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November 11th

Sorry for the lack of updates. Anyways, I would like to take the time to welcome back Slipgate to! After the resignation of Rotwang :(, I guess he felt he had to step back in and take control. I'll majorly happy about that! Also, I'd like to welcome BloodShot to Now, the OPs and I have noticed something in #Quake2. There seems to be sort of a disrespectful feeling toward females in a "sexual" way. We aren't going to tollerate this anymore. If we catch you degrading any females in the channel, get ready to get booted.

Also, I am a frequent visitor to the WWWBoard now, and I was gone all of yesterday. I come back today to see that some loser made a whole bunch of posts yesterday with my name saying things I would never say. Anyone who knows me knows that. So I will not post on that WWWBoard anymore. I will just read the posts. I have been talking with the staff about it, and this problem will hopefully be fixed soon.

November 7th

Like I said, I love e-mails like this! Check this one out:

If you mean you are a wu-tang killer you are cool but if you like them you suck please respond with answer

/me gets ready to rant. OK... Now, first off, let me tell you that this is such a valuable e-mail to send me. This is an e-mail meant for the web page and for people having problems and not my own personal use, but you defy the meaning of this e-mail anyways. Obviously, the purpose of the e-mail address is not the only thing you don't know about on this page. There is also these little pages that contain "OP Bios." I, WU-GFK, have a bio. Maybe if you looked there, your dumb ass question would be answered. You will notice that I am a very proud member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Now, don't you feel stupid? Now, as for me "sucking," I really don't think so. Who gives you the right to say one friggen word about me? Do you know me? Have we talked before? NO, we haven't! So, you shouldn't of mentioned any derogatory statements in that e-mail. Therefore, you are really a jack ass my friend. I can go into this some more, but like I said about e-mails like this one, it just isn't worth it. I made you look like a big enough idiot. Have a nice day jack ass. BTW: next time make sure who you are talking to before you tell them that they suck.

November 1st

I think today is a sad day for the whole Quake 2 Community. Slipgate of posted his resignation today. He will no longer be the main updater of or a member of the staff. I'm not happy with the decision, because the guy is great and he helped me out as soon as I asked him, but you got to respect the decision. If he's busy, he's busy. Busy with what? That's his business, not mine. All I can say is good luck and I hope that he keeps in touch. And I apologize for giving this "publicity" when he asked to keep this on the "low-down," but I couldn't help it. Good Luck Slipgate!

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween yesterday. I came home last night at 12:45AM EST, to come in #Quake2 and see everyone sporting the sCary in front of their names! Talk about getting into the spirit, even the CService bots W & X were sporting an "Evil-" in front of their names!

October 29th

Sorry for the lack of updates but there hasn't been much news. Everyone been playing the Quake 2 demo (including me ;). Anyways, QuakeWorld 2.1 was released yesterday, so that's a good bit of news to members of #Quake2, but... The real reason I'm updating is because I was given a REALLY FUNNY URL in the channel today. If you are operating heavy equipment, I suggest you stop before looking at this page:

Oh, and thanks to all that made it possible for this page to reach 1,000 visits! :)

October 21th

OK, I have to confess, I haven't been loyal to you guys... The reason why I haven't updated within 2 days about the big Quake 2 demo (Q2Test) is because I've been playing the damn thing like a madman! Oh man, is this thing sweet, and I'm going to give a little review of it myself.

When I installed the demo, I was sort of teasing myself, trying to hold off the sp00ging as much as I can to make it better. I took my time setting up the video, sounds, and controls, all the while dreaming about infantry, and grunts, and tanks.. Finally, not being able to hold off any more, I finally start a new game, and I'm greated with a beautiful sight. "Man this is sweet !" I say to myself, still in awe. As a walk around in a daze, just staring, I get bushwacked by a green grunt! "Damned bastard!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!" I screamed to my excited self out loud (my parents didn't think I was nuts because I wasn't the only thing screaming. I had my speakers full blast! >:). I unloaded my weak, but trusty, blaster on him. "HOLY SHIT! HE DUCKED!!!" Sure, we've all seen the picture of a monster ducking a rocket, but when it happens to you, it's like seeing it for the first time all over again. With us both swiftly dodging our attacks, I came out on top, but not unscratched as I used to in Quake.

