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July 1st

Hey out there! The page hasn't been updated in a while so that's what I'm doing to show all of you out there that this page is still fully alive and so is the channel, so come visit us!

March 17th

Hello out there! :) I finally updated ALL the OP bios after being annoyed by a certain OP ( you know who you are b00 ;). I don't blame him, I've been saying the same for months! So anyways, enjoy it. I also updated some old links.

February 18th

One of the funniest things I have ever seen on Undernet occured yesterday! And for anyone who knew about it, they know what I'm talking about. Yesterday, are good buddy from #Quake, Romeovoid, did an amazing act on Undernet's channel list. We'll let the screenshots speak for themselves.

Part 1 of Undernet's Channel List
Part 2 of Undernet's Channel List
Part 3 of Undernet's Channel List

These pictures are 800x600 each. And I set the font to Courier New Size 5, and it still took 3 images! That's just a hint of the amount of effort he put into this 10 minutes of fame. We asked him how long it took and he said 2 hours, max. But it was well worth it! We salute you, Romevoid!

January 17th

I went to join the channel at around 12:30AM and I was denied by an "Invite Only" message. I got myself invited in by one of my fellow OPs and was told the channel was hit with a major b0nk attack. They couldn't trace the guy because he had a spoof, so they just shut the channel down for a few minutes. I believe it is still closed at this moment. Things should be back to normal by morning (normal morning for those who are actually sleeping right now :).

December 27rd

At 12:45AM the channel was taken over by an asshole who got into X somehow. I knew something was up when X was denying access to me, but when Tritian was K/Bed by X, I definetely knew what was going on. I tried to "brace for impact" but he got to me after Tritian, so basically it was easier for him (not like I'm a hero, I'm just saying I was prepared unlike the others). Things are getting sorted out right now with an IRCop. The morons keep fighting but it's obviously doing nothing and is going to result in server bans on them. We just gained control of the channel right now. X has been reset and all is well. We just have to "rebuild" it now.. The channel will remain closed tonight. We don't know for how long. Basically, until things are settled and we feel everything is done.

December 3rd

Hello out there in IRC land! Oh boy is the news glorious! A release date for Quake 2 has been set! We will ALL be blessed with Quake 2 on Tuesday, December 9th, 1997 (just incase you thought this was Unreal :). Yes we will be having an IRC Party on Friday, December 12th. I don't know the complete details about the party, or who will be there, or what will go on. As soon as I find out, I'll post it up here because I'm looking forward to a party, since we definetely have something to celebrate! :)

November 23rd

At 5:50PM EST today, the channel was closed down for about 10 minutes because of a major nuke attack. When we saw the mass quantites of people quiting with error messages such as "Ping Timedout" and "Write Error" we shut it down immediately to stop the attack. We are now waiting to see if the person(s) is going to try it again.

November 16th

Hello all! :) I archived the news so if ya want past news, I think you can figure out what to hit. Anyways, #Quake2 is planning to have a Quake 2 Release party on December 12th (not 2nd, that was a typo on We are working on getting "celebrities" to join us for all the fun. Also, we're trying to get some prizes and hold contests or some trivia questions. We might even put up a Quake 2 server to play on that night (if the Demo2 or Full Game comes out). Basically, it's going to be THE place to be. I'll keep you updated on information I am able to release about this.