Startup and In-Game

PF_setmodel null
Remains at console without starting level.
An entity that requires association with a brush, Such as a func_wall, func_door,or trigger_once has no brush associated to it.
This can happen if you make a bush entity, like a door or exploding box, then set the content to detail. I had it occur only when I compiled the level using the -nodetail option in this case. The brush didn't exist in -nodetail, so it returned this error.
Ran out of faces for bmodel
Happens when You trigger a func_water.
The problem seems to have been directly related to having a single large surface of water moving *and breaking complex solid surfaces as it goes*. My func_water fills up a tall, large cylindrical tank with a large pillar in the center and various lights, pipes, and catwalks cris-crossing the tank space. When I triggered the func_water, one large face (radius < 512) was seen moving up, "filling" the tank with water. When the face broke any complex surface (still not sure exactly what circumstances caused this -- it was rather inconsistent, really), the console would echo the message "ran out of faces for bmodel" and I would see the occasional visual artifact on the water surface. It seems that a large moving face like that must be broken up into smaller *on the fly* because that is the only explanation I can think of.

It seems that if you want to make a func_water that will cover large areas and break surfaces along its journey, you must put its initial position somwhere where the visible face (unless someone gets *really* creative, the top :) is already broken into the most possible faces by BSP. I simply raised my column of water to the top position where there were far more solids breaking the surface and set the entity spawnflags to START_OPEN with a direction of down. This made the entity behave the same, sans the error messages. Woohoo.
droptofloor:ammo_bullets startsolide at: (-152 -1712 -224)
Happens when you have placed an entity such as the noted sample of ammo_bullets, or an item_health, etc too close to the floor so that part of it is actually down within the floor. Often that item will then not actually appear within the level. Note the coordinates and then go back to your editor, find the item and lift it about 8 unites and should be ok.
com_sprintf: overflow of 47 in 32
This is a text overflow message, like when you add a map name in the worldspawn that is TOO long, as indicated above, you are only allocated 32 characters, but this message says 47 characters entered...
This was caused by not doing a quick or full QBSP3. I thought that since I was only creating new entities that I could just compile with Entity Only. WRONG!!
R. Merrick
ERROR: Bad surface extents
I had a friend that made a level that crashed Q2 each time he tried to load it.
Well one thing my friend and I found was that the map NEEDS a worldspawn message. His map was seemingly perfect, yet crashed for days, until he "named" it with worldspawn. Worked fine.
If you are using Uppercase letters for Animated textures in .MAP file, that problem will occur. Animtexture names MUST be on lowercase letters! For the example, E1U1/BTACTMACH1 shall be e1u1/btactmach1
Error: Cannot initialize
(this is a pop-up window before it can get intoQuake2)
Not really an editing problem. It is usually caused when you try to use an old gamex86.dll that is not compatible with the new version(s) of Quake2.
Com_sprintf: overflow of 34 in 32
Error: CMod_LoadBrushModel:
maps/noname.bsp has wrong version
number (38576 should be 38)
Error: *Index: overflow
Not really a startup error: It always happens in the same place: after climbing on elevator, striking a trigger_once that, in turn, enables a trigger_multiple. Quake 2 crashes and, at the console, it says:
error: floor area_r reflooded
ERROR: GL_Upload8: too large
Can't "cmd", not connected
It seems that there is a hard coded model/skin size for items, at least for glQuake2. Odds are you are dealing with a custom model that has exceeded the limits. My unofficial source tells me: Any skin larger than 512x256 causes the error. I understand that this is only caused by 3dfx processor based cards.
There is a hard limit of 480 tall on the skins. If you place a skin taller than that you receive a Skin taller than 480 error message.
sz_GetSpace: overflow
WARNING: msg overflowed for Envious
Netchan_Transmit: dumped unreliable

Envious is my multiplayer character name. The errors appear to continuously scroll in the console. They appear when I enter a door from one particular side. I have a func_areaportal in this door, and I was going to remove the areaportal just to see if this had anything to do with it (haven't done it yet). I also had the errors appear at another door (also with an areaportal). I had to resize some brushes in that area for alignment purposes, and now that door doesn't give the errors anymore. When the errors occur, the screen goes to a cross between a hall of mirros effect and an earthquake of sorts. That's the best way I can see to describe it. You can't move while it's happening, either, only look around. Then I get the Netchan_Transmit error and the view jumps to an area nearby where the error happened.
R_BuildLightMap called for nonlit surface

This error occurs in the Q2 console when loading the map and the map loading halts.