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n. a room or building in which productive work or manufacture on a small scale is carried out || an intensive seminar in some subject of study

Friday 18th December
Hello all -09:45 GMT-

I'm pleased to announce that i've opened the Half-Life Workshop and is a sister site to this one.

My work will still continue here but the Q2 editing scene is pretty empty at the moment so head the the HLW and bookmark it now !!



Sunday 13th December
Oh,... -21:55 CST-

And my visit to redchurch led me off to The Texture Studio. Nice stuff. Check it out if you don't want the same-old-same-old in your levels.

Been a While, eh? RL Can Really Eat Up Time -21:40 CST-

We got this in our inbox...

I have released 50 new sound effects for use in 3D game levels or mods. Machinery, computers, alarms, pumps, presses, steam, switches etc. All of this is free of course. It can be downloaded at -redchurch
Check it out at

Saturday 5th December
Wal-Fest -01:00 CST-

New version of Wally is out: 1.28. And promises of Half-Life and "other game" support soon.

Friday 4th December
Hello -10:03 GMT-

Been playing and editing with Half-Life so i havn't updated, the q2 editing scene looks pretty dead also, maybe a sign of things to come maybe?


Sunday 29th November
10 pounds heavier... -13:15 EST-

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day. I know I did. I don't think I've ever eaten that much food at one time in my life.(of course I say that every year though :)

Help Wanted -13:15 EST-

Benjamin from Black Omega passed along a help wanted request for The Stroggos Conspiracy.

Black Omega is looking for 2 deathmatch level designers to help them complete their free mission pack The Stroggos Conspiracy, more information can be found at their jobs page.


Tuesday 24th November
Prefabs -19:30 GMT-

The Quake Prefab park has a couple of new prefabs for you to use in your levels, stop by and have a look.

Half-Life Tutorials -19:30 GMT-

I mentioned the new Half-Life editing site the other day, well since then the site has been filled with new tutorials and tips to help edit with the new game, a must see is recommended for this site


Saturday 21st November
Half-Life editing site -09:35 GMT-

Autolycus has opened a new site that deals with editing for half-life using Worldcraft, it promises to be a great site so stop by and say hello.


Thursday 19th November
Hello there! -15:05 EST-

Well, I guess for my first update, it would only be fitting to start out with the old cliche, "this is my first update". So....this is my first update. :) I'd like the thank the guys here at the Workshop for taking me on. Now to quote a famous boxing ref. "Let's get it on!"

Get your Wally! -15:05 EST-

Another version of the incredible, the one, the only, Wally. The program is now up to version 1.27B.

I've wrapped up a prelim Batch Conversion feature within Wally. This will let you convert an entire directory of .pcx and/or .bmp images into .wal textures. It automatically builds the sub-mips and uses the default internal texturename just as if you had done a single conversion. Both 8- and 24-bit images are supported.


Monday 16th November
Color Me a Dope -22:05 CST-

Completely missed the Nov. 2 release of ArghRAD, version 1.50. Found this at RadiosityLand

Just Cause I'm On a Roll -21:59 CST-

Roel of the MarTim Team dropped us a note:

It's been a while, but the MarTim team is back with a big DM map for Quake2, MarTim16 "The Countdown". Play this baby with at least 10-15 people. It was especially designed for the Dutch lan-party Immortal Hours 2.

Oh, Also of Note -21:57 CST-

Coincidentally, the latest version of Quest has also been released: 2.35.

Purify Your QBSP -21:56 CST-

Was told that someone found a bug in qbsp3, and a fix, so I checked it out at the Quest. I recognize the symptoms. You can download the new compile utilities that account for this, and read details on it.

Wally Again -21:53 CST-

1.26b of Wally is out.

...completed two new filters. Mirroring was requested by one of Wally's loyal users, and can save you quite a bit of work when creating symmetrical textures. The other filter is Diffuse, which sort of scatters pixels around. Diffuse is especially useful with Blend, because it can break up "clumpy" areas.

Check it out. I only dabble with textures, but I am downloading now.

Saturday 14th November
Rustic mailing lists -12:25 GMT-

Rust have got 3 new mailing list for you editing peeps out there, one for Q2, Sin and Half-life.


Wednesday 11th November
Happy Veteran's Day, Armistice Day, Remembrance Day: Take Your Pick -21:25-

Oh, and I hear that the latest version of Wally is out: 1.25.

Tuesday 10th November
An Editor of a Completely Different Color -22:20-

Noticed over at Blue's that a new version of Quiver, the macQuake editor is out.

New Qeradiant -21:45-

The new version of QERadiant has hit the stands and this copy is filled with new goodies for you to enjoy.
There's the usual bug fixes as well as some new editions to it incuding plug-ins.

These days baby, ya gotta have a sequel! -21:45-

Thought you could keep me away huh, Well i'm coming back into the swing of things with the usual wit and the same old attitude so beware :) 


Sunday 8th November
Further Bug Discussion -21:45-

If you use Netscape 4.04 or 4.05, check out pages beyond the news for me and report their condition. I had a report that turning off CSS fixed my bug... so, as a test, I have removed the link to the CSS for now.

