Quake II DLL Security

JohnC's thoughts on the Quake II DLL Security issue.

For those who dont know, Hendo and myself are intending to make a bot for Quake II, imaginatively entitled Oak II. I have been receiving emails from people regarding the security of DLL's in Quake II, so I feel it's time for me to throw my opinion onto the great debate.

I do not consider it an issue at all. Let me justify this:

1. You may end up only getting your Quake II add-ons from a magazine coverdisk, in which case they will be thoroughly checked by the magazine.

2. You may get them off a friend who has been using them before you, in which case your friend will have tested them.

3. But you may get them from the Internet, and this is the danger most people are worried about. But let's consider this: How many pieces of software have you downloaded recently from the Internet? And what dll's and exe's do the software come with? Do you thoroughly check all of that?

Furthermore, you will most likely find out about these Quake II add-ons from web sites, for example Blue's News.

Anyway, remember these are only my opinions, and I can make mistakes just as often as the next man!

-- JohnC

Copyright 1997, John Crickett & Neil Henderson.
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