LCC-Win32 compiling tutorial News Updated 20/03/98
Tutorial Updated 26/01/98

Welcome to my tutorial on compiling with LCC-Win32. The aim of this tutorial to explain how to install and set up LCC, how to use it to compile, and to keep you up to date with any advances in the compiling technique and news relating to compiling Quake2 DLL's. If you have problems getting things working properly, there is an FAQ section that deals will the common problems that arise. This tutorial is broken up into the following sections:

Main - The page you are reading, which has links to other sections. The date of the last update of the tutorial and news pages are at the top right.

News - Please check here regularly for news concerning bugs, new compiling techniques and other information related to compiling Quake2 DLL's.

LCC installation - This section will explain how to install LCC and set it up, and describe the compiling process.

Wedit - Using Wedit is optional - just about any text editor can be used to edit the source code, but using Wedit gives you some powerful features for working with the source code that are well worth having. This section describes how to use them.

FAQ - Got a problem? Check here first, chances are you're not the first person with a particular problem, and this section will help you out with the common ones.

Links - Links to all the files mentioned in the tutorial, grouped together for convenience.

Email - My email address in case you have any suggestions or comments about this tutorial.

Simon Byrnand & DLL staff 1998.