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We've searched the net trying to find the best utilites that will help you along your editing adventures.

Level Editors
Worldcraft 1.3mb
QERadiant The Win95 friendly version of id's QE4. Link to website.
Qoole Link to web site
BSP 1.68mb
QuArK 768k
qED Link to web site
Pak Utilities
PakExplorer 84k Pak creator/extractor that works well with Quake2.
Compiling Utilities
Q2Tools 255k QBSP3, QVIS3, and QRAD3; what you need to compile your Quake2 map
gddqbsp2_103 89k rewritten version of qbsp3
gddqvis3_100 64k this goes with gddqbsp2_103
gddqrad3_102 76k this goes with gddqbsp2_103 and gddqvis3_100
Quake2 Souce/QE4 Editor 1.64mb The official id software QE4 Quake2 editor as well as all the source goodies for Quake2.
Editor Utilities
QE4 Manual 1.68mb This is the manual written by Gateway from Rogue
Q2 Entity Specs 16k by Kevlar of |24| 36k This file (colormap.pcx) is required by some editors to be extracted from the Quake2 pak0.pak file. To save you some time, here it is :)
General Utilities
glcolor 110k A slick little program to generate Q2 _color attribute string values from windows RGB settings
Wally the Wal Editor web site link We're talking fully functional native .wal editor here.
PhotoShop .Wal Plugin Photoshop plugin that allows you to save images directly to the Q2 .wal texture
QuakeDM 134k A utility that converts any Doom1/2 .wad into a Quake1 .map file. Written by Michael Stokes
Current tutorials 43k A zip containing all the tutorials available here at the Workshop (as of 2-2-1998) in HTML
Surface Attributes 4k A copy of the Q2 brush surface attribute specs
Q2 Palette 9k 5 versions of the Q2 palette, depending upon your need