Lord Metroid
Mad Mega
GFedCmdr (Web)
Reno (Storyline Producer)
Andy (Co-Director)
$LICK50 (Animation Producer)

(GFedCmdr) - Leonard A. Moreno
Member description    Commanding Officer of the Galactic Federation of WebPlanets (G-FED, formerly known as Metroid Galaxy) and head project leader of the Metroid TC. Leonard came up with a Metroid TC back in the days of Doom, but didn't have the time or patience to learn all the techniques to do so. Duke Nukem offered a more updated platform for a TC, but sprites engines as fast as they are, are time consuming and would never amount to a 100% accurate representation of the original game. Then Quake came along and changed everything, except of the fact that each area of game design required a profession for each aspect of the TC. During the success of the Metroid Galaxy, many fans responded to their admiration of the Metroid story and were willing to help out with such an idea. And so this TC was born, and QuakeII was vastly improved over its first generation, timing was perfect for a marriage.

Position: TC Producer & WebMaster
Hollywood, California
Quote: "If I learned anything in the Army, I learned that teamwork gets things done!"

Current Project: TC WebSite Design
Completion: 50%
ETA: April 13
Next Project: Sponsorhship Approval with a dedicated Quake Server
Finger: "I have completed the basic skeleton of the website, incorporated the entire Main menu section and currently working on the TC menu. Please note that all graphics have not been optimized for speed performance incase as this is the least of my worries. This website has changed from many designs so it can be unique and at the same time with a clean interface, so bear with me if I keep changing things around."

(Sunspot) - Bret De Celle
Member description    Second in command of the Galactic Federation of WebPlanets, and Metroid TC group. Bret was perhaps an early inspiration to all of us, especially to Leonard as they both worked closely together to make what the Metroid Galaxy is and now the TC. His original 3D renderings of Samus Aran floating around in many places on the web caught our attention to the fact that we are not alone in the fast growning "religion". Though you haven't seen any newer models of his work, Bret has been ordered not to publicly display his models of the enemies and bosses in the Metroid series, if you think you loved his Samus Aran, your in for a big surprise. 3DS is his weapon of choice and has had no schooling experience whatsoever, he is a natuaral and one day we are sure to see his work on screen, maybe if and when a Metroid movie arises.

Position: Lead 3D Artist and Producer
Alameda, California
Quote: "Yeah, yeah.. patience. How long will that take?"

Current Project: Alpha Metroid
Completion: 75%
ETA: some time this week
Next Project: Gamma Metroid
Finger: "The model and texture map will be done by this week. Animation on the other hand will will come later"

($lick50) - Kevin Harold
Member description    Sunspots mini version, Kevin is gaining momentum in his 3D models. Kevin joined the group to animated our cutscenes in which we want to incorporate as a intro, ending, and between certain levels. Kevin is reasearching the possiblitys of an in-game engine renderer for animation to save time and largely on the size of cutting a movie in AVI or MOV format, though ID decided to use an outside cutscene for Quake II, the possibilitys of this option was seen in Quake packs 1 and 2. Kevin, enthusiastic about the TC, also signed up to model the local enemies you will encounter.

Position: 3D Artist and Lead Animator
Portland, Oregan
Quote: "I - LIKE BIG BUTTS and I like em' round" - Sir Mix Alot

Current Project: Arachnus
Completion: 50%
ETA: April 12
Next Project: Autrack
Finger: "I'm currently working on Arachnus, I have his whole entire head and neck, shell and body, and half the legs done, with mapping. I have yet to do the arms or feet, and I still have to tweak the maps. I'll get it done soon! I swear it!"

(Lord Metroid) - Nicklas Bjurman
Member description    To hot to trot Nicklas was a "metroid" to other metroid fans, sucking thier web works for his own "energy". Nicklas is a good guy, and doesn't mean harm, he does mean alot of good as he eagerly signed up to model our weapons and items. Nicklas has been envolved in other Metroid PC games, and has rendered many of his own metroid models. Nicklas has been around since the days of the Metroid Galaxy helping out as he could, now that he is in our TC group, all aspects of the 3D modeling area are thus covered.

