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Quake2.com servers

Quake2.com has two Quake 2 servers up, one for normal Deathmatch and one for Threewave's official Capture the Flag modification for Quake 2. Deathmatch is a battle where you must kill all the other players and protect yourself. Show no mercy. Capture the Flag is different, though, since you have to work together with your team. There are a number of Capture the Flag websites to get the mod from or learn more about it, including Captured.com or Capture^2.

Without further adieu, our servers. Remember that in order to join a server you type "connect [server address]:[port number]" at the Quake 2 console.

Deathmatch server: Stroggos.Quake2.com port 27910
CTF server: CTF.Quake2.com port 27910

Q2Plugin inserts on our servers

If you have the web browser plugin Q2Plug, you will see little inserts below for the two servers with information and the option to join.



NOTE: For some reason the CTF plugin above does not work. The server is most likely running although the plugin does not indicate this.

Other servers

Get the utility GameSpy, which supports searching for Quake 2 games as well as other first person perspective games, and searches a variety of server lists and master servers.