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Single Player Levels v-z

3-24-98    Versicolored Vermination (final release)  780K    SP
Authored by- Roger Staines (Ace)
This level is presented to us as his first Quake 2 level. Roger's name might sound familiar because he has made some outstanding Quake levels which you still might have on your hard drive. You will be challenged right from the start as you take about 10 steps and are faced with danger. This is a nice large level with plenty of good secrets and lots of adventure. I was very impressed with the monster placement which made this level a lot of fun to complete. He is one of the first to really make use of the medic and it actually surprised me as they respawned some foes I had thought were not in the picture anymore! So, a little advise to you would be to make sure they are dead! The use of lighting in this level is a very nice touch, it made is a very pretty level to look at and also helped make it quite convincing. The flow of the level is very good giving the player plenty to do and you will pretty much know where you are going at all times. I spent many hours playing this level because it was so darn fun! I cant wait to see his next level so download this one today and see what all the fuss is about.

1-30-98    Vostok Rising   829K     SP
Authored by- Ed Cope aka Scope
This level is in .pak form. Please read the authors .txt file for instructions on how to run this level or see the Help page on this site.
   With one AWOQ2 Killer Map award under his belt for "Gib me Liberty" Ed has won yet another award for this really cool level! He has one of the most impressive storylines I have seen explaining why you are where you are and it sets the mood of the level perfectly. When I played this level in the hard skill I found it to be quite challenging as I had to use a little strategy to stay alive since the monster placement and item placement were both good. The game flow and level design is very smooth, I always pretty much knew where I would have to go next. There is one secret you will really be happy to find =) Did I mention FUN?? Well, it was a super fun level to play with plenty of things to do and see in it. Grab it today!

5-22-98    Waiting to Die  2.03    SP
Authored by- Marty Howe
Here is a set of three really nice looking levels joined together as a small hub. The level starts out in a quite believable prison ship where you are awaiting execution. Of course your mission is to try to escape from this hell the author has made from you. I really enjoyed the architecture in these levels. So much in fact that I died looking around a couple of times! There are also many fairly well marked secrets which will be not only fun to find but pretty darn handy to have as well. The details in just about every part of the level were superb from the really cool looking prison ship to the end where there is a very nicely put together hanger bay. The ambient sounds were really a plus in these levels. Most areas had not only the right looks but also the right sounds to make it even more believable to play sucking me right into the game! The monster and item placement was second to none making this one tough level to get through on the hard skill but there was enough items and ammo to make this happen. He gave me plenty of shotgun shells to blow just about everything away with my favorite weapon, the double barreled shotgun, so I was quite happy with it! You will need to have a pretty good machine to play this on in hard skill as the r_speeds can really slow down in some areas but they were not enough to be too much of a nuisance to me. I spent many hours playing this one so you had better get it and check it out! My hats off to you Marty! Thanks for all the fun..

2-12-98    Water Works    1.06M     SP/CO
Authored by- Doug Magee
Doug has made an impressive level where you will be able to blow up a very realistic looking dam. I especially enjoyed seeing the authors utilization of the running water and flow direction traits in the new Quake 2 engine. Most of the levels architecture is constructed very nicely helping the overall ambience. The fighting gets pretty fierce in some areas where it will take a lot of strategy and skill to defeat this level on the hard setting. You will need to be a pretty good shot as the author has just the right amount of ammo and armor placed to get the job done. The design of the level is quite exceptional allowing for great game flow. There are even four well placed secrets which were very fun to find and very handy. If you want to have a lot of fun, play this level today!

4-11-98    WHAT THE END IS FOR  1.3M    SP
Authored by- Riscchip (Carson Utz)
This level has to be the best "first level" I have had the pleasure to play and is also the best looking Quake 2 level I have seen to date! The story line goes something like this. You are aboard a Strogg cargo ship which is being used to ship munitions to a warlords stronghold. Your mission will be to take the ship. This wont be an easy task as they wont be too happy with your presence on board! The first thing you will notice is the level is absolutely stunning in appearance. The author has done a marvelous job incorporating his lighting and architecture. Every corner of this level looks and plays great! He had a good working theme which gave the gameplay that added plus I have been looking for in a level for a long time now. The game flow is amazing smooth as the design is almost flawless. The ambience of this level was most excellent! The combination of the authors great architecture, lighting, and very good placement of the ambient sounds made this level very intense to play. I still haven't even scratched the surface on the many points that makes this a truly killer map. One thing you must do is beat this level on hard skill. It actually gave me a great feeling of satisfaction when I did beat it because most of the time I ended up like the last screen shot I posted! hehe You had better get this level and see it for yourself, you will be in for a treat!

2-15-98    Station Zebo    2.1M     SP
Authored by- Travis Almand
This is four map mini unit in which the player will get to shut down a reactor. Although the levels architecture was a little on the plain side in most parts, it proved to be fairly good looking, a good challenge, and was a lot of fun to play. All difficulty settings were implemented and there were several different ways to play these levels with multiple exits to the different maps. I felt this approach was pretty good and went well with the game play. There was just enough ammo to get the job done in the hard setting so don't waste anything if you plan on killing all of the foes. Speaking of foes, their placement for the most part was excellent and there seemed to be just the right mix except for what seemed to be the overuse of the Tank Commander in the end. This level provided me hours of fun so get it today!