Position: 3D Artist
Quote: "Make the TC better than Metroid64, if it will ever come"

Current Project: Wave beam item
Completion: 10%
Next Project: Spider Ball
Finger: "I making the wave beam item and it's hard to not make it look dumb"

(Nickman) - Nicholas Wilson
Member description    Nickman came about as a response to a message on Metroid Database's message board. Requesting any QuakeII programmers, Nicholas responded that he has Quake programming experience and is currently catching up on the QuakeII specs, we found out that he was not BSing as he quickly coded some Metroid effects into the engine. Nicholas has the only experience from all of us in TC concepts, working with two other TC's. Nicholas is very excited on the pressure he is getting to accurately protray the modifications needed to make this TC work, you gotta love him for that. I'm not sure if he knows whats ahead of him, and if he did thats why he joined, we are glad that he is on our side to make this happen.

Position: Lead Programmer
Evergreen, Colorado
Quote: "Beefcake...BEEFCAKE"

Current Project: Weapon projections
Completion: 50%
ETA: not entered
Next Project: In-Game Animation
Finger: "not entered"

(Ravenshadow) - ?
Member description    Ravenshadow was the first to bring out the next chapter to the Metroid series with his Changling story. As a programmer, he is currently the only one to ever bring about a working Metroid PC game from the many who have announced and tried; his game is currently in alpha production. Aside from his talented programming side, Ranvenshadow sketches his own unique artwork, and writes his own fanfiction. It is safe to say that this TC will benefit from his talents, and we more than welcome him aboard.

Position: Programmer and Lead Freehand Artist
Las Cruces, NM
Quote: "Ned, I'ld love to stand here and talk with you...but I'm not going to." --Bill Murray"

Current Project: Game Console
Completion: 10%
ETA: ?
Next Project: In-Game Animation
Finger: "(concerning the TC) I am currently looking at the code layout of Quake II (*cringe*) in anticipation of the rules changing and being added to. I am also brushing up on C++ (straight C is so much nicer). And am scurrying about to get up to speed to handle the incoming ideas and such as presented by the rest of the group. (pant, pant, pant,*gotta remember to breathe*)Heh..."

(BlkThorne) - Britt Best
Member description    It is truly amazing what composers can do, from just hearing a sample of music, they can reproduce it from ear. Though at first we were thinking about incorporating MIDI support (ala Hexen II) into the QII engine, the fact still remains that MIDI is not the standard for music in games anymore. This is because most people don't have professional sound modules to make them sound decent, nor do composers track midi game music specifically for use with these modules. Most people today have basic sound cards, usually using OPL2 or OPL3 to emulate instruments with complex beeps and tones. Even while wavetable cards are impressive at first, they just don't compare to studio quality CD audio, which has become the new standard today. This standard has also become the choice of our music format. With his trusty Alesis QSR sound module, Britt uses Cakewalk as his tracker of choice, and recently has cut some awesome tracks.

Position: Sound Producer
Phoenix, Arizona
Quote: "Theres a booger in the sugar"

Current Project: Ending game credits
Completion: 75%
ETA: not entered
Next Project: Intro
Finger: "not enteed"

(MadMega) - Mark Dekker
Mark Dekker    Like I said before, composer rock (maybe because I have always wanted to be one) anyways, Mark proves my point. His MOD preference for composing music rocked my speakers when he submitted his entry to me. Mark is sure that we will find a way to incorporte audio into the TC without losing any quality. Our programmers and sound producers will concentrate first on accomplishing the task of completing the music scores, then we will worry about incorporating at the end, possibilitys include direct WAV playing or MP3, who knows, I know for sure that those who have a burner at home or at a friends, will enjoy thier hard work regardless. Mark and Leonard also shows that Metroid fans come in all ages.

Position: Sound Producer
Quote: "not entered"

Current Project: Ending game credits
Completion: 75%
ETA: unknown
Next Project: Intro
Finger: "not entered"

(Cefwyn) - Andy Schmidgall
Member description    The resident Metroid II expert that Andy is, we would be fools not to request him to join the group, flawlessly he did. Andy is in love with Metroid II, and I'm sure he's having "special" dreams of the outcome of this TC. We asked Andy to oversee the aspects of the TC for accuracy and help update the TC site. Andy gave us his permission to use his Zones method of dividing the underground passage ways of SR388, which will be more than usesfull for the Level Designer. I guess it paid off to have the only dedicated Metroid II site, and Andy's love for Metroid II is a testament to my original view of the fact that Metroid II rocked.

Position: Co-Producer and Webmaster
Normal, IL
Quote: "What the crap!?!"

