The Top Quake II Gameplay Modifications

We believe the following patches, whether they be total conversions or mere server side tweaks in balance, are the best gameplay modifications out there. Each addition has a brief review here and a link to our text review. The text review includes a gameplay review, listing of files, index of commands, and up to date servers.

Patch Screenshot
I.  Jailbreak v1.7   Review 
In JB you find yourself on the red or blue team and must capture all of the enemy team in your jail. Post guards at your jail to keep your enemies from being rescued as you hunt down their teammates or free your own in their jail. New models, sounds, and levels. v1.7 upgrade here. Servers need both client and server pack. Get the Gamespy tab here.   Players: 2-16   Size: 3.3kb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
II.  Powerball v1.5   Review 
PB is the most complete conversion of Quake II to date with 4 awesome new levels, sounds, textures, and features. Gameplay is similar to CTF, but there is only one "powerball" which players must return to base. PB even comes with a powerful server launch program. Get the Gamespy tab here. Be sure to get the update patch (150kb) from here.   Players: 2-16   Size: 3.0mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
III.  Rocket Arena v2.2   Review 
RA was the first mod to use the inventory as a menu to change levels and settings. The included 46 arenas allow teams to deathmatch or play one-on-one while waiting teams spectate. Teams that win get to keep playing, while teams that lose get moved to the roster for future matches. We found RA a lot of fun, hope you agree. Get the Gamespy tab here.   Players: 2-16   Size: 12.9mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
IV.  Holy Wars v2.0   Review 
Holy Wars pits the saint against all of the rest of the players. Only the saint can get frags for killing unholy players, but they all seek to kill the saint in hopes of gaining his halo themselves. Includes a great set of new levels and a few sounds and models. HW is simple but tons of fun to play.   Players: 2-16   Size: 2.7mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
V.  Super Heroes beta v9.0   Review 
SH adds varying classes to the player's options. Each class has its own abilities and special powers, ranging from forcefields to the ability to fly. They have their weaknesses too and are well balanced. Includes new sounds, models, and textures. Server files are included in the client pack. Get the Gamespy tab here. You can get the rather large skin pack here.   Players: 2-16   Size: 2.3mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
VI.  Battle of the Sexes v2.93   Review 
BoS has enhanced both the male and female sexes giving each special classes and unique abilities. Using CTF similar strategies, players choose their classes and work in a team setting. Fun, but a lot to download. Get the Gamespy tab here. The custom map packs can be downloaded here, here, and here. You can use visible weapons with this addition.   Players: 2-16   Size: 7.2mb   FTP: 1 or 2

Patch Screenshot
VII.  Freeze Tag v1.4   Review 
Innovative yet simple, FT requires players work with their team to freeze all of their opponents. Players are rewarded for keeping opponents frozen or rescuing a frozen teammate. No client files are necessary; just connect to a server listed in our text review. Server ops can find a server files linked in our review. Get the Gamespy tab here.   Players: 2-16   Size: None   FTP: None

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