This card is a gamers card made by ATI on their Rage Pro 3D chipset. This chipset itself is a bit old. The basis of it is an updated Rage II+, which is more than 3 years old. Thats a BIT old for a chipset these days.

I can't really comment on the installation of the board, simply because it came with my computer. No, it isn't an on-motherboard job, yuck. Its just the board that came in my computer.

The board was unable to run Quake2 out of the box because the GL drivers are download only, and still in beta stage 3. I have had all three stages of the beta, and although they are still mediocre at best, they have improved 100 fold. It used to be unplayable. 7 FPS in GLQuake 1 for gods sake. Now it is playeable by my standards but not most other people's. The results are below.

Althouh, in my opinion, the visual quality is decent, I cannot reccomind this video card to ANYONE. There are much better 3D cards for less money. ATI needs to wise up, and just lisence someone else's 3D chips. Give it up, the Rage was nice at first, but it just plain sucks now. I hate to say this, cuz I have been a staunch supporter of ATI from the beginning, but they are so far behind the 3D times now, it would take a Savage3D type chip to resurrect them from the cellars of the 3D community. Puh-leeeeez ATI, get someone elses chip. You can do much better.

I give this card a measly 4 out of 10 on my scale. Try again ATI.

Resolution Frames Per Second
640X480 22.56
800X600 16.48
1024X768 11.67

Test System:

Pentium 2 266Mhz, Tekram ATX P2 LX Chipset Motherboard, 64 Megs SDRAM, 4.0 GIG UDMA hard drive using latest Intel Busmastering drivers, Creative Labs AWE64Value, 24X Teac CD-ROM Drive, AcerOpen 56K modem, Guillemot MaxiGamer 3D Voodoo Graphics 4 Meg


Review by Boddah