Saturday 7th November
Speaking of New -10:35-

I haven't cleared this 100% with my partner... but I figure the site was at its peak when there were 3 of us active. We kept on the news better, and the tutorials, etc. With LaRd out of the picture, Hal9000 kind of tied up indefinitely with RLtm, and a whole crop of new games on the horizon I think it may be time to consider initiating a new brother into the order...

Interested? noel

New Look in Netscape -10:20-

I still haven't fixed that Netscape 4.04 (4.05 too, maybe) bug, but I have gotten a lot of email with praise for the new look. Sorry and thanks, respectively. I am not sure what the bug is caused by... guess that's why it isn't fixed :). Keep visiting, I'll get it.

Damn Fine DM, revisited -10:18-

So, I am on the net playing Heretic II... And loving the blade matches... and on the 2nd posted a grand note about it. Seems I am not alone. The first blade only map: DMBLADE has been released and there appears to be a growing movement on this front.

Whoo! Been a Whilel -10:15-

More on that in a minute.

Monday 2nd November
Damn Fine DM -17:28-

So, I am on the net playing Heretic II last night. Having fun. Fraggin my way along in first, when I have a great blade to blade fight with a guy that lasts for about 2 minutes. What fun! Well he starts raving about how he had fun too. We meet up and start again. We do this a few times and get frustrated with the interruptions of other DM players and leave for less populated waters. (Suffice to say this went on a bit until we ended up on a suitably lonely and decent pinged sever.) We fight. 1-on-1, blade only. MY GOD, what fun! Talk about skill and timing and rush of consequence linked to action!
After a while another guy joined. We'd go 1-on-1 best-of-5 and then the winner would take the man waiting. We fought for nearly an hour like this. If you lost an arm - you lost. Stood still and waited to bleed to death. If you won, but your health was low, the judge (observer waiting his turn) would come down and kill you so you could start at 100 without hunting up health...
I am telling you all... there needs to be a mod. Hell I'd buy Heretic II just for this. Pure timing and skill.
Oh, SickBoy and JagidEdge: much fun.

Gggrrrrr -17:25-

OK. For those of you using Netscape 4.04 I guess the site is barfin' when you try to get away from the news. Damn confusing since it is fine in 4.07+ and works fine, even in 4.04, at my personal site where I worked to get the code correct before implementing it here. I could just suck rocks and tell you tough, and upgrade... But I won't (I do advise an upgrade cause 4.5 is great).
I am working on it. :)

Saturday 31st October
Newish -17:30-

The new look is going into place. Some of the deeper pages won't get switched for a bit as the final change over comes through, but hope you like it. Feel free to let me know opinions and any problems you may encounter.

Tuesday 27th October
Dead or Alive -17:30-

A quick note promoting hard work by editors:

Wanted! The Q2 Western Pack demo will be released shortly. It features 2 single player maps and 2 deathmatch maps....the single player maps are additional ones to the final product. The demo will include 3 "monsters" from the product and all the weapons, pickups etc in the deathmatch levels.


Saturday 24th October
New Look -10:16-

Oh, yeah. I finally sorted out an MSIE 4 issue that had me tied in knots, so our new look should be coming fairly soon. Keep your eyes open.

Additionally -10:12-

Got a reminder from Tony Ferrara that I neglect to mention that in conjunction with that article "Quake II - ERROR: *Index overflow (and Other Horrible Nasty Problems) SOLVED" is a proggy called Mapspy:

...which will read .MAP files and produce a list of all entities found in the map. More importantly it will produce lists of all models, images, and sounds that may potentially be loaded by your map.
...MapSpy output can be useful as an attendant tool when designing and editing your map.

I can think of many times this kind of thing may have helped me, and I think the article may help me solve a problem with my first SP level... so give them a visit.

Friday 23rd October
Is Your Index Overflowed? -21:09-

Ok, so I generally think nice thoughts about crash anyway, but this time he gets a serious nod. He sent over a url to an article, "Quake II - ERROR: *Index overflow (and Other Horrible Nasty Problems) SOLVED" that is really quite good. A tad filled with attitude, but excellent and worth reading for many reasons.

Thursday 22nd October
The Fugue -08:15-

Guf from the The Fugue let us know that he posted a new article in the Creonomicon (or his book of editing design-which is generally worth a read if you haven't seen it yet). Avatar and Architectural Proportion seems pretty intuitive, but is a fine discussion of something that is overlooked too often nonetheless.

Tuesday 20th October
New Editing Resource -17:20-

Garret of the Sacred Oak is a new site devoted to helping the editing community by providing a top quality team able to produce models, skins, textures, and maps. If you want some quotage:

I am going to offer these services to all the mod authors out there who are understaffed, strapped for time, or lacking the resources to complete their dream. I am currently in the developing stages and am looking for team members in the form of Skinners, texture artists, modellers, and level editors.

Pop over to help out, or utilize.

I'm Back -17:20-

After an extended absence due to my acquisition of a new computer, I finally am back to near comfort levels and can begin updating the news here... not that there has been much...

1998 The Quake Workshop