Updated July 18, 1998
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A Team Metroid Production

Now looking for 4 new dedicated members to fill the following positions:
Skin / Texture Artist
Level Designer
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New Member and Updates
First of all I would like let everyone know that the reason things are a bit slow is because the programmers are waiting for ID Software to update to 3.17 on Quake2 and our main modeler is working full time in his "real" job and has been unable to produce the main models. This TC is the basis of all our dreams, so we will NEVER stop making it, but don't expect it to be released as soon as possible - quality is time.
The biggest news for all of you, including Team Metroid, is that I have found a level designer that will take the lead position for the Level Designers. The basis for this comes from the fact that "StarKiller" was able to download the level package and design the test map in a couple of days and it looked better than the rest of the test levels we received. He even improvised on the ship and added a touch of "Unreal" features such as the crystals. This is the official announcement, so StarKiller when you read this, congratulations - the job is yours to take.
* Update on Team page / new Reno pic / new BIOS on StarKiller
* Added Plasma statue to Weapons page
Leonard Moreno [GFedCmdr] August 03, 1998 (5:00 p.m.)

Progress lately has been slow, but it's promising to pick up very soon. Few site modifications here and there - you now have the ability to choose to load the menu pages in a full screen or main frame, just click on the "yellow" letter portion of the page name for a full window and the rest of the "red" word to load into this frame. Team page now contains the mugs of Reno and Nickman, link to Gunpei Yokoi pic is also fixed. The biggest news of the month is the merger between Super Metroid TC and us, MaVeN and his team are currently underway to become part of Team Metroid (we also met with a Metroid TC team that claims to be porting to Unreal whom we also talked about merging together - more on this later!) this game is destined to become history. Team Metroid now has an official registered IRC channel (#MetroidTC) on irc.quake2.com that will be used for our main meetings and chat discussions (thank MaVeN on this). MaVeN is also currently implementing a .plan script and page so each member will be able to keep you posted on their latest. Members can go to the Journal menu in the Dbase section and look at the meeting between MaVeN and myself, quite long and very interesting, it will change the you opinion about him. We are still in need of a dedicated Skin / Texture artist to complete our Team, but others are still welcomed to join in, there is always room as long as your willing to work
Leonard Moreno [GFedCmdr] July 18, 1998 (1:49 p.m.)

Like Microsoft in a DOJ lawsuit, we came out on top - we are excited and thankful that Quake2.com picked up the tab to host our TC project and give us a PERMANENT home. Words of advice, take heed that even though those community web pages are free, they aren't free of bugs. I welcome all of you to take a look around and see what we are all about and don't forget to hit that bookmark so you won't lose track of us as we are ready to get medieval on those metroid bastards! This site is almost complete so bear with us as we make ourselves at home!
Leonard Moreno [GFedCmdr] June 24, 1998 (4:19 p.m.)

Hosting - Quake2.com?
It looks as though the Metroid TC site will move once again, Tripod was slow and had that annoying pop up banner script among it's bug that couldn't display GIF89a animations or type2 JPEG's, and now Fortune City is placing freakin banners on each god damn page of ours AND the server to update pages take a minimum of 20 minutes to change each page! I have contacted Quake2.com and according to their site, we will have a 'yes' or 'no' answer in a few days (unlike PlanetQuake that has taken them almost three months and STILL no answer!). Let's hope they sponsor us, if they do we get a perm home and I get to actually work with CGI, thus able to implement all those nifty things into the DBase section. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!
By the way, lets try to have a meeting this Monday on ICQ around 10:00 pacific time, if you can't show up you'll be missing the fun as we will have a no holds bar discussion on our TC
Leonard Moreno [GFedCmdr] June 20, 1998 (1:22 p.m.)

Metroid TC Logo    Welcome to the OFFICIAL Metroid TC (Total Conversion for those who don't know) for Quake II. Our goal is to bring Nintendo's GameBoy console hit Metroid 2: Return of Samus to the PC as a first person Quake II game. With the collaboration of many devoted fans whom are willing to put their extra time and talents to helping make this TC a full reality, Samus Aran will once again fight for justice and peace in our galaxy. She will be fighting her ultimate enemy, the Metroids' on their home planet SR388. The only thing that kept Metroid II from becoming a huge hit was the obvious GameBoy cart release, with its small screen and monochrome graphic display, this severely crippled its awesome story line and game play. All this is about to change as we are set to bring you Metroid II to the PC scene with as much original content and a few more enhancements.

This is our first TC, none of us have ever helped out or started a total conversion for any game, yet, all specifics of the game are covered by very talented personnel whom want to see their abilities "tested". We cannot tell you how exciting this project is to us, other than our finished project will the first of its kind and as best as our resources and abilities will take us. For those of you wondering when the final creation will be complete, you should already know the answer, none of us can tell you when or even "quess-timate", so please bear in mind that quality is first even at the expense of time.

The aspects of this web site are designed to give you tip top information on progress and development and act as a primary information placeholder for members. We are still looking for inspired fans to help us out in our TC, largely in the areas of level design and programming. This TC release will largely be determined by how much we can get done in the shortest amount of time, but bear in mind that teamwork is priority. From this point on, only our determination and devotion will determine the path of this TC, don't forget why you came here in the first place, then you'll realize why we are here also!

Leonard Moreno [GFedCmdr] March 16, 1998 (5:22 p.m.)

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