Killer Audio for Awesome 3D Gaming!

It doesn't just surround you.
It swallows you.
It's behind you, around you, on top of you inside of you. It's exploding across your field of vision, creeping over the horizon, lancing through your skull. It's the most all encompassing, heart-pounding, realer-than-real 3D sound you've ever heard ... and it will revolutionize your gaming experience. Monster Sound, using A3D technology initially developed for NASA's virtual reality simulators, gives you the next generation of mind-blowing PC audio

•Positional 3D Audio - Hear sounds above you, below you, and approach you from every direction. Sounds move independently on X, Y, and Z axes for all-encompassing audio that reacts to your every game move.•Accelerates DirectSound and Direct Sound 3D in Windows 95•32-voice Advanced Hardware Wavetable - Includes a high quality wavetable synthesizer which supports 32 voices and effects•Supports up to 4 Speakers - for even more powerful home theater-like sound•Joystick Acceleration - Enjoy significantly more joystick and game performance because Monster Sound processes all game port signals relieving the burden on your PC•Greater than 80 db Signal to Noise Ratio - for a "best of class" audio experience•Easy Installation - with Windows 95 Plug and Play•Free Software - Experience the hottest new game titles and 3D internet audio enhanced to really take advantage of Monster Sound.

•SimCopter by Maxis•Outlaws by LucasArts•Tigershark by GT Interactive•Worldview by Intervista

Monster Sound is the first true 3D sound card specifically designed to accelerate and enhance DirectSound, the new Microsoft audio standard. Using the fast PCI bus, it processes all Windows 95 audio on-board, eliminating the burden on your PC. Monster Sound works as a stand-alone sound card for Windows 95. It can also work as a companion to your existing sound card by processing all audio in Windows 95, allowing your existing sound card to handle older legacy DOS software.

The New Standard for PC Audio
DirectSound is the new Microsoft audio standard for PC computing, much like SoundBlaster technology has been the audio standard for DOS. DirectSound will revolutionize PC audio in Windows 95. It allows for the simulation of 3D audio effects, such as the ability to hear opponents creep up behind you and helicopters flying over head before either is visible on screen. Monster sound, using A3D Interactive audio technology from Aureal, accelerates and radically improves the quality of DirectSound in Windows 95.

For years, advances in PC audio have been scarce. PC sound stagnated with stereo sound that did not truly deliver compelling audio. Monster Sound gives you a completely new immersive audio experience