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Help Section

This area should help you when running all of those great add-on Quake 2 levels and includes instructions for level authors for uploading levels to cdrom.com so the whole world can see your work. As time goes on we will be adding to this area.

.bsp files || .pak files || Uploading files || Slow downloads

Running a ".bsp" file.

Running a ".pak" file

Uploading your levels to cdrom.com

Here's the scoop regarding uploading files to cdrom.com.  Anyone can upload their work as long as you follow their rules which are posted at the top of their incoming page.

Slow download speeds and other problems.

This is the problem we most frequently get mail for so here is a simple fix.
Go to http://www.cdrom.com/pub/quake/quake2/ and choose a mirror site closest to you. I'm sure you will find a faster site which will accommodate you.

There are times we will not be able to link to cdrom.com or our own site due to requests from the author for exclusive rights. If you have slow download or corrupt files problems we will not be able to help you (the file really did work for us, that's how we got it). You will have to get in contact with the people on that site and let them know of the problem.