Curious who I am, what makes me tick, why all my skins are by Soul Harvest when I call myself BladeRider. All those questions and more answered in...

Behind, sorry Cracking The Facade

. Yes a new name as I sorta lifted the name from Rorshach. The new stuff's in white.

Q: Who are you?

A: My name's Richard Harryman. I'm 15 years old and I live in South East England.
* * *
Q: This baby for first webpage?

A: Yup. I think I'll leave it t the pros next time :) * * *
Q: You got a clan?

A: Yes. Clan Spooks. We are pretty good and quite friendly. Drop into #spooks on the QuakeNet IRC server.
* * *
Q: Do you do free skins?

A: Not any more. I'm too busy to do annything except stuff which I'm already doing now...and I think my skins have got good enough to charge.
* * *
Q: What gets you annoyed?

A: Lot's of things, really. People who lift other peoples work (although this hasn't happened to me yet :D ). It annoys me less if the people get credited, but only a bit. People who do nude female skins don't annoy me, but they do sadden me. After all, girls do play Quake as well and I think it's sad that these people do that. I mean they're only pixels and polygons. Why not meet some real girls. You'd be suprised how many there are.
* * *
Q: Thanks for the moral outburst. Why do you skin as SoulHarvest but play as BladeRider?

A: A long story. When I joined at my clan leaders request (which, incidently, don't join if you are outside the US. You get pings of 300. Get gamespy instead.), someone had an alias of SoulHarvest. Since I wanted a brandname, I continued the AT skins as Soul Harvest. However, I now skin as may see me around as [SPKs]BladeRide or [SPKs]F=MA (fits better)
* * *
Q: How often will you update the page?

A: Once a month if I have time. Funnnily enough, the novelty wears off, so I start by updating loads, now it gets rarer and rarer. * * *
Q: I've read the page. Why do you sound like such a yes-man?

A: Glad you've asked me that
(Richard's split personality is clearly evident here-Dr. Jones). This is a skin site devoted to elite skins. The best of the best. If I expand onto Geocities,(No need now I'm on A crap section will come soon.) then I'll do a section on bad ones (I already have a logo in mind for this.) and you'll see I can pan skins as well.