Hercules Stingray 128/3D

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I have heared some good stuff about this card so here is its review.  As alwasy Reviews will include Company review, specs, My review, a price, and a grade. And I got some Pro's amd Cons for this one!


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What I have to say about this- Looks like a very nice card, It has all you need -- 3Dfx Chipset, 6MB or 8MB of memory! and Bundled Software! It also has TV-out like the Pure3D does. This card also supports OpenGL. The 8MB can run GL-Quake at 800x600 faster that ANYTHING! So if your looking for a Great card for Quake2! or just for a good card with Software. This is the One for YOU.

Specs  128-bit Alliance Semiconductor AT3D graphics and multimedia engine
Dual 3Dfx 3D-only graphics engines
Full SuperVGA support - a one-card solution. VESA BIOS extensions in ROM.
Refresh rates of up to 200Hz
6MB single-cycle EDO DRAM display memory and Z-buffer storage
Standard VGA feature connector
New VMI connector
VESA DPMS, DDC 1, DDC 2B for Plug-and-Play support
Five year warranty

PROS: Wonderful performance and image quality! and CONS: Its has a hefty price tag! and SLOW Windows 3D

Price 6MB card is $269 and 8MB card is $299

Grade: This card deserves a A-

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