Fear Deathmatch Pack v1.0

Fear Deathmatch Pack contains the top eight Quake II deathmatch levels available on the internet. We have reviewed over 500 custom Quake II deathmatch levels and selected these as the most well balanced and intricately designed. Server ops will be pleased to learn that our pack is highly customizable and allows random or sequential map rotation with full dedicated support. In addition, our compilation features support for vwep, allowing players to see what weapons their opponents hold.

We Selected These 8 Out of 500 Deathmatch Levels
NAME                LEVEL     AUTHOR                    PLAYERS
Pain Killer         ztn2dm1   Sten Uusvali              2 - 6
Finger's 2nd...     ikdm2     Iikka Keranen "Fingers"   2 - 10
Inferno Compound    infcomp   Greg Barr "Manx"          2 - 6
DM4 Remake          dm4q2     Cyprian "Smyken"          2 - 10
Armageddon 5        arma5     Matthias Worch            4 - 24
The Abandoned...    conduit   David Kelvin "Kevlar"     3 - 12
Da Tank             tank21    Invictus                  3 - 12
HipnoticDM1 Remake  hipdm1    Michael Roska "Blueseed"  3 - 12
Features of Fear Deathmatch Pack
  • Includes the top 8 deathmatch levels out of 500+ reviewed!
  • Supports VWep; lets clients to see opponent's weapons
  • Allows servers to run levels sequentially from fear.ini
  • Allows servers to run levels randomly in a queue
  • Supports dedicated and listen servers
  • Can be customized easily to add new levels
  • Servers Running Fear Deathmatch Pack
    Server Address             Maintainer   Specs              PaulWendt    Temporary server            Pirate       PII dual 300 - T1
    Download Fear Deathmatch Pack (3.2mb) and VWep client pack (1.6mb)
      Fear: A Quaker's Companion    VWep client pack
      Clan Fear                     VWep client pack mirror
      ftp.cdrom.com                 Readme.txt
    Screenshots from Fear Deathmatch Pack
    Fear members seen here, uh, stretching their arms on the highly acclaimed ztndm2...Ion Storm author Ikka's most famous internet level of all time, Ikdm2.A little too close to a BFG on Infernal Compound...level was included in PC Gamer!
    Mattias Worch's Armaggeddon which is large enough for 24 player games.Up close and personal with members of the team.The levels are stock full of secrets and great places to play hide and seek.

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