I probably shouldn't complain. I hope I get a reply sometime, thanks.

John Cash is working on that IPX supprt. Yes, Quake II was rushed but then you are playing it right now and the problems are being addressed, unlike other games which keep getting delayed. They may be the best when they came out but I can't help feel frustrated whenever one of these games is delayed.

From: Daniel Nitsch

Okay, i took a screen shot in.... map city1 i was testing the famkebot(it REALLY needs to be fixed up =) hehehe) anyways, i went up high onto the ledge where the gernade launcher is and just stopped for a sec to get something, when i came back and looked at the screen, i noticed an animal in the sky... clearly! i'll send it to you later, BYE!

An animal in the sky? Gezz, I though I made myself clear last week: "winners don't use drugs"... you probably saw a Viper aircraft cruising or just some gibs floating (bug). Btw, at this time of writing I haven't received this animal. <g> BYE!

From: Richard Koon
Subject: quake II modem play

Why doesn't Quake II have modem play support?  The FAQ says its because of lag time, but the internet is worse and many people don't care anyway. Besides, many people either have no internet access or have to pay by the minute and would prefer modem play, in addition to modem play being easier.  One of the main reasons that people get games like this is for modem play.  Please make a patch to allow modem support and give info on how to get it.

We're not id Software. Also, there won't be a patch for native modem-to-modem check the FAQ for a workaround.

From: dARKjEDI
Subject: animated weapons

your animated weapons just BLEW ME AWAY!! WOW!!   i mean they are so wicked (i mean the animated gifs like the grenades) that i just HAD to tell you. they're sooo cooooll =)

Am I really seeing this? Animated .GIFs? WTF? They're 3D models not sprites!

From: Ron Allen
Subject: New Years Day Hack

I would be curious to know what happens to the prick that hacked your site. Will there be any follow up?

Great site, I drop by almost every night. Thanks for all the hard work you're putting into it. It IS appreciated.

Happy New Year!

On behalf of the team behind I thank you. Regarding the hacker incident... yes, things are going, slowly but going.

From: Tim Shiflett
Subject: Recent Quake2 Releases...

Way to go guys! I DON'T CARE ABOUT SAVE GAMES!!! I didn't buy the thing to play against the processor... You guys keep chuggin' along. This, without a doubt, has been the BEST positive customer service response that I've ever seen. I haven't had any problems with connection (up to 8 players on the server so far), but then again, I spent the last two weeks getting Wing Commander: Prophecy out of the way so I could devote more time to this now. Only problem I see right now is the lack of command line support. Too bad you didn't include a Help switch like "-?". I suppose that might create a performance hit though... In any event, it's a Kick-Ass program. And we all appreciate your efforts.

HAHAHAHA... that "-?" performance hit joke... hehehe... nice humour Tim. :) Anyway, as far as I know there are only three command lines. The two you see on the shortcuts on the Start Menu and another one I don't recall.

From: Brian
Subject: Another bug found in Quake II? Maybe ...

Have you ever noticed that you don't carry extra health (anything over your max with adrenaline added) to other levels.  Yeah, everytime I go into another part of the unit my health usually over my limit like 115 out of 102 or something goes back to 102.  I don't know if this is a bug or just the way the game was designed.  Why do you get to keep extra armor though as you travel between levels in the unit?  Please respond, I'm curious ...

You can only get your health above 100% (or a little above) by adrenaline injections. When the effect wears off your health returns so while you go to the next level your health resets. Armour is not a temporary condition thus it remains at the same value after changing levels.

From: Mark Adams
Subject: Cooperative game play

This game is great!! But, it really does SCREAM for a cooperative game play mode over the inter-net. Some of these bad ass monsters almost require 2 to take them out without using some kind of cheat. Adding cooperative play over the inter-net{ie:Diablo} would add not just hours of game play but, literally months. :-)

Yes it is. Yes it does. Not they don't. Yes it would.

From: Claude Knaus
Subject: Hackers?

Hi folks,

on the January 1st 1998 the site has been hacked and mutated to a warez site (actually had a pointer to a warez site)... with copies of Q2! I wonder how they did that... anything you can tell me about that? I'm just curious. Tnx.

Don't call me "folks" <g>. Yeah, I'll just write a "how-to hack a website" tutorial for you so everyone can start hacking websites, even <g>

From: cprest
Subject: About those bugz

well i always check your page and it has the best news on quake2.. well i read that stuff about the crashing hackers. i think that you should do more than just ask them how they did it and then fix the problem because there just gonna figure out another way how to do it. I think that ID software should accually some how UPLOAD a virus or some kinda bug that blows there computer up and makes there monitor explode.. im getting very mad at these asshole hackers and i would like it to stop, i think that ID should scare these people with LEGAL cases (no joke). Im behind yeah IDsoftware and all the way, I say destroy these people who are causing all this bull****.


Amen! i agree, servers should detect flooding and should do something about it like putting the little blue screen on those friggin' players with a message saying "HO HO HO... better luck next time sucker" or whatever... I dunno about making the monitor explode, that might be a little difficult for even Carmack to do. <g>

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