Current Project: Website testing
Completion: 90%
ETA: ??
Next Project: Metroid TC interactive
Finger: "not entered"

(Reno) - Jonathan Womack
Member description    The story of Metroid is the greatest ever, thats why you are here, and that why we are continuing the religion. As long as we have brain stormers like Jonathan, Metroid can never die. Though Metroid II will be 100% of its Gameboy counterpart, we are looking into filling in the blanks and expanding the storyline. Reno has already put out at least 4 fanfiction articles of his own vison after Super Metroid. If ever a Metroid movie was to come out, he might be working alongside Sunspot, he is that good.

Position: Lead Story Writer
Charleston, South Carolina
Quote: "The Brave do not fear the Grave"

Current Project: Story Expansion
Completion: 05%
ETA: June 01
Next Project: Ending transition to Super Metroid (TC?)
Finger: "I can do much more that I originally hoped,as shown in my writings. I hope that the effort I put forth shall not be wasted. Even as I write this, I cannot but think of the sheer proportions of the TC in days to come... The expansion is holding at five pages, and soon to jump to more in the days to come..."

(StarKiller) - Nathan Louis Evans
Member description    At one point in time for the TC, we though we would never find a level designer good enough to fill a position, let alone the Lead slot. Many would-be level designers have downloaded the "package2" file and sent in thier test map for consideration. We considered a few, but shortly had to let them go. The story of Mr. Evans is that he accidently stumbled into this site by accident, and being the pure Metroid fan that he is along with his talent, contacted me about the level position (though he didn't have as much experience as the others), I followed him through what procedures he needed to take to become a member and two days later while I was on my daily net break, got a beep on ICQ from him stating that he has a link with the FINISHED test map ready for my review. Without consideration of him, I quickly dismissed him to either be blowing me off, or that he just did a quick pile of polygons to just "join". So I loaded up the level and for a good 10 seconds, sat there in awe of what I was seeing. Not only was this the best test map entry I have seen, but he implemented the main ship without modeling it, and add some nice crystal affects to it. All this was done in two days, everyone else took at least one week to produce nothing. The best factor came when he said that this was only about 30% of his capabilities. Just from talking to him, and his attitude, StarKiller will be one of our strongest assests.

Position: Lead Level Designer
Dover, Arkansas
Quote: "The end is comming, The Apocalypse is near, all that do not join Shall Die!!!"

Current Project: Level layout, basic level detailing, texturing, Level Alpha compileing
Completion: ?%
ETA: October 20th
Next Project: Level sequncing, Advanced level detailing, Entity postioning, Beta level compileing
Finger: "I think I will be handeling the level layout, and design. Along with adding new textures, to give the game a more underground, and alien feeling. Also I run a Q2 Clan called The Apocalypse at www.theapc.home.ml.org Well this next term I will be going back to school to get my second batchlers degree, in Computer information science. I will be takeing a hevy load of Programming courses, along with some CAD to help out my skills in level editing. After I get a few of these courses out of the way I might be able to help out with Some programmign on the TC!"

HELP WANTED - Membership Info
    Are you interested in joining the ranks of Team Metroid? Are you a talented person that ALSO loves the game Metroid? If you answered these questions as a "hell yes", than you might be qualified to become part of the team. We are all dedicated to bringing out only the best Metroid related products to the net and we do this because we are first foremost diehard and hardcore fans. Team Metroid does not only do TC's, but ANY Metroid related material as our Desktop Theme and Screensaver. So if you think you got the heart to pledge your dedication than keep on reading. Remember, Samus wants you!
We are currently only looking for the following positions to be filled for the Metroid TC.

Skin / Texture Artist: Two (2) positions available, must have at least some "portfolio" work to show off your capabilities to skin our models in Quake2 format. Level texture design, unlike your regular maps, in Metroid TC is all cavern and underground and amount of detail will be minimal. To apply for this membership, download this package which consist of a blank model of an Alpha Metroid with 2D pictures. Upon return and evaluation, we will determine elegibility - send to lgbmoreno@geocities.com

Map / Level Designer: Two (2) positions available, must have at least some "portfolio" work to show off your capabilities to level design Quake or Quake2. Levels will consitst 80% of cavern and undergrounds with pits of sand, lava, and acidic pools. To apply for this membership, download this package which consist of a 2D picture of the level area, and a GameBoy emulator + ROM. Temporary textures will be provided, you must design and implement accordingly. Upon return and evaluation, we will determine elegibility - send to lgbmoreno@geocities.com

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