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August 24th, 1998
Last Issue: July 25th, 1998.


How do i use the grapple hook???
submitted by adrian
hey guys,
how do i use the grapple hook?? do i have 2 download any files?? just mail
me back. Thanks!!!!

Yes, you have to download CTF or any other mod that includes a grappling hook. BTW, read the guidelines next time. This is a mailbag, not tech support.

Question on Connecting to Internet Quake Server Through Wingate 2.0
submitted by Peter Bate
Hi there,

I have a really interesting question, can you connect to a quake server
on the internet via Wingate 2.0??? Cause at the moment, when connecting
to my ISP through WinGate, there are no addresses in the multiplay
server listing.. I have tried refresh and other ip's but none will come
up.. How could this be fixed?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
Peter Bate

I don't know, email tech support or something.

No Subject
submitted by Oscar Weijer
Dear Support,

Just a very short question. Is it possible to play
Quake on the Internet using a proxyserver ?

We have a dedicated 2Mb lease line to the internet
and we can't use it to play Quake2.

Is there any way ?? Thanx for your time,

bye bye,

Oscar Weijer

Dear support?! Can you see my veins popping???

Quake 2 as best game ever
submitted by Nick Goodchild

With regards to your reporting of Quake 2 being awarded the accolade of best game ever by PC Gamer UK, it is solely Quake 2 that was awarded the
mantle. How they arrange it is they list the game that they award the accolade together with its predecessors, assuming (erroneously in my view) that
they are similar enough to count as the same listing. Hence last year a combination of Civilisation/Civilisation 2 won on the strength of Civ 2 wit Quake
coming in second. And if you think that I am confused then consider this:
Why would Quake tie with Quake 2 this year when it lost outright last year?
Happy fragging.
Nick Goodchild

Well, maybe because they considered Civilization and Civilization2 one game. If this was the case then Civilization 1and2 together must have equalled a better game than Quake1 on its own. So that means that when Quake2 was released, Quake1and2 combined equalled a better game altogether than Civilization1and2. Ya follow me?

Models ?
submitted by Tom
Hey love the page
Like the Crack whore and sonic skin but where the Models for it ? Let me
know, Thanks


Thanks for the compliment, although I don't actually work for the site. ;-) A good site to find models is

v3.17 upgrade
submitted by Jeff
I would like to know where I can go to get the Quake 2 v3.17 upgrade
download. I have v3.07, and my brother and I are not able to net the game
with him having v3.17. If you could send me the web address I would much
appreciate it.

Thank you,


1. There's no such thing as v3.07.

2. Get it from your brother.

submitted by Richie
I am a quake2 nut and I want to know were I can Find a Tris.md2
Program and also how to change a badguy to a marine to kill in 1
player thanks :)

Don't ask me. Read the guidelines next time.


submitted by Scott

I have been trying to find an addon to a Quake II server that will
prohibit camping.

Apparently it is very difficult to find (if it even exsists.) I had been
told about it from a friend..

Does this file exsist???


There's no individual program that prohibits camping that I know of, but the deathmatch mod Lithium ( has a feature that subtracts frags from a person's count whenever he stands in place for the designated amount of time.

Quake 2 Multiplayer and Dedicated Server Commands

submitted by Jake

I have a good look at the Quake II FAQ, but wasn't able to find any notes on Multiplayer and Dedicated Server Commands. On installing Quake II it gives
you a shortcut "run dedicated server" but doesn't but no notes available to work with this, please help.


Here's an email address you can send this question to: He might be able to help you there. Please remember to read the guidelines, and please stop mistaking the mailbag for idSoftware tech support, damnit.

Video Card !!!

submitted by Luiz

Hello !
First I'd like to say that I really love your site !

Second, I'd like to say SORRY about my English !


I really need a help ! . So I'm going to ask you PLEASE !!!!!

answer my e-mail as soon as possible !!!

I'll thank you VERY much !!

My video card is a Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pró ... How can I use it to improve the Quake's II performance ????
I've already tried all drivers and ... nothing .... The game returns to the "Software"mode ....

What can I do ?
Please !!! Help me !!!!

Thanks very much !!

I'm stumped. BTW, don't worry about your English, it's fine. Also, try reading the guidelines next time.


*Yawn* school starts in two weeks...
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