Got a Quake II DLL question? You might find the answer here!

Q How do you know this is going to be relevant to Quake2?
A We are basing it on the comments John Carmack has made.

Q Do I have to use C to write Quake II DLL's?
A No, but we feel you would be best off using C as it will produce smaller code and will usually be faster.

Q Can you help me fix my DLL?
A Given the amount of people likely to ask it is unlikely we'll be able to offer that amount of help. We will be adding a public Q & A forum, similar to a newsgroup for this however. We also maintain an irc channel on irc.quake2.com called #dll. GreyBear, our Quake 2 tutorial author spends several evenings a week helping programmers with their Quake 2 DLL problems.

Q Is Quake2 out yet?
A Yes.

Q Can you send me Quake2 / Q2Beta / etc?
A We will not distribute anything illegally.

Q Are you worried about the Quake II DLL Security issue?
A You can read JohnC's thoughts regarding this issue.

Q Which C compiler do you recommend?
A Microsoft VC++ 5 is a very powerful environment, however we can't all afford it so we recommend you use LCCWin32.

Q I've compiled a mod, but when I run the game, I get an error saying the DLL is the wrong Game Version. How do I fix this?
A You need to alter the line in game.h that sets GAME_API_VERSION. Change it from 1 to 2.

Q I'm trying to run a mod from a different directory than baseq2 by using the +set game switch, but it doesn't work What am I doing wrong?
A You need to enclose the name of the directory in quotes. Like: quake2 +set game "mygame".

Q I've compiled the source code, but when I try to run Quake 2 using my new DLL, I get an "Error during initialization" dialog What's wrong?
AYou most likely forgot to include the game.def file in your makefile or project. A DLL must export it's initialization function so that other programs can link to it. The game.def file tells the compiler what the name of that function is, and what the declaration parameters for it are.

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