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Specs For The Pure3D II


  • Voodoo II provides best 3D performance available
  • Voodoo II provides best image quality available
  • Easy pass-through installation
  • TV-out for big-screen gaming
  • Pass-through design allows display of Windows desktop on TV
  • Most game compatibility (Glide, Direct3D, OpenGL)
  • Canopus display utilities allow users to easily configure display setting

Hardware Features*

  • Over clock to 100Mhz.  Up to 5% faster than Diamond.
  • Low profile fan cools board for more reliable operation, extended game play and longer life.
  • 7" board length.  1" shorter than "reference board" competition
  • Clears CPU on all motherboards
  • Easier, more certain installation.
  • Full 12MB memory 4+4+4.  More texture memory improves look and performance.
  • Internet play is enhanced because more textures can be stored on the card to eliminate time consuming downloads during game play.
  • LED shows green light through composite video connector when Pure 3DII is active.
  • Perfect for OEM or system integrator.
  • Two board set for all video and game playing needs.
  • SLI connector and cable.  Two boards for maximum performance.

Software Features*

  • Canopus Setup Program & Control Panel Utilities.  Competition uses standard INF install which does not provide complete placement of programs and files in appropriate Windows groups.
  • Competition does not include an uninstall program.
  • Easier installation and more user friendly control of graphic board functions.
  • Application Launcher.  Allows one button access to game playing mode or to other applications.
  • Provides presets to switch screen resolution, color depth, gamma and refresh rate on the PC monitor plus brightness, contrast and flicker reduction on the TV output for optimal graphics and better game play
  • All settings can be saved for one button access to each game. Click on the Quake II button and the screen is automatically set to your preferred settings for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • Quick Control.  Keyboard control to directly adjust gamma during game play - all others require that you exit the game and open a separate program to adjust the gamma.
  • Easily set screen brightness for better visibility in dark gaming sequences while you are playing.
  • Automatically adjust screen brightness when switching from desktop applications to gaming.
  • In competitive, on-line gaming such as Quake, you can brighten the screen so that you can see your enemy before he sees you - resulting in a quick kill and then you are on to the next one.


Hardware Configurations

Minimum Requirement Reference System
  • Pentium 90
  • 16 MB System Memory
  • VGA graphics card
  • Windows 95 or NT
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Free PCI slot
  • Pentium 200 MMX
  • 32MB System Memory
  • VGA graphics card
  • Windows 95