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Contacting Paul, Sniv or Stupak @ A World of Quake2

We really love receiving mail and look forward to hearing from you, but because of the volume we receive, we need to set a few ground rules before you send something.

Please read our help file before writing about how to run a game or slow download problems. There are also some tips for you to upload files to cdrom.com there as well.

Please check out our links page for directions to other sites involved in the Quake 2 community before asking where to get an editing program etc. We have a lot of links which should point you in the right direction.

We will not accept files or attachments in the mail. If you choose to send them we will throw them away and not reply to you. This might seem a little harsh but we have fairly slow ISP's and modems and really hate waiting for long periods of time to retrieve our e-mail.

If you want to bring attention to a level we might want to review, please make sure the level is posted on a reliable server.

If you have a question about a level we have reviewed please ask the author about it first. Example... "I'm lost in the basement. How do i get out?"

Ok.. after checking out all that stuff above be sure to contact the right person.

Contact Paul for any problems with the site.

Contact Sniv for Single Player levels.

Contact Stupak for Multiplayer levels.

We would love to hear from you =)