It didn't stop there... I explored the world more and I already found myself using all of its potential technology... Personal Computer, weapons, crotching, jumping, climbing... In some games you can do without this stuff, but not this one. In this game, these elements of play are what chooses between life and death, which I learned while fighting more monsters. The levels were superior quality, even on my non-3DFX computer (that's right, you are reading this through a non-3DFX point of view, I'll get to this later on). I love how some parts of the enviroment help you out in the endless battle against the Stroggs..

Speaking of the Stroggs, the monster AI was nothing less than smart. They may not be book smart, but they are definetely street smart! Wackin at ya when you get too close, or launchin a couple of pineapples against the wall.. I love how you think they missed when all the sudden you get wacked by it bouncing off the wall. They definetely know their weapons. Heh, if this isn't the finished AI, I'm gonna be in deep shit when the final game comes out. Of course, it's not the finished one. I noticed the Enforcer's aren't bright at all. There was this one guy, by some crates.. I came right up into his face, and he was still running, like he was in a invisible box or something. It was fun to blow his head off though. >:) And the tank does need LOTS of work. Ya figure a guy with that kind of firepower and speed would unload on you as soon as you are in sights... He struted out only to meet my quad super shot gun... And he didn't even return the favor.. He keps struting with some nice bullet holes in his head.. Poor bastard, gibbed in a few seconds (Gibs need work too. They are just balls of flesh. Add some more life-like qualities to it, like size, texture, and shape). Waste of such heavy armor and I know this guy takes a beating cause I also fought him with a regular uzi.. Took about 200 rounds! He just needs to shoot as soon as he sees someone, but the guy is very intimidating.

The weapons were FUN, like really FUN. Old Quake weapons were boring but powerful. These things are full of life and powerful! I love shooting a grenade and seeing another one load in the chamber! That has got to be the coolest thing I ever seen! And the best part is, it's balancing the weapon at the same time because you can't shoot until it reloads!! No more covering rooms with grenades in a matter of seconds.. Rocket launcher is slow too.. I'm talking SLOOOOOOOW! Reminds me of the Doom days on my 386. But once again, now you have a better chance of taking someone with a RL out with a Super Shot Gun (they greatly enhanced this gun and I LOVE IT!!! Now it earns the name of "super"). Maybe even the normal Shotgun (they also made this one great too, not much different but sweet looking). The Maching Gun is a great addition, especially it's tendency to buck up when you have perfect aim. Talk about balancing, they weren't kidding!! Great job id, deathmatch is going to ROCK!!!

Now, as for my system. I ran the test on a Compaq Presario 4712. The specs of it are a 166mhz Pentium Processor loaded with 24MB of EDO RAM. It has a S3 Trio video card and an ESS Audiodrive sound card. Now, as you just read that you are thinking "piece of shit". My only real complaint is the video card, because I know it is slowing down EVERYTHING. To be honest, the demo ran pretty shitty on my computer. For best performance I have to run it on the lowest video mode in full screem (which is butt-ugly so I refuse to do that). I'm running it in 512x384 windowed, high-quality sounds, with a FPS of 8.67. Sucks don't it? But I'm crazy enough to run it like that... I won't be able to in net games though because I'll get slaughtered.. Anyways, as you can see, I have some upgrading to do. First thing to go, video card. S3's are the official video cards of satan...

Despite the poor performance on my system (I really don't blame Quake 2), the game is GREAT! Hell, I wish id would release some non-3DFX shots to see how good the non-3DFX version looks! I tip my hat off to id; a fine job. This demo doesn't meet my expectations of Quake 2, but it does for a demo of Quake 2! So, for everyone that complains, IT'S JUST A DEMO! Enjoy it like id intended. I know I am! Hope you enjoyed my review!