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Quake Workshop 2 Mailing List

What is the mailing list about I hear you ask. Well we at the Quake Workshop decided it would be a good idea if we setup a list for people to discuss their editing problems, get beta testers, and generally have easy communication with other people in an open forum.

Now this can be done in the newsgroups, but have you ever asked a question only to be flamed by idiots for doing so? Or been tired of sifting throught the game playing posts and porn links? Well, generally things in our established set of regulars keep things pretty orderly, and we police things pretty tightly; cause it would be too hard to get anything positive from the list it it wasn't.

But be warned. This list can generate a lot of email.

House Rules:
  1. No flame mail. You will be banned for this. Do not misunderstand, during discussions you are frequently encouraged to be critical; but, do not criticize. There is a difference.
  2. Always send messages from the address you subscribed with, otherwise it may bounce.
  3. Keep the subject to editing. Too much extra stuff clogs the list, and makes it no fun for those using it seriously for help.
  4. Please don't send files to the list, it will bounce, ask if you can send directly to individuals, or post a URL for download.
  5. There is no rule 5.
  6. There is no mandate for participation. Lurking is pretty commonplace.
  7. There is a standard footer included with each message. When replying, please try to delete the footer from the previous message. It just keeps things cleaner during threads.

If you would like to join the list then email me,, with the following guidelines:

  • SUBJECT: Join the List
  • MSG CONTENTS: your email address

Welcome! And enjoy. :)

Oh, if you decide later that you want out of the list, the auto-unsubscribe is broken, so again email, with the following guidelines:

  • SUBJECT: unsubscribe
  • MSG CONTENTS: your email address