Hi. I'm The Enforcer (AKA Geoman). You've just come across GIB: Quake II Scenes. I'm here to bring you the most kick-ass Quake II, Quake, SiN, and now Half-Life scenes around. So go ahead and look around the site. If I do say so myself, It ownz.


Summer is HERE

Yo, sup peeps. Well, summer is here, and you know what that means... I've got FREE TIME!! (BS) I'm gunna do some stuff now... update and shEEt. Cya

5 new scenes in the "Other" section


I'd just like to announce that I just join a Starsiege Tribes tribe. It is a Tribes only division of clan T2 (Tiger Team). Our tribe webpage is here My bio isn't up yet, but it will be soon. If I do say so myself, T2 "owns jOO". See ya on the servers.

Quick Bug Fix

I haven't really added anything to the site today, but I (With the help of my once site partner, Shinji Ikari) fixed two of the buggs on the site. I got the site navigation bar's pics working fine now, and Shinji figured out what was wrong with the main gallery.

I might actually start working on that flash intro that i talked about a while back, but I'll probably get mad at how hard it is and quit ;)

A full month!

Hoorya! I finally made it (over) an ENTIRE MONTH without a SINGLE update!! This is a break-through for me. Excuse after excuse, it all come down to this, I'm WAY too lazy to run this site. No, I'm not leaving, I'm just saying that I'm lazy.
Okay, here's the real news:
1: I just got the QSB 1.9 Beta about a week ago. This kicks sooo much ass, it has support for Half-Life and sprites! This makes for some very cool scenes. I've already made two scenes, and they'll be up ASAP.
2: Starsiege Tribes kicks a lot of ass... Sorry, I just had to note that :)
3: Me and some friends are considering makeing a prank calls real audio show, but we need to find a good devise for recording phone calls. If anyone knows were I can find one of these (on that doesn't need full duplix to werk), mail, ICQ, or EGN me (just search by my e-mail).
4: I'm afraid I've been a little mean l8ly, with that whole "I'm gunna kill you if you ICQ me for no reason" thing... heh. I've actually meet a lot of cool people because of this site, so form now on, feel free to e-mail,ICQ, or EGN me. Oh yeah, if you just have a simple question, or you want to send me fan mail (yeah, right), use my e-mail... ICQ and EGN is basicl reserved for the ppl that want to give me scenes, and all the fine ladies out there on the 'net...
Well, thats about it.. I think I might have forgoten about something, but, oh well...

Ah! I just remembered! A guy named Grunt has just started up an Action Quake 2 Scenes page. Its pretty cool, I advise anyone that likes this site, or action quake to stop on by it and check it out. He even posted some of my scenes!

Enforcer screws up again! Heh, i just remembered, i have a new e-mail adress: ermiller@kiva.net - send everything there, BWA HA HA!

Wait, theres more. I've decided to canel the HowTo section, I figure, if you need help, you can just get the QSB Help file from the QSB's site. Instead, I'm thinking about makeing a "Me" section... so that the whole world can see what goes on in the little head on mine...

Update.. Yay!

Heya peeps, i just finished updateing to site again. There are a few more thing I want to get done... but I'm not going to do them 'cause I'm is a fekin bad mood. I made 3 new scenes, and I added 2 new scenes made by my pal, Ice man. Go check them out. Now. Or else. BWA HA HA!

A bit of News...

Hey people, I just found out the the link to the scene pack was broken, but I think I fixed it... I think....
Oh, and I'm planning a MAJOR update tomorrow, I have a ton of scenes that I havn't put up yet. I also have one two new sections coming, but the might not be up tomorrow. Well, I got to go, I have LOTS of homey-g-funk-work (homework) to do today. SEE YA!

Oh yeah, the newest version is going to suport HALF-LIFE, YYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The Scene Pack!

Hey kiddies... I just finished the putting together the scene pack, you can download it here. Download it, mess with the scenes, and send your versions to me!

I'm still alive...

Hi, I'm updating today for no real reason. I'm working on a new section for my page, How To. This section will be a tutorial of how to make a *good* scene.
QSB might start suppoting Shogo: MAD and Half-Life, and thats going to kick some major ass.
I got some new scenes to put up, made by a guy I know. I'll put them up later tho, because I'm to lazy to do it now.

Delay on scene pack

Hi everyone, your probably gunna hate me for this, but I'm delaying the Scene Pack, because my 3D card is wigging out, and can't stand useing QSB without it.
Sorry people, but the scene packs gunna kick ass, so just wait, god damn it!

I HATE it when people ICQ/E-Mail me saying things like "how do i get quake multiplayer to work" or "send me a modle" or "hi, i saw your icq# on your webpage, and i just wanted to say hi". If anyone does this to me again, I'm just going to spam them with 50 messages saying "SCREW YOU, BITCH", and don't think I won't do this, i have LOTS of time on my hand, bitch.

Coming Soon...

Hi. I just got some free time (my brother is playing Zelda and I'm stuck on the boss of Half-Life) so I'm updateing the site a bit.
Okay okay, so i didn't update the site... but I am makeing a nice anoucement:

"The Enforcer's Scene Pack!!"

Yes, you read right, I'm working on a nice little pack of almost all of my scenes! They will all be on QSB format, so you can edit them, look at them in 3d, and even send edited versions to me to put on the site! Check in later for the pack.


Hi people. I just updated the site a little lately, the broken pictures are fixed, and I put up those three scenes I was talking about.
Oh yeah, expect a shortage in updates soon, Zelda is comeing out, and I've decided to devote ALL of my free time to it... At least until Turok 2 and Half-Life come out... boy, it sucks owning every gameing machine on the market, oh well :)

Old Updates

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