I'm Baaaa-ack

Hi, again. Sorry I haven't updated in a long time, I just got a new computer, Metal Gear Solid came out, and I have a life.
Getting back to the good stuff, I've done a ton of stuff with the site.
1) I now have a new format for the page, 1024x786.
2) I made 3 new scenes... nothing speacail, but they're kinda cool
3) Two other people made scenes for my site, so go check them out.
Okay, Okay, that might not be a "ton" but if you have Metal Gear Solid, you understand why I haven't updated lately.

New Version of QSB!

There was a new version of Quake Scene Builder released a while back. The new version is 1.8, it now suports SiN and Classic Quake, so you can be sure to see some new (And Kick-Ass) scenes here. I'll be geting a new computer in about a week, so expect to see some new and more complex scenes soon. You can download the new version
here. See ya'll later.

News Started, Gallery Updated

Hey all, thanks for coming to my site. I just addded about four new scenes to the Gallery. Go check them out! also, I started the news page, which is also the main page, that your lookin' at right now. So, enjoy, AIGHT????


--Finally got to site up! After long wait, hosting is finnally MINE!!! MINE MINE!!!!!