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OK people, here it is, the Pure3D card by Canopus. I have a lot to say about this card. I will give you Canopus's review MY personal review, the Specs, Price, and a grade!


Company's Review  Combining the ultimate in performance with the most game support, 3Dfx's Voodoo Graphics has become the standard platform for PC gaming. Whether using Direct3D, Glide, or OpenGL, the hottest game titles will perform the fastest and look the best with 3Dfx acceleration. And, with the most complete feature set, user-friendly display utilities,
and superior board design, Pure3D is the premier 3Dfx gaming accelerator available.
Pure3D has a TV-out feature that takes the excitement beyond your PC monitor. Play your favorite PC games on your big-screen TV, videotape your deathmatches, or display your greatness to the roaring crowds. With Pure3D's pass-through design, you can even display standard Windows applications from your VGA card onto your TV. Plus, we've included all the cables you need, right in the box.

My Review  This is the card that I have in my system I received it last Friday IT IS THE CARD FOR QUAKE2,  It truly has to be one of the best cards around, Come's with 6MB of Memory (4mb Texture 2mb buffer memory). 3Dfx Chip set for AWSOME graphics. The Pure3D card supports OpenGL. I have palyed the Quake2 demo with 3Dfx OpenGL  and the graphic kicked some BUTT! GL-Quake and GL-Hexen2 was awsome too! You are probaly wondering WHAT GAMES COME WITH IT! Well sorry to say none do. But look on the Good side it has a nice Price of Only $179! and is Grade  A+


3Dfx Voodoo Graphics chipset
Pixelfx graphics controller
Texelfx texture processing unit
PCI 2.1 compliant/3.3-5V slot

6 MB Memory
2 MB frame buffer
4 MB dedicated texture memory

TV-Out Features

High quality TV encoder
Automatic detection of TV presence
NTSC and PAL support
Simultaneous TV/monitor display
Composite and S-Video output
Pass-through for displaying DOS/Windows VGA on the
TV (at 640x480 60 Hz)

DB-15 monitor connector (VESA DDC2B)
Mini Din 9-pin shielded for VGA pass-through

Included Cables
VGA pass-through (Pure3D to VGA card)
Composite (Pure3D to TV)
S-Video (Pure3D to TV)
Audio Cable (sound card to TV)


3 years parts and labor
Standard 3D Features
Perspective correct texture mapping
Local Texture Cache
Level of detail (LOD) MIP mapping
Sub-pixel correction
Polygonal-based Gouraud shading and texture
Multiple format texture buffer (8-bit and 16-bit)

Additional 3D Features
Z-buffering (16 bit)
Alpha blending
Per-pixel special effects: fog, transparency, translucency
Linear frame buffer access

Software Features
Windows 95 based installation program
Windows 95 Control Panel utility
DOS display utility

API Support

System Requirements
Pentium-class PCI 2.0-based system
16 MB system memory
VGA display adapter
Available PCI slot
Microsoft Windows 95
CD-ROM drive

For more Infomation on Pure3D Please Visit Canopus's Web Page. Click here to go!

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