Friday November 7th 1997

Last Update 9:39 PM

Page Update - I did some page updateing. Added some stuff Thorn made the buttons better. Review is comming soon!


Tuesday November 4th 1997

Last Update 4:06 PM

New Button's and a cool New Sign - My good Friend Pretzal made me an awsome sign I had to use it so look at the bottom of the page for it. And thanks Tin and |Thorn| for the buttons!


Sunday November 2nd 1997

Last Update 10:44 AM

Sorry for the lack of Updates - I had my 13th Bithday this weekend. So I been spending So much time with my family. I will have a new Review sometime this week.


Thursday October 30th 1997

Last Update 5:06PM

Contest! - Ok, im having a contest on who can Make the best review of a product thats best for Quake2! The review must have A company's Review, a personal Review, Price, Grade (if you like), and Specs. The winner wil get there Review posted on the ONLY quake2 site that tells what products are best for QUAKE2! All entries must be in by Novermber 20th 1997.


Wednesday October 29th 1997

Last Update 4:28PM

New Review -  I have now put up the first review on a Speaker System, The review is on S2's HMP 4100.

1000 Hits! And a review Update - I have added more to the "MY review" in the Monster 3D review.


Tuesday October 28th 1997

Last Update 9:41PM

Monster Sound Review - I have put up the Monster Sound Review. Go read all about it! Hope you like!

1000th Please come & News! - Hits are coming in fast! I want to thank all of you! But I'm going to wait for the 1000th hitter. Monster Sound review comming soon!

New Review is up! and a button - I have done the Review for Monster 3D Enjoy. I have put my web page button on my page Thanks |ThorN|.


Monday October 27th 1997

Last Update 9:28PM

    News and Thanks! - Ok, WOW over 100 hits already! Every week or less I will have a new Review for you!  I will have a Monster 3D and Sound review next, then I will review some Speaker Systems for you! If you know for a good product for Quake2 E-Mail me PLEASE. I will be happy to consider it.

    Here I am at last - Quake2 Ware is here at! I will give you Reviews Info, and more on the best Hardware and Software for Quake2. At the moment I have 3 Reviews up. I will have Reviews on Graphic Cards, Sound Cards, Speakers, and much more that are best  for Quake2. It takes a bit of time to put up a review because I include My personal Review the Company's Review a Price, Score, Pro's and Con's (on some products) and Specs.