Before this I've had a pair of acs stereo bookshelf speakers, from what I've heard of those I expected a decent speaker set, but nothing amazing, but I must say, the acs48s are an audiophiles wet dream. I didn't expect near perfect quality out of a pair of $89 computer speakers, but acs proves me wrong. There are some errors in audio quality, but none that should effect gameplay.

For example. I was testing out some of the music quility on Weezer's "Say it ain't so". When the snare drums come in and I turn the volume up in windows up to 100% the sound will crack. Maybe I just got a bad set of speakers, but this part is a little annoying. Anyways, it seems the only song that this is a problem is say it ain't so. In all the other songs I listened to every once in a while on a REALLY loud drum beat it might crack a little. But, if you keep the master volume in windoze to around 90% of so no cracking whatsoever happens. Go figure.

Boddah said it right when he told me what he thought about his 48s (Before, he was using a set of pioneer stereo speakers w/ a 100w sub). He said "My other speakers are sitting in a corner because they should feel ashamed". I couldn't say it better myself. These speakers are a steal.

As for the looks of the system, I like it. I hate those speakers that are like "look at me, I look wierd". For example, the acs55s. Acs stopped selling them because many people have said the same.... I Like the understated look. The speakers are nice and small so they can sit on my desk with my mon, kb, mouse, joysticks, and big ass phone.

Drivers (per sat)
One 3 inch shielded full range driver 
One 3/4 inch high frequency tweeter
Drivers (Subwoofer)
One 6 inch long throw woofer
Woofer Power 40w @ 0.8% THD
Satt Powe 20w per chan RMS at 0.8% THD
System Response 35Hz- 20kHz

Test System:

Pentium 2 233Mhz, Asus P2L97 LX Chipset Motherboard, 96 Megs SDRAM, 6.4 GIG UDMA hard drive u, Creative Labs AWE64, 24X Teac CD-ROM Drive, Cardinal 33.6k modem, Matrox Millenium II 8 Meg, 2x2x6 CD-RW, 17" Mag DX700T, (Note: If you wanna make any hardware donations (;c)) feel free, cantact me or Boddah and we'll talk. Also, if you want to review some hardware that you have feel free to submit a